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Troubling Report

Posted on Thu Oct 1st, 2020 by Lieutenant Commander Gredrol Son of Osham & Captain Neela Izal & Lieutenant Commander S'Toriin & Lieutenant Commander Reid Hoseki

Mission: Episode 9 - Deception
Location: Main Operations, Vidal Fleet Yards
Timeline: Day 6 at 1228
1057 words - 2.1 OF Standard Post Measure

Reid had turned in his chair while reading the latest reports regarding a shipment of deuterium that was meant to be departing in the morning. His console then began to sound an alert which pulled him away from that report. Reid immediately looked at it, "We've got a problem."

Gredrol was in command of main operations, "Tell me it's not what I think it is?" He asked from the center of ops. "Tell me the protests haven't become violent or something like that?"

"No," Reid said, "Probably worse than that. The constant subspace communications stream from the Haeva has just gone dark," He stated with a heavy groan. "I'm trying to get them up on communications now, but I'm not able to get through.

"This isn't..." He looked up from the console, "Captain to Main operations," He said after activating the communications system next to him.

Neela stepped out of her office with the Chief Operations Officer in tow, "Report?" She asked immediately.

S'Toriin walked over to his usual station and turned the chair before sitting behind the console. "It appears that there is no communication capabilities from the Haeva," He stated.

Reid nodded, "The ship launched a few minutes ago and everything was going well. Then the communications stream went dark and I've been unable to successfully establish a communications channel with them."

Gredrol left the center of main operations in order to approach his console and then proceeded to sit down. "I'm attempting to bypass the primary communications array in order to use the auxiliary array. However, Captain I'm still not getting through to them."

Neela nodded as she made her way to the center of ops, "It may not be on our end. There may be a problem with theirs," She told the crew. "Don't panic just yet it may be a small issue."

S'Toriin shook his head, "I don't think it's a small malfunction Captain," He stated. "The ship has changed directions. It's on a new heading," He said and looked at the Captain.

Neela turned and looked at her Operations Chief, "What direction would that be Commander?" She asked.

S'Toriin didn't know how to phrase it so he simply said what needed to be said, "Captain the ship is on a heading directly aimed at the planet's surface. It looks like it's going straight for Javelin City, but I cannot get an exact location. Also," He swallowed hard.

"A photon torpedo has registered on the sensors as being armed," He said and looked straight at her. "It's not launched yet," He said and began vigorously working to attempt to determine the target.

Reid nodded, "Confirmed," He said. "I'm trying to bypass their helm control systems by sending a signal from here to the ship. However, the link is completely severed and I cannot get through."

Neela knew the situation had just gone from bad to worse, "There have to be a thousand different targets on the planet. Also, why are the crew trying to target the planet in the first place that doesn't make any sense at all?"

"I don't think it's them," Gredrol stated, "I'm analyzing the computer matrix from the ship. There was a slight elevation in the coded procedures five seconds before Lieutenant Hoseki reported the situation. Someone may have hacked into the network and overridden the security lockouts."

Neela was scratching the back of her head, "Why in the hell would someone do that for?" She asked loudly, "Send a message to Commander Washington to sound the alarm..."

S'Toriin shook his head, "Too late," He said. "The proximity alarms on the planet are now sounding. I cannot get through either something is blocking communications to the surface. I'm running a full sensor sweep of the -" He stopped suddenly.

"Captain, the ship has just crashed into the convention center," He said and leaned back into the chair. "I'm trying to determine if the photon torpedo ever exploded, but I cannot tell. There's too much interference from the crash," He said.

Neela's heart immediately sank because who knew how many people were down on the planet when it happened. And, who knew how many people on the ship would have survived the crash landing, "Take us to red alert!" She said next.

Neela made her way around to the opposite side of the station where she was standing, "Begin scanning the area for survivors of the crash. Issue alerts to Starfleet Medical Center and Engineering Damage Control teams."

Neela then looked at the viewer, "Bring the affected area onto the main viewer," She ordered.

Gredrol did as he had been asked and on the display they could see smoke and fire from the crash. The Haeva had gone completely through the building and it was burning. Then there was a bright flash that was mostly blocked out by the viewer's protective systems.

Gredrol still had to cover his eyes, "The sensors are registering a photonic explosion," He said.

Reid's heart immediately dropped and he thought he had just had a heart attack by the way he felt. His stomach was now in his throat as he looked at the viewer. Reid coughed, "I'm trying to raise anyone on the planet, but right now communications are down."

He looked at the system in order to find the reason behind this latest problem, "I found the issue I'm trying to clear it." His fingers went over the console and the static that was flooding the communications system eventually went away.

S'Toriin nodded, "That did the trick Lieutenant," He said. "I've relayed our messages to all available personnel that a mass casualty event is underway. I'm assuming that we will be remaining at high alert?"

Neela was still looking at the scene, "Of course," She muttered. "I want to know everything from the moment that the Haeva departed until the moment that it crashed. I will be on subspace with Starfleet Command," She said, "Gredrol you have ops."

Gredrol nodded, "Understood Captain," He said and removed himself from the console. Part of Javelin City was now a huge crater and that wasn't the worst of it. Reports were already starting to trickle in about some protests in Barcombe suddenly becoming quite violent indeed. He was concerned that it had truly begun... The thing that the crew of the station feared most. Chaos.


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