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The Disco Ball

Posted on Sat Jan 2nd, 2021 by Captain Iazil Naadel [Engstrom] & Commander Chelsea McDanielson [Moneaux] & Commander Yvanka Dravex [Hayashi] & Commander Jordyn de Planca & Lieutenant Commander Suzanne Fairchild M.D. & Lieutenant Commander Kara Stevenson Ph.D. & Lieutenant Commander Ellowyn Delaney M.D. & Lieutenant Commander Leyla Aiman-Tamar
Edited on on Sat Jan 2nd, 2021

Mission: Episode 11 - Summer's End
Location: Naadel Quarters, Vidal Fleet Yards
Timeline: Day 1 at 2119
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The ladies night had been planned to take place at Commander McDanielson's house, however, a slight crisis had prevented that from being the case. Chelsea was just thankful that she was able to convince Iazil to have it on the station instead. In true fashion for the female officers on the station they would be having fun and playing cards.

There would be alcohol involvement as well from what Chelsea had heard. Though, she wasn't sure if Kara would be there until Chelsea had arrived to find that she was the last person to arrive. "Oh, sorry that I'm late." She said as she walked into the quarters after being permitted inside.

Iazil grinned, "Not a huge deal," She answered. "I've only just finished getting the snack foods out of the replicator and Commander de Planca only just got here herself anyway."

Jordyn looked at the Exec, "Last minute crisis negotiation as is often the case when it comes to children..." She remarked. "It's all good now though," Jordyn concluded.

Leyla glanced over as Chelsea arrived, having also just gotten there. "Crisis negotiation? Like when your 9 year old son wants to have a slumber party with their 9 year old 'girlfriend'?" She smirked. "Yeah, I had the same issue. I got lucky that Catrina was willing to watch John and keep he and Claire out of trouble."

"I am so glad I'm not at that stage with Thea yet," Elly said chuckling. "It's bad enough that she thinks she's old enough to stay home alone," she added as she helped lay out the last of the snacks.

Jordyn smirked, "It could always be worse." She said with a shrug as she grabbed something to drink. "Ashley is watching them plus the others anyway."

"You left them with Ashley?" Chelsea said with a slight chuckle, "I'm guessing that Thea and Claire are also staying with Ashley as well?"

Jordyn again nodded, "They are yes." She said. "My eldest had last minute plans and bribed her sister with chocolate and other goodies if she watched them."

"I managed to let John stay home, but he can't leave without my knowing that he's left. Nor can anyone come over. Telling the computer what to do can be a fun thing. Also," Leyla smirked, "Claire being babysat so Cat can have a night with her wife keeps John from going over there."

"You lot have quite the handful with your children," Elly commented. "Your kids are going to corrupt Thea, aren't they?"

Leyla let out a laugh, "Hopefully they don't. They are good kids, even if they do act up sometimes."

"Ah... well, I have gone far too long without the usual childhood chaos in my life," she responded. "I mean, I'm overdue for something crazy to happen." Elly giggled. "Just so long as no one is seriously hurt, a little chaos is ok."

"I'm sure Ashley is taking good care of them," She answered the others as she sat down. "Now, then aren't we supposed to be playing a game or something like that?" She asked rhetorically.

Kara didn't have an answer for that as she had been one of the last ones to arrive at the gathering. She looked at Yvanka and Suzanne for a moment, "I hope this little one isn't as rambunctious as they are."

Yvanka smirked, "With the others as role models I wouldn't hold my breath Kara." She said with a smirk.

Suzanne grinned, "Yvanka is right."

"Gee thanks," Kara said as she placed her hands down onto her swollen belly, "You always know just the right thing to say."

"Do you know what gender the baby is yet?" Chelsea asked her friend.

Kara shook her head, "No not yet," She said while looking at her belly, "I think we're going to wait and be surprised. I talked to Tolam about it and he seems to be going along with the idea. And, Suzanne has respected that decision as well."

Suzanne shrugged, "I don't have children, but I get it." She admitted, "Didn't the Captain do the same thing? Keep the gender of the baby a surprise until later?"

"Nope," Chelsea answered, "She found out as soon as she was able to. Though, her husband is a Doctor and we know he wouldn't have been able to keep it a secret anyway."

Jordyn crossed her arms over her chest, "I'll never forget Manuel's expression when I told him both genders," She commented. "He was thrilled when he found out that Elizabeth was a girl. When he was going to be the dad to two girls I think he nearly fainted."

Iazil laughed, "I couldn't imagine." She said.

Leyla couldn't help but laugh. "I never got to do any of that when I found out about John. Granted, my pregnancy was under different circumstances. But I think being able to do that to someone would just be fun." She shrugged and took a drink before continuing. "I think the fact that I have John and with how old he is and how young I am throws people off. Might be why I've not had any dates in years."

Elly frowned at the discussion of how the fathers reacted. Though, she kept her own experience to herself. No need to bring down the mood with that horror story. "Age doesn't have much to do with it," she said to Leyla. "Most men I've spoken with, if they don't already have children of their own, tend to be frightened of the idea of becoming a father figure from day one of a new relationship." She shrugged and smiled. "But that's how you weed out the ones that aren't right. Someone for you will come along one day."

"I didn't think of it like that," Leyla finally said after moment of chewing over Elly's words in her head. "I guess my not really trying hasn't helped matters either." She then smiled over at Kara, "Bet there are plenty who would be willing to babysit when the time came, Kara."

"Oh most definitely," Kara said.

Jordyn grinned, "I call dibs on babysitting first." She said and looked at the Executive Officer, "Since Commander Naadel got to watch Lauren first after her birth that is."

Iazil smirked, "Executive Officer's privilege," She responded with a shrug. She had honestly been surprised when she got to watch Lauren before any of the Captain's many friends. And, that was why she couldn't complain about Jordyn calling the first watch when Kara and Tolam needed a break from parenting duties.


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