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Posted on Fri Sep 18th, 2020 by Lieutenant Commander Manuel de Planca & Commander Jordyn de Planca & Ashley de Planca [S'Toriin] & Elizabeth de Planca [Stevenson]

Mission: Episode 9 - Deception
Location: de Planca Home, Javelin City
Timeline: Day 5 at 1900
1391 words - 2.8 OF Standard Post Measure

Ashley had been stuck in the hospital for over a full day before finally being released back home. By that point her father had returned from his mission and her sister had returned home from her trip to the planet Trill. Ashley had her back pressed against the wall in her bedroom.

All she wanted to do was remember what had happened, but something was preventing her from doing so. The night before she'd barely gotten any sleep at all because of that. Flashes of memories that felt surreal ran through her head while she was sleeping.

When Ashley would blink she would see flashes of a house on the beach, but beyond that she couldn't remember anything. She pulled her legs up closer to her body and pressed her head against the wall. Ashley sighed heavily wondering where her sister was even at.

She wanted to just be alone, but at the same time Ashley wanted to be surrounded by her family. It was a very confusing sense for her because too many things were running through her mind at the same time. Whatever had happened, there wasn't a way for her to truly figure out how to fix it.

Elizabeth had finished unpacking the belongings she'd taken with her to Trill and came to the entrance of her sister's bedroom door. She gently knocked on it before walking in and sitting down on the edge of her sister's bed, "Mom and Dad want to know if you want to go for a walk?"

She asked her little sister. The pain on her sister's face was quite apparent and it seemed worse than any other time that she'd seen her sister's expression. A lot had happened since they left Earth and the time had begun to show on her sister's face as well.

Elizabeth tried her best to smile so that her little sister would be happy, "We don't have to go for a walk though if you don't want to?" She asked adding the second part without her parents being aware of that.

Ashley smiled weakly at the presence of her big sister, "I don't really want to go for a walk. What are my other options?" She asked.

Elizabeth shrugged, "Well, you could talk about what happened and see if we can sort it together like we've done before." She wondered if such a suggestion would even work for her sister. They had been through a lot and she didn't know what to expect.

Ashley found herself shrugging, "I don't know if I can talk about it." She said quietly before looking away from her sister. "I don't remember anything that happened and all I'm getting are brief flashes of what happened.

"Mom wants me to start seeing Counselor Izar frequently until I can remember what happened," She said. Another flash seemed to play itself out in her head of a man that she didn't recognize talking to her. She blinked a few times until it was gone.

Jordyn appeared in the doorway next to her husband before going the rest of the way into the room. She leaned against the wall and crossed her arms over her chest. A soft smile had appeared on her face, "We can stay home that's fine," She stated.

"Whatever you remember I'm sure Counselor Izar will figure out how to get to it," She told the girl. "The hospital said that besides your memories and a slight case of lower than normal body temperature you were okay."

"Thank God for that," Manuel muttered under his breath. Whoever had taken his little girl in the first place seemed to only be interested in making certain that the girl couldn't remember anything from her time being held captive. They didn't hurt her otherwise and the body temperature had been assumed to be related to exposure.

He was on the wall opposite from Jordyn with his hands behind his back. "We don't expect you to be able to tell us what happened right away, but at least we're reunited again right?" He asked.

Elizabeth looked at her father for a moment before looking at her little sister. "He's right," She quietly asked.

Ashley just wanted to back to a time before they had ended up with her parents. Somehow she blamed them for what she'd been through and that was another thing that she couldn't quite explain to them. She blamed them for the things her sister had been through as well.

She wanted to say something, anything, to get herself out of having to go see a counselor to talk about her feelings. "I don't think going and talking to Counselor Izar would help me," She said suddenly. "I just... I just want to go back to Earth."

Jordyn raised a brow, "Why do you want to go back to Earth?" She found herself asking. Jordyn felt like she probably already knew the answer to that question.

Ashley shrugged, "Because I just want to be with my grandparents again for a little while." She said quietly, "I just want to go back to the way things were before when things didn't happen. I could go to the beach and not have to worry about someone doing whatever to me."

Manuel raised his brow, "The beach?"

Ashley was looking at her feet as she nodded her head quickly, "I remember going to the beach a few nights ago and then everything goes completely blank. I have flashes of people I don't recognize talking about things that I don't understand. It's not safe here like it should be," She said suddenly.

"Not even a little safe," Ashley concluded for both of her parents.

Elizabeth had turned to look at her sister for a moment and wondered what she was talking about. Clearly her sister had left the house alone to go and walk along the beach front. It explained how she disappeared in the first place, but Elizabeth hadn't been there.

Her biggest mistake was not being there to protect her sister and that was certainly something that she could never forgive herself for. "Do you think that'll help?" She asked suddenly with a bit of a squeak in her voice.

Ashley shrugged, "Probably not," She said and looked at her parents then at her sister. She didn't blame Elizabeth nearly as much as she blamed her parents, "I don't remember anything and it's driving me crazy!" She said somewhat loudly.

Manuel frowned, "That's why we have you seeing the Counselor tomorrow. Unless you'd rather see Kara?" He asked. She was probably a better option, but he didn't know if that would get her to go along with it.

Ashley shook her head, "No... I'll talk to Counselor Izar," She said. Ashley knew that Kara was now a psychologist instead of just a regular counselor. The thought of that frightened her quite a bit. She liked Kara, but the title was just scary.

It made her feel like talking to Kara was like admitting that she had some sort of mental problem. Ashley didn't feel like she had a mental problem just a memory problem. She also liked Pobrin because when she spoke to him last he seemed to be interested in listening to her.

Manuel nodded, "Okay then," He said before walking over and sitting down next to her. "Your mother and I have leave coming up. We can take a trip back to Earth soon and spend a few days there okay?"

Ashley nodded her head slowly, "Okay."

Jordyn walked over and sat down next to her two daughters so that she was between them. She pulled them close and wrapped her arms around each of them, "Everything will be all right I promise," She told them quietly.

Elizabeth smiled and rested her head onto her mother's shoulder. A trip back to Earth sounded like something that she certainly wanted to do. It would give her a chance to see her grandparents and they hadn't been together in months at that point.

Manuel smiled as he reached up and rubbed Ashley's back, "Okay we will do that." He said. Manuel just hoped that between then and now nothing else happened that would impact his daughter's mental well-being. It was obvious to him that she was struggling at the moment with too many things.


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