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Preliminary Search

Posted on Fri Oct 23rd, 2020 by Commander Yvanka Dravex [Hayashi] & Lieutenant Commander S'Toriin & Lieutenant Gelo Pajes & Lieutenant Sadie Potter [Dawson]

Mission: Episode 10 - Ashes to Ashes
Location: Bridge, USS Avalon NCC-186
Timeline: Day 1 at 1559
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S'Toriin immediately realized just how serious the situation aboard the Avalon must have been the moment he beamed onto the ship. The bridge was covered in ice and the bodies of the crew were mummified, "Well," He said while looking around. "This ought to be an interesting little adventure if I don't say so myself."

Sadie had immediately began by scanning the first body she came across with her medical tricorder. "Based on these readings this person died two hundred and four years ago." She said and closed the tricorder. "The instrument cannot determine an exact cause of death.

"But, based on the icy consoles and bulkheads I would say the environmental controls may have malfunctioned. It would have been instant and they would have all died at the same time on the bridge." Sadie said while looking at them.

"I have little doubt of that," Pajes responded while looking over his shoulder towards the others. He'd already stepped down off the back part of the bridge towards the helm officer. They died at their station, "They've all been dead for over two hundred years.

"I don't know how much more information the tricorder could have given us," He said while he was looking at the helm officer. "Don't know at all..." He muttered quietly. "Sorry," He said suddenly.

Yvanka raised her brow as she was looking at the ice covered console next to her, "Sorry for what Lieutenant?" She asked.

Pajes shrugged, "I probably should have a bit more compassion for them," He said as he took a step towards the center seat. "The Captain doesn't appear to be on the bridge. The command chair is empty," He commented.

Yvanka nodded, "Could be anywhere on the ship," She said. "I really want to get down to the engine room and see if there is anyway to bring the vessel back to life. Are you detecting any dangerous lifeforms on the ship?"

Pajes shook his head, "Nothing," He said after conducting a quick scan with his tricorder.

Sadie also shook her head, "I'm not detecting any microbes at all. When the ship was exposed to space all life would have been extinguished immediately. Is there any chance that we could power one of the consoles?"

S'Toriin had withdrawn an energy source, "I'm going to try that now," He answered after prying the bulkhead panel off the bulkhead nearby. "Or, I won't," He said suddenly once he got a good look on the inside of the panel. The Caitian officer pressed his hand against his forehead.

"What's wrong with it?" Yvanka asked him while she was also attempting to bring power to one of the consoles on the other end of the bridge.

"Everything in here is shot," He said as he leaned back onto his feet and stood up, "I don't think we're going to be able to find out exactly what happened from any console on the bridge. Might have better luck down in engineering, but first I think we should get the ship towed into a drydock."

"Agreed," Pajes said as he came around the corner after exploring the Captain's Ready Room. It took some work to open the door, "There isn't anything that would be overtly threatening to us or our engineering personnel."

Yvanka nodded, "That seems fair," She said. "The Daedalus class starship isn't as large as some of the others are. A shuttle or a runabout should be enough to tow it into place without the need to launch the Becker. Besides, we're already in the system."

She looked at the viewer that was cracked seemed to have suffered the same chilly effects as the rest of the ship. "What do you think happened here in the first place?" She asked the others.

Sadie shrugged, "The medical tricorder hasn't been able to determine an exact cause of death. I'll probably end up taking one of the bodies and going back to analyze them. The rest of the bodies should be properly buried on the planet along with this one," She said pointing at the body she'd chosen.

"After I've conducted the necessary research into the matter," She said. "We probably should also begin exploring the remainder of the ship deck by deck." Sadie suggested.

S'Toriin tapped his communicator, "Commander S'Toriin to Ops," He said.

=/\="Vidal Fleet Yards Main Operations go ahead Commander."=/\=

S'Toriin looked at Yvanka for a moment before he began to speak, "Launch a runabout to tow the ship into an open drydock. At least that way it's out of our way and we can resume normal operations around the planet. There doesn't appear to be anything dangerous on the ship, but it would be preferred that the ship be placed in a drydock away from the station as a precaution."

=/\="Understood Commander. We'll get a runabout out to your location within the next five minutes. Operations out."=/\=

Yvanka crossed her arms over her chest, "So we don't know how they ended up in the system, but it would appear that they were somewhere else for a very long time. I wonder if the sensors will give us any information into this matter?" She asked and scratched the base of her chin.

She walked over to the turbolift that had been non-functional for a number of years. "If we can restore power to the ship we could review the ship's computer databanks and see what they were able to find out." She found herself to be quite curious.

Sadie smiled, "I take it this antique has inspired your scientific curiosity," She said while beginning the process of preparing one of the bodies for transport. "I'm not detecting any microbes or anything threatening on the body, however, I'm going to place them in stasis."

Yvanka nodded, "Not a bad idea. Probably should also proceed with a full quarantine and allow the computers in the medical center to review the body prior to actually going near them."

"That's the plan," Sadie admitted. She pressed her communicator, "Computer beam myself and this body to the quarantine level of the medical hospital on the planet." She pressed her hand against the body and felt the materialization process take hold.

S'Toriin watched as the woman and the body both shimmered for a moment before they had vanished. "The runabout will be here any moment," He said and looked around for a moment. "I don't know about the rest of you, but I think I've had my fill of this ship for the moment."

Pajes nodded in agreement, "I recommend that we go ahead and vacate the ship. Security and the medical department can work on getting the rest of these bodies off the ship. The burial process will take a limited amount of time, but it's best if we analyze the other body before burying these."

"Agreed," S'Toriin answered.

Yvanka nodded, "I concur," She said. "Commander Dravex to Vidal Fleet Yards three to beam out." She said, "Energize." Yvanka watched as the bridge vanished from view only to be replaced a short time later by the transporter room on the station.


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