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Darkness Falls Down

Posted on Sat Oct 3rd, 2020 by Captain Neela Izal & Commander Chelsea McDanielson [Moneaux] & Commander Yvanka Dravex [Hayashi] & Commander Stephen O'Malley M.D. & Lieutenant Commander Gredrol Son of Osham & Lieutenant Commander S'Toriin & Commander Jordyn de Planca & Lieutenant Commander Reid Hoseki & Lieutenant Mia Grayson & Lieutenant JG Thalen ch'Shraalik [Kingsley]
Edited on on Sat Oct 3rd, 2020

Mission: Episode 9 - Deception
Location: Conference Room 1, Vidal Fleet Yards
Timeline: Day 6 at 1800
1565 words - 3.1 OF Standard Post Measure

Neela walked swiftly into the conference room to find several members of her senior staff sitting there. There were also other officers in the room with them that did not typically sit in on these sort of briefings, but considering the situation she thought it was best. Neela immediately sat down and looked at her acting Executive Officer. "Go ahead," She said quietly.

Yvanka nodded, "So the situation on the ground is less than adequate if I don't say so myself. There are riots happening all across Javelin City in areas that are not affected by the fires and damage. There are also riots in Barcombe around the headquarters for ch'Thenskzi Shipping."

Yvanka turned her attention onto Lieutenant ch'Shraalik, "Lieutenant for the time being you are the ranking officer for the security department. Go ahead with the situation report."

Thalen had never imagined that he would end up in such a position, but there he was. He bowed his head slightly before speaking, "Teams that were not impacted by the explosion and ship crash have deployed to both cities in an effort to help contain the situation.

"Despite what the news article stated we have yet to declare a state of emergency or curfews, however, if the rioting does not cease by nightfall that may become necessary," Thalen commented. "We've managed to contain them to a few districts throughout both areas. And, we are also spread thin trying to assist with the convention center crisis."

Yvanka nodded, "I don't see any reason why operations cannot take over the security duties of the present crisis. Engineering seems to have a pretty good handle on the damage control efforts?"

Chelsea looked at Yvanka, "We have damage control teams and fire teams trying to contain any flare ups in the fires that were seen earlier in the day. For the most part there are only a small few hot spots where flare ups may continue to plague the teams."

S'Toriin agreed, "We have teams on the ground helping with the search and rescue efforts. I can also have those teams arm and help with security personnel if necessary?"

Thalen realized that the more senior officers were looking in his direction, "Yes," He said after a moment. Thalen then proceeded to nod his head rapidly, "Yes, I think that would be the wisest course of action."

'Very well I'll see to it Lieutenant," S'Toriin told him.

Gredrol looked at the security chief, "I can have some strategic operations personnel come and also provide assistance to the security teams. We can deploy forward teams wherever they may be needed."

Yvanka smiled softly, "That would be excellent. However, I also want Strategic Operations to begin working on the threat analysis of the situation. We need to begin the investigation and halt all ship traffic in and out of the system. Which I know took place immediately."

"Yes Commander," Gredrol stated.

Yvanka turned to Chelsea, "How are things looking on the ground?"

"Well," Chelsea answered, "Like I said before the fires have been contained thanks to excellent piloting by our runabouts. It was an engineering team that located some of the survivors with the help of emergency medical responders."

Reid looked at Chelsea and at Stephen for a moment. "The trick was getting the phaser arrays on the runabouts switched with water sprayers. After that it was pretty simple to get the job done we just didn't have access to the base of the fire in most cases."

Stephen was thankful for the small favors, "So far we've had a trickle effect with casualties, but as time goes on that will increase steadily. I don't want to release a preliminary casualty report just yet. However, Captain I do recommend that we notify the Federation Council."

Neela nodded slowly, "I concur with that recommendation. I have already contacted Starfleet Command and relayed the same message on to the Federation Council. For the time being Vice President Lucius McRaven is acting as the President of the Federation."

S'Toriin rubbed the back of his head, "Have there been any groups claiming responsibility for this?" He asked, "Or, are we under the assumption that the crew of the Haeva had something to do with it?"

Yvanka looked towards both Mia Grayson and Jordyn de Planca. "Go ahead." She waved her hand so that they both knew that they could speak openly.

Jordyn looked at Yvanka and then looked at Mia Grayson, "We were able to recover the computer data recorder from the ship and are still presently analyzing it in the lab. However, I think Lieutenant Grayson had some breakthroughs?" She continued to look at Mia.

Mia nodded, "Yes," She answered. "Approximately ten minutes before the ship crash landed into the planet someone remotely took control over the ship through a virus that was deeply embedded into the computer system. I've not been able to trace it so far.

"However, when it happened a photon torpedo was also armed," Mia said. "I sent that information off to Lieutenant ch'Shraalik."

Thalen nodded, "I analyzed the weapons readouts from that incident. Someone managed to get part of the warhead disassembled before being forced to launch it. They loaded it into the launcher and used the manual override to successfully launch what was left of the warhead.

"This meant that the explosive impact was far less than what it would have been otherwise. The person who managed to do this saved a lot of lives both on board the ship and on the ground," Thalen said.

"What about the status of the Executive Officer?" Neela asked.

Stephen shook his head, "So far we've found no trace of her. We don't know if she was the one who went to the torpedo magazine and launched the torpedo or if it was someone else. But, for now we've not had much luck in locating her."

Neela looked at Mia Grayson for a moment and at Jordyn after that. "Do we know any details on who could have potentially been responsible for it?" She asked, "If they had any motivations or the like?"

Jordyn shook her head, "Not yet we don't. However, what I can tell you is that whoever planted that virus did so weeks before the Presidential visit. It had to have happened since the ship was last deployed because I don't have reason to believe it was there prior to that."

Mia agreed, "Absolutely," She stated, "It could have occurred any time between the mission that took the ship to Terra Nova and now. However, routine maintenance checks have been pretty consistent and nothing came up so they had it well hidden."

Stephen scratched the back of his head, "So basically someone planned this all along. I wonder if there is any correlation between the protests and the attack?" He asked nobody in particular.

"There's really no way to know that answer," Yvanka responded. "Unless you've found something Lieutenant ch'Shraalik?"

Thalen shook his head, "I've not found anything. But, between the article and now this I have every reason to theorize that someone has deliberately set these events into motion."

"Why is the bigger question," S'Toriin pointed out, "What are the odds that it was someone from Starfleet?"

Gredrol shrugged, "I don't think it was anyone from Starfleet. However, intelligence reports had shown an increase in threats against the Federation President leading up to this event. It stands to reason that any one of those could have been responsible."

"So then why didn't the visit get postponed again?" Yvanka asked, "Or, altogether cancelled outright?"

Gredrol shrugged his shoulders, "I couldn't answer that question honestly Commander," He said.

Chelsea looked at the others, "What can be answered is that people have paid for that with their lives. We still cannot find the Executive Officer and several government officials are missing or have been found dead. The ship seemed to move exactly where it needed to in order to kill the President."

Mia nodded her head slowly, "Right," She said then looked at the Captain. "And the person who was responsible didn't even attempt to make it look like an accident. I cannot explain that exactly, but my initial analysis immediately indicated to me the direness of the situation."

Neela looked at the engineer, "Enlighten me because I'm a scientist not an engineer?"

"Of course," Mia said with a quick bow of her head. "The communications array stopped displaying for Lieutenant Hoseki moments before the ship crashed. Lieutenant was there any indication of this being immediate?"

Reid thought back to that moment, "It was subtle at first, but once I had noticed the problem it quickly escalated. And, no matter what I attempted to do nothing seemed to keep it from continuing along the same trajectory." He shrugged, "I would almost state that it would appear that the station was fighting me as well."

"We're still trying to see if a similar virus is on the station, but so far we've had no luck in finding out," Jordyn told the Lieutenant.

Neela leaned back in her seat, "So we are firmly planted in square one..." She stated. "Well, for the time being Commander Dravex is the acting Executive Officer and will continue to try and lead this effort. Dismissed." She said and heard the chairs move. Neela couldn't shake the feeling that they were still being played in that very moment.


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