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In The Name of Science?!

Posted on Mon Oct 19th, 2020 by Lieutenant Commander Gredrol Son of Osham & Lieutenant Commander S'Toriin & Commander Jordyn de Planca & Lieutenant Commander Manuel de Planca

Mission: Episode 10 - Ashes to Ashes
Location: Science Lab Twelve, Vidal Fleet Yards
Timeline: Day 1 at 1249
1236 words - 2.5 OF Standard Post Measure

Manuel was less focused on the research in front of him and reading the database files than he was on the needs of his youngest daughter. She was supposed to be going on her first big date at the age of twelve and he was certain that he wasn't ready for that. Plus, the Ivaldian data files that they had uncovered on the moon were pretty routine anyway.

So far they hadn't found a way to power the portal from any of the research into the situation that Manuel had completed. He was certain that it was going to take quite a bit of time before they had the answers anyway. So, there Manuel sat thinking about his daughter. Even to the point of daydreaming about it knowing that she'd really struggled lately.

"Did you want some lunch?" Jordyn asked for the third time while she stood behind her husband with her arms crossed over her chest. "My love..." She said and even approached him with her hand on his shoulder immediately after.

Manuel jumped at the touch and spun around, "Oh," He said and his shoulders immediately dropped. "Sorry," He said and scratched the back of his head gingerly. "Did you say something?"

Jordyn sighed heavily, "I asked if you wanted something to eat, but you seem to be engrossed in your work. Is everything all right with you?" She asked him after taking a step back.

Manuel nodded, "Yeah, everything is all right I was just thinking about Ashley and her date with Chialek." He said with a shrug, "I haven't been able to focus on my work in some time."

S'Toriin entered the science lab to see both the Commanders inside and stepped aside so that Gredrol could come in behind him. "I'm glad to find you both here. I wanted to see if the two of you were ready for this evening?"

Gredrol looked at the married officers, "I figured you would still want to go to Parin's tonight like we planned on last week." He added, "I hope we're not interrupting anything?"

Jordyn turned and looked at the two of them before addressing her husband, "I figured that was where your mind was at love." She answered without looking at him. Her attention was now on the two officers that had entered and she was forced to recall that conversation.

Not much had really changed since then besides their youngest daughter having plans with someone. She had not accepted that both of her children were growing up entirely too quickly. "I don't see why those plans would have changed so yes we're still going."

She looked at Manuel, "Right?"

Manuel was still looking at Jordyn before he eventually answered the question, "Of course," He said. "We were going to have some drinks and go spend some time in the holosuite doing... What was that program called again?" He asked.

Gredrol looked at them, "It was that training program that I arranged for some of the senior officers. And, that is to take place before the drinking part," He said. "I've not been one for the warrior lifestyle but with the way things have been I thought we could brush up on our self defense skills."

S'Toriin nodded, "Besides I want to see if Tolam actually decides to participate or not. I understand that Kara and him may have made some sort of plans or something for this evening. I know she can't participate since she is with child and all." He said.

Jordyn scratched the back of her head, "You've always been a strange one haven't you Commander S'Toriin."

The Caitian smirked, "I don't know what you mean by that," He said while laughing nervously. He thought about the possibility of changing the subject away from whatever that was and continued on. "Anyway, it could always be something more entertaining.

"I understand that the Captain may be doing rock climbing or something of that nature in one of the other holosuites?" He asked them.

"What the Captain does in her free time is hardly any of our concern," Gredrol stated. "Besides, I think she really could use something to take her mind off all the nonsense that has been plaguing the planet right now. There is supposed to be an investigative team coming from Earth any day now.

"And, I know she's been incredibly stressed out about that and other things too," He said. "If she managed to remain in command without being relieved of duties it'll be something of a minor miracle in my opinion."

"Is that possible?" Manuel asked.

S'Toriin shook his head, "Absolutely not," He said and glared at Gredrol. "The investigative team is being led by Starfleet's head of security and the Captain is thoroughly involved in the process. She's on the continuing committee for it after all."

Gredrol shrugged, "That's true," He said.

Jordyn rubbed the bridge of her nose, "There's no reason to begin rumors now is there?" She questioned rhetorically. "And, yes the Captain has plans to go rock climbing on the holosuites in preparation for the leave she has scheduled. Amazing how a woman afraid of heights can overcome that."

Manuel nodded in agreement, "So we'll be doing some sort of training exercises while the Captain enjoys herself. That sounds about right," He said quietly. "And, I don't know if I'll be much use in this training anyway. I've got other things on my mind."

"Your daughter will be find Commander," S'Toriin told his friend. "Chialek is a very nice young man and I think he truly cares about your daughter."

Manuel glared at him, "I don't accept that she's growing up," He answered and crossed his arms over his chest. "Anyway, why do you say that Gredrol?"

The Klingon shrugged, "Just some rumors I've heard floating around the station lately. It's really nothing that we need to concern ourselves with and I'm on that investigative team as well. So is much of security," He said.

"Besides there is an active investigation so I cannot go into details." He shrugged.

Jordyn nodded, "Then don't," She warned him. Jordyn then looked at Manuel, "Now do you want to go get some lunch or not?"

Manuel nodded, "Yes," He answered then looked at the other two, "They can come along too if they want to."

Gredrol shook his head, "I've got too much paperwork to complete. You three go have fun I'll be going to my office."

S'Toriin shook his head as well, "Nah I'm not hungry. Besides I can tell that the two of you really need some time alone." He said, "Thanks for the offer though."

Jordyn smiled, "Well, you're both welcome if you want to come along, but we won't force the issue. I'll see you both this evening at Parin's try and stay out of trouble." She said with a smirk then pushed past them.

Manuel followed behind her after locking his console, "See you," He remarked to the two of them before disappearing.

S'Toriin watched as they both went, "Why would you mention the Captain if it was nothing more than mere rumor and speculation?" He asked the Klingon officer suddenly.

Gredrol shrugged, "I have my reasons Commander." He said. Gredrol then turned and started for the door, "I have my reasons," He repeated again before going through the door and leaving the Caitian officer alone in the science lab.


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