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Bigger Break

Posted on Wed Oct 28th, 2020 by Captain Neela Izal & Captain Iazil Naadel [Engstrom] & Commander Chelsea McDanielson [Moneaux] & Commander Jeffery Washington [ch'Theseski] & Commander Yvanka Dravex [Hayashi] & Commander Stephen O'Malley M.D. & Lieutenant Commander Tolam Pizal & Lieutenant Commander Novra Bostru & Commander Jordyn de Planca & Lieutenant Commander Kara Stevenson Ph.D. & Lieutenant R'Toren & Lieutenant Mia Grayson & Lieutenant Commander Avery Preston [Sinjohl] & Lieutenant Sadie Potter [Dawson]

Mission: Episode 10 - Ashes to Ashes
Location: Observation Lounge, Vidal Fleet Yards
Timeline: Day 2 at 0900
1810 words - 3.6 OF Standard Post Measure

Neela was, perhaps, one of the last people to enter the observation lounge every time she declared the need to call for a meeting among some or several of her senior officers. The directors and a majority of the deputy directors were present for this one as were several others who normally did not attend these sorts of meetings. But, there had been a lot happening in the past twenty-four hours for her to neglect their expertise.

As she entered the observation lounge the chatter seemed to die down in the room, "All right," Were the first words out of her mouth before Neela sat down in what was her typical seat. "So, there are a number of people in this meeting so this needs some order to it first. Commander Naadel?" She asked and turned towards her Executive Officer.

Iazil looked at her Captain before turning to face the others, "So, a lot has happened in the past several hours that needs to be addressed. I would like to start with security first," She said and looked at the three security officers who were present.

Jeffery opened his mouth to say something but then thought better of it. "I think it's best if I direct everyone's attention to Commander Preston's report first before we continue." He said then looked at the Commander.

Avery wasn't expecting to be the first to speak, however, he wasn't too surprised by that. "Well, I must admit what we found was not good. Lieutenant Grayson could probably fill you in better than I could on the technical end of things, however, I will try my best.

"Evidence indicates that Rear Admiral Karin Mayra's access codes were used to hack into the computer on board the USS Haeva," He said. Avery then looked at Mia, "Go ahead Lieutenant."

Mia nodded and picked up the PADD in front of her and got to her part of the report. "Computer diagnostics were able to determine that the computer access junction from the station that was used belongs to Admiral Mayra. However, I am not convinced that she had any involvement."

Stephen raised his brow and leaned all the way forward before folding his hands. "Beg pardon Lieutenant," He said. "I'm obviously no engineer and I certainly wouldn't pretend otherwise. But, can you explain to us why you are not convinced of this please?"

Mia smiled softly, "I can," She answered. "There were certain inconsistencies found within the code level. It would be really difficult to explain to those of you who are not experts in computer technologies on the same level, but basically anytime a member of the crew uses their command level codes it leaves behind a trace.

"Biometrics are among those things that are left behind and the biometrics left behind are inconsistent." Mia concluded.

Stephen rubbed the base of his chin, "I suppose that makes sense since we leave DNA traces on almost everything we touch."

Avery nodded, "We went to her quarters and searched it. Her access code was used to enter the quarters too which isn't a surprise if the door had been locked. However, the door was not locked and we found evidence to indicate that she wasn't in the quarters at the time."

Kara was listening intently, "So what exactly are you saying?" She asked.

Avery looked at the Counselor, "We have reason to believe that someone wanted us to believe that the Rear Admiral was involved. There are other pieces of evidence that we've considered on the matter, however, we think we know who did it."

He looked at Novra, "Go ahead," He said.

Novra nodded, "Upon further digging into the situation we were able to uncover evidence of activities by Vice Admiral Kaleb Potter that seems to indicate his involvement. He stood to gain from the death of the President of the Federation including promotion to full Admiral and a change in career path.

"It's no secret that he's been an outspoken critic of the President and has drawn hard lines in regards to the President's alleged involvement in the Tzenkethi incident." Novra said.

"Interesting," Iazil said and looked at Neela, "What are your thoughts?"

Neela shrugged, "The security team that is scheduled to arrive later in the day have been forwarded all of the evidence that we've collected so far. It seems circumstantial at best, however, they plan on interviewing a vast number of people here."

Avery nodded quite slowly, "That is the plan yes."

R'Toren had been quiet so far, "So if I'm understanding correctly," He said while looking at the others, "We think the Admiral did it or was involved?"

Sadie had listened to them talking about her father and found herself to be a bit dry in the mouth. To think that he would sink that low to advance his career was not a surprise for her. "It's within his character." She said with a shrug.

Jeffery had immediately looked at the Doctor and found that he was not alone. He could see eyes moving out of the corner of his eye, "Here I figured you would defend your father? I must admit I'm a bit surprised to hear you say that."

Kara spoke up before Sadie had a chance to say anything on the matter, "I'm not." She said and leaned back while crossing her arms. "The Admiral could have used his strained relationship with his daughter as an excuse to be assigned here."

Novra shrugged, "There is potential in that."

Tolam spoke up, "So we're honestly going to pin this on a decorated combat veteran and Admiral simply because he may or may not have been attempting to advance his own career?" He asked. "I'm not saying it's not impossible because he's infallible, but I'm not convinced."

Sadie shrugged, "One thing is quite certain. I don't trust my father and he's been known to have allied himself with some pretty dangerous people in the past in order to get ahead."

"Where's your proof?" Chelsea asked her suddenly. "I'm not saying you're right or wrong of course, however I'm not convinced. You've a strained relationship with your father and hardly are an impartial observer here."

Yvanka thought about it, "I've met the man. He seems to have a few narcissistic qualities about him."

"I've noticed that as well," Kara said. "When I was trying to help him work through his issues with his daughter it was something I had noticed. However, it hardly proves that he was involved."

Avery nodded, "Well for the time being we are going to closely monitor the situation and will report on any additional findings. We've been monitoring his communications and he's certainly not hiding the people he's talking to. However, Captain," He said and looked at Neela. "We will keep digging."

Neela nodded, "Please keep me informed." She looked at her Executive Officer and bade for her to continue without saying a word.

Iazil understood the cue and pressed forward, "The starship Avalon was brought into drydock after a brief check on the ship to make certain it wasn't dangerous to the station." She looked at Jordyn, "Commander?"

Jordyn looked around the room. "We found two objects in the science lab that immediately peaked our interest Captain. And, we are taking every precaution due to that finding." She picked up the PADD in front of her, "We discovered two shards similar to the ones we've already found."

"Really?" Avery asked.

Jordyn nodded, "Yes really." She answered him without actually looking towards him. "We have locked down that part of the ship while engineering works on the rest of the investigation into what happened. The ship has also not been connected to any power source from the station."

"Right," Tolam said and looked at the Captain. "For now we are using environmental suits and alternative methods to get into the computer system. We don't want to risk a repeat of the last time we discovered one of these shards."

"Was anything else found on board?" Yvanka asked them.

Jordyn looked at Yvanka, "Certainly," She answered. "We think we've found all two hundred crew that were reported aboard the ship at the time of their disappearance and two spires on board. Those are being analyzed before we remove them."

"Did they say anything specific?" Stephen asked.

Jordyn didn't answer right away, "Well we haven't activated them. We are taking a lot of precautions right now because the last two had mind controlling qualities and Ortani technology is still a mystery for us. As soon as we are able to answer that question we will."

Chelsea looked at the others, "We aren't really certain what these pieces would have been used for. We know that there are six of them and based on the shape of these four pieces we can determine that they probably make a disk of some type."

Kara leaned back in her seat, "That also brings about another interesting topic that should be discussed," She said. "That Doctor Cunningham that was involved in the first discovery has disappeared."

Neela looked at her Chief Psychiatrist, "Oh?"

Kara nodded, "He was reported missing three days ago. The research center on Terra Nova just recently reported that. They thought that he had gone back to the mental ward, however, that doesn't appear to be the case."

"Strange," Sadie said. "The body I analyzed shows signs that the crewman died from exposure. They died from hypothermia, but I've also found evidence that their body temperature may have climbed close to hyperthermia levels. And, there is scar tissue on the body."

"That's different," Jeffery said quietly. "I'm assuming that the rest of the crew seem to have the same possible causes of death?"

Sadie nodded, "They do. We also did eventually locate the Captain who was not on the bridge. She was in the science lab where the artifacts were found," Sadie commented.

R'Toren nodded, "I've got most of my department working on salvaging the ship and trying to find a way into the computer systems that aren't dangerous to our own systems."

Neela nodded, "Keep me informed of your progress." She told him and the rest of them. "For now let's focus on the scientific and engineering side of things with the Avalon," She told the scientists and engineers in the room. "As for the investigation into the assassination I recommend that we keep it quiet that we are investigating the Admirals.

"We may be able to prove that it was not Admiral Mayra, but until we can prove without any doubt that Admiral Potter was involved let's keep an open mind." She looked at Sadie, "And, try not to prejudge anyone based on past experience." She waited for a moment to see if anyone had anything further to say and when they didn't she nodded. "Dismissed." She told them.


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