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Additions And Possible Subtraction

Posted on Fri Nov 6th, 2020 by Lieutenant Commander Gredrol Son of Osham & Lieutenant Commander Tolam Pizal & Lieutenant Commander Reid Hoseki & Lieutenant Brandon Kerr & Lieutenant Courtney Mackenzie & Chief Petty Officer Merissa Reade [Gelo]

Mission: Episode 10 - Ashes to Ashes
Location: Conference Room 3, Vidal Fleet Yards
Timeline: Day 2 at 1000
1623 words - 3.2 OF Standard Post Measure

Gredrol could not believe what he had gotten himself into as he walked into the meeting room. How he had been dragged into an engineering meeting when he had a stack of paperwork a kilometer high was beyond him. He didn't even consider himself to be an engineer in the first place. He sat down and immediately realized he was late.

"I apologize," He said, "I had an important communication that required my immediate attention," He concluded.

"It's okay," Tolam said with a grin on his face. "Now then," He looked around the room. "This is in regards to the construction of new drydock slips that we need to be placed in orbit of Ivaldi Two." He looked at Merissa, "The Chief will be keeping notes for the meeting."

Merissa was barely paying attention as her mind was wandering to the argument from earlier in the morning with her husband. They had been doing that a lot lately and she didn't see it ever ending. She wanted a divorce and he seemed to want the opposite. She'd barely noticed that the Klingon had entered the room at all.

"Yes," She said finally and looked up from the PADD that was in front of her. "So from the last discussion there were some problems that had cropped up relating to this project?" She asked and looked around.

Reid nodded, "The problem was in relation to the shipping and traffic lanes through the system," He said then pressed a button on the panel in front of him. "We would have to divert the shipping lanes in order to make room for the proposed location. There is also the additional traffic lanes to and from Cessna Station to consider."

Brandon looked at the screen that was indicating those lanes, "I remember that," He said with a nod. "However, if we build additional drydocks there then that would remove the need to move resources from Cessna Station to the drydocks in orbit of Ivaldi Three."

"That would make things a lot easier," Courtney said. "The fabrication department would be able to get things moving a lot quicker and we wouldn't be clogging up the lanes with objects," The Design engineer stated. "I've heard Kelsi complain about that a number of times."

Merissa winced and then hoped that nobody had noticed, "The meeting notes state that Commander Dawson brought that up." She said and looked around the room, "I don't know why she's not here to express that..."

"Busy," Tolam said to the Chief. He was trying to forget about the article that had shaken his department. When two officers under his direct command had made such a terrible mistake it made things difficult. In reality he'd told Dawson she wasn't needed at the meeting.

"Gredrol you were asked to come because you know more about the dynamics of starship operations in this sector." He stated and waited for Gredrol to say something important.

The Klingon nodded, "Yes well," He said and looked at the others. "Starship operations in this sector and the surrounding sectors is certainly on the rise. Starfleet wants additional drydock support here even though we've not been filling our drydocks lately. It would make the construction department and fabrication department more feasible.

"And, the ships that are on the waiting list would get through a lot quicker if we figure out exactly which drydocks are being used for what purpose," Gredrol said. "I think that was the biggest complaint. Some ships seem to be getting priority over others."

Tolam nodded slowly, "I have seen those reports. Chief Reade is the one that makes up that schedule and then Commander McDanielson and myself approve them."

Merissa nodded, "I try to make it based on the ship with the most need. As new technology becomes available I schedule ships requiring the necessary refits. And, I have a whole list of ships needing upgrades to their engines as we begin to work on quantum slipstream."

"We will also need a place for the testing phase ship," Courtney said from her chair. "That will begin in the coming days and I don't have a reserved drydock yet."

"I'm working on it," Brandon told her reassuredly with a grin on his face. "I will let you know when I've got the drydock open," He said. It was in his purview though he didn't set that schedule.

Reid had closed the traffic lanes, "So, back to what this meeting is supposed to be in relation to. We have the materials to construct how many new drydock pods?"

Tolam had to find the answer to the question in his PADD by scrolling through the list. "We have been approved to construct five new pods with four slips each. Construction is set to begin next month and all five of them are slated to be placed in orbit of Ivaldi Two. The housing orbital pods are going to be constructed in orbit of Ivaldi Four."

He looked at them, "It's not like we need to worry about that second part just yet," He wondered if that was on Reid's mind. "Merissa can you bring up the design specifications for those please?" He asked.

Merissa nodded, "Yes sir," She said. Merissa wondered why the meeting kept shifting gears as she pulled them up. "Here they are."

Tolam then looked at Courtney, "Proceed?"

Courtney nodded, "Three housing pods are being designed by the department with five docking slips each. They will be used by guests and will have permanent quarters as well. Starfleet will crew them in conjunction with civilian authorities. They will have some basic necessities, but are primarily to increase the amount of space for people who are here while ships are being fixed."

She looked at the others, "They are the solution to the question surrounding living arrangements on Ivaldi Three and the request that the moon orbiting Ivaldi Four not be inhabited."

Reid scratched the back of his head, "That's going to make traffic lanes a bit more complicated, but I think the department can manage. Once we've got the new lanes arranged then construction can begin there. And, that should certainly help with other projects as well moving forward anyway."

Gredrol placed both hands onto the table, "I would say that it'll help increase traffic flow and trade through here and the surrounding sector. Commerce here is already on the rise and the need for additional Starfleet security is as well. I'm sure that'll make Commander Washington happy."

Brandon raised a brow, "Oh I'm sure it will," He said. Brandon didn't know Commander Washington all that well, but knew the Security Officer was pretty stressed out with everything on his plate. "It'll help reduce the amount of ships that are orbiting planets without having a place to dock anyway."

"That's the general plan," Tolam said. "Now then, are there any orbital platforms that probably should be removed from this equation?" He asked.

Merissa scrolled through the notes from previous meetings into the matters that they were talking about. "None that I can see," She said. "None that I can see at all," She was at least focused on the meeting now. "I do have business to attend to elsewhere though."

Tolam looked at the chronometer on the bulkhead and nodded, "I think we've covered the bases. When can you begin construction efforts Lieutenant and how long will they take?"

Brandon looked at his timetables, "The drydocks will take a few weeks and we will begin those immediately. It'll require pulling substantial resources, but the department can manage. The orbital living stations will take months, but plans are ahead of schedule."

Courtney looked at Brandon for a moment, "The plans are actually finished and on my desk for final approval." She told him with a grin. "I'm going to do that this afternoon."

"Excellent," Brandon responded and looked at Tolam, "It appears like everything is ready to go." He told the Commander.

Tolam grinned, "Excellent indeed," He said and pushed himself away from the table. "You are all dismissed." He said.

Gredrol watched as the others departed and looked at Reid, "Do you have a moment?" He asked the Lieutenant after they were the only two left in the room. "I wanted to discuss something with you."

Reid shrugged, "Yes, I have a moment before I need to get up to Main Operations what is on your mind?"

Gredrol had walked over to the large window that was presently facing the planet below. "When Elizabeth and you got together and decided to start a relationship were you nervous?" He asked.

Reid didn't expect the question to be so personal and had to swallow a bit harder than initially planned. "Yeah I was quite a bit nervous, but not as nervous as I was after Teagan was born. Why do you ask Commander?"

Gredrol shrugged, "I've been considering asking the Exec out on a date, but I don't know... I don't want to ruin the working relationship that we already have you know?" He stared at the planet rather than looking at Reid.

Reid nodded, "Well, I would do it and see what happens. I'd rather regret the things that I did do rather than regretting the things I didn't," He said and gently patted his friend on the shoulder. "Anyway I need to get back to Ops. Let me know how things go please?"

Gredrol nodded, "Of course I will," He said with a grin on his face. He knew that the Lieutenant was right and that he needed to do it. But, he just simply didn't know how to word it. He'd have to figure it out soon because he'd already told Iazil he needed to talk to her...


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