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Pact Among Sisters

Posted on Thu Sep 17th, 2020 by Arika Washington [J. de Planca] & Olivia Grayson [Moneaux] & Leah Reade [Mackenzie]

Mission: Episode 9 - Deception
Location: Grayson Family Home, Javelin City
Timeline: Day 4 at 2325
1804 words - 3.6 OF Standard Post Measure

If Arika wanted to be technical the girl realized that she should have been in bed an hour ago. But, she couldn't sleep as thoughts about the conversation she'd had with her father a few days ago seemed to be running around in her head. It was silly to think about it now after so much time had passed.

The six-year-old girl was well aware of that fact, but the thing was she couldn't think about anything else. The idea to sleep over at the Grayson house with her two best friends was besides the point. All three girls had just had their latest adventure.

Thoughts of that adventure were still fresh in Arika's mind, though, this time they were not without an adult unlike the last time. Olivia's mother came along with them and had taken time away from her work in order to do so. The girl was all smiles throughout the day.

Now it was getting dark outside and all she could think about was just how crazy of a day it had really been. She tried her best to smile as she looked at the other two who were struggling to sleep as well it looked like. And, finally after what felt like hours, in reality it had been five minutes or less, Arika spoke in a quiet whisper.

"I can't sleep," She stated plainly and looked down the long dark hallway from the living room where they had set up sleeping bags and a small tent. She started to look around until she found a small light that they'd been using earlier to tell stories to each other. Once Arika had found it she turned it on creating blinding light throughout the structure.

Olivia stirred and looked at her friend with a solemn expression across her face. The light had woken her up, but it wasn't like it really mattered anyway because dreams of every adventure the girls had ever had seemed to be making it difficult for her to continue to sleep in the first place.

She sat up partially onto her arm and looked at the other end where Leah seemed to still be sleeping for the moment. Olivia shrugged then looked at Arika, "What's wrong?" She asked quietly while also making certain that her mother didn't wake up.

Arika shrugged, "I was just thinking about our hiking trip from earlier." She said. It wasn't entirely accurate because Arika had also been thinking about something else. "I was also thinking about how shocked my father seemed during that talk we had.

"I don't think he expected me to know so much about those birds and bees or whatever it was," She said quietly. Arika then extended her arm out and poked Leah a couple times with the end of her finger.

The poking and the light were the two things that had woken Leah up. The quiet whispering was something that she hadn't been all that aware of until right at that moment. She tilted her head slightly as she wondered what it was that was bothering her friends.

"What is it?" She asked having not heard any of the conversation that was taking place. Leah blinked a few dozen times in order to better wake herself up from the suddenness of the light in her face. "Is everything all right with the two of you?"

Arika had finally achieved the attention of both of them. She was glad that her friend's mother had taken them on the hiking trip up to see the DeSoto Falls. The trip had been perfect and they had a picnic at the end of that long hike before coming back.

Her feet had hurt and when the girls got back they all spent the rest of the day resting. Now, she found that she couldn't sleep at all, "Well the other day... I know I told you about how my Dad wanted to talk to me and I thought it was about one thing and my Mom says it was supposed to be something else."

Olivia sat all the way up, "Why didn't you say anything earlier?" She whispered the question quietly so not to wake her mother. She even would look out of their makeshift tent every so often to see if her mother had woken up to the light.

So far, Olivia could see that her mother had not stirred from the bedroom around the corner and down the hallway. The house was exceptional except when it came to light and noise. That and her mother, at least Olivia felt like it was true, had the hearing of a Trillian tiger.

Leah found herself wondering the same thing, but after what had happened months ago she wasn't about to question that. She simply smiled and tried her best to not think too much about all of that. She even allowed a soft smile to appear across her tiny face.

"What did your mom say the conversation was supposed to be about?" Leah asked as she tilted her head slightly to the right side.

Arika knew that question was going to be posed and had already prepared herself to answer it. "Well," She whispered quietly, "She said that the conversation was supposed to be about boundaries. My parents didn't know that someone had already tried to explain the whole birds and bees thing.

"They were a bit shocked that I knew all about it," Arika said. "And, I think my Dad was somewhat embarrassed by it too," She said with a shrug. "Anyway, I don't know why that conversation is running through my head after such a long day."

"I wouldn't worry too much about it," Olivia responded. She looked at Leah, "And, I think your Mom may actually be right." She said. Olivia had realized just how much trouble the three of them had gotten into lately.

And, before Olivia and her friend had met Leah things were a lot rougher. They used to get into all sorts of nonsense back on the ship. Now they had an entire planet to explore. Olivia wanted to see all of it, but knew that her mother would never approve of that.

They had sneaked out the last time and Leah got hurt. Olivia could never forgive herself for that or for what happened with the holographic dinosaur incident before that. Her friend had already been injured a couple times, "I think we do need to start asking our parents to do things more often than what we already do."

Leah was a bit surprised because everything she'd come to know and understand about Olivia this seemed almost out of character for her. "That's a bit strange coming from you." She said quietly and slightly closed her eyes. Leah wasn't going to argue about it.

Leah knew that they'd gotten themselves into a lot of really sticky situations over the past few months. This was no exception to that rule. It was also pretty late at night. And, Leah wondered if the three of them were more tired than they were letting on. "What time is it?" She finally asked.

Olivia looked out through the opening until she had spotted the small chronometer on the wall of the house. It was two minutes until midnight, "Late enough that if my parents knew we were awake they would be very upset."

Arika nodded slowly, "Let's make a pact to stop with our adventuring," She said, "At least until we're a bit older."

Leah grinned, "That'll be easy enough for myself. What do you say Olivia?" She asked the other girl. Leah found herself partially expecting that Olivia wouldn't agree to those terms. Sure they had a great time with Olivia's mother and brother going to see the falls.

However, Leah still expected her friend to disagree and state that life was all about the next adventure. She expected that her friends would both agree despite everything that the group had been through in the past few months.

Olivia smiled warmly, "I agree." She stated. In truth Olivia had gotten their group into a lot of trouble. She didn't want to get them into further trouble than they already were. And, she knew she was already facing groundings and other forms of punishment from her parents anyway.

Leah's jaw dropped, "Okay," She muttered under her breath. There had to be a catch, but when Olivia didn't say anything beyond her agreement to the terms Leah had to reconsider her own understanding of her friend. This girl had told her many stories including the time that happened on the ship they were on before.

Leah was sad that she'd missed out on that adventure, but after falling into some ancient ruins and then attacking someone she idealized Leah had to reconsider that too. She had attacked her father and the girl that Leah was hoping to grow up to be like one day.

Arika smiled as she laid back down and turned off the light, "Okay," She said quietly as she positioned herself so that her arms were underneath her head and she was staring up at the ceiling. "I think Leah may have been a bit surprised." She finally whispered after a short time of silence.

Leah snorted as she tried to cover up a laugh that was sure to wake Olivia's mother. She waved her hands through the darkened tent, "You have no idea," She whispered quietly.

Olivia was grinning widely when she heard the two of them, "I just don't want to see anybody else get hurt because we were acting like a bunch of wild children," She stated. "And, I think Owen is about one more adventure away from disowning me."

Olivia loved her brother and had spent a great deal of time with him. But, she also knew that her brother didn't approve of the constant adventuring and getting into some sort of trouble. She knew that he was concerned about her and had every right to be that way.

"Not that he could do it because I am his favorite sister after all." Olivia said.

Arika sighed because she didn't have a sibling like her friends did. Even if she did see Owen and Matthias as brothers and Olivia was certainly a sister to her. But, she still didn't understand the concept of having a big or little brother or sister. "You're his only sister." Arika commented.

Leah snorted again, "Okay let's go to sleep," She said finally before rolling over onto her stomach.

Arika nodded in agreement, "Let's," She stated. And, without much time or effort Arika's eyes had fluttered closed. Soon she was drifting off to sleep once more, but this time strange dreams seemed to stay further away than they had to begin with.


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