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Hey Mister DJ

Posted on Fri Jul 10th, 2020 by Arika Washington [J. de Planca] & Ashley de Planca [S'Toriin] & Olivia Grayson [Moneaux] & Owen Grayson [S'Toriin] & Dillon Reade [M. de Planca] & Leah Reade [Mackenzie] & Claire Dufrai [Aiman-Tamar] & John Aiman [Aiman-Tamar] & Thea Delaney

Mission: Episode 8 - Clash of Angels
Location: Stratham Resort, Stratham
Timeline: Day 8 at 1955
1329 words - 2.7 OF Standard Post Measure

Leah slid heavily across the dance floor that had been set up in the middle of the resort just coming to a stop right in front of where Owen, Olivia, and Arika were standing. "Sorry," She managed to mutter under her breath before giggling nervously.

Arika laughed and grabbed both Olivia and Leah by the hand, "C'mon let's go ask that girl over there if she wants to dance with us!" She said and jerked hard on their hands.

Leah grunted, "Okay," She managed to say as she was being pulled towards where the girl she only knew by the name of Thea happened to be standing.

Arika came to a stop, released Leah's hand, and waved. "Hi I'm Arika!" She said happily to Thea, "Wanna come dance with us?" She asked.

Thea looked up from her nails, which she'd been examining for the umpteenth time since they'd been done at the salon and smiled at the girl. "Hi Arika! I'm Thea! I'd love to come dance!"

Arika smiled, but she didn't have enough hands to take Thea out onto the dance floor. "This is Leah and Olivia," She said suddenly as she started to pull them along again.

Olivia grunted as she was pulled out onto the dance floor, "Hi," She said with a groan. "She's a bit hyper again," Olivia said while looking at Leah.

Leah laughed, "You don't say?!"

Thea giggled and followed the trio of girls toward the dance floor. "Hi Leah, Olivia, it's nice to meet you all," she said as she walked behind them. She was slightly nervous, but excited to get to know other kids.

"It's nice to meet you too!" Arika said as they finally came to a stop in the middle of the dance floor she then turned and faced the other girls. "I don't recognize this song though," She said listening to it.

Leah listened with her eyes tightly closed, "It's something fast paced though," She said and shrugged. Soon she was swaying slightly to the sound of it though, "So how long ago did you move here?" She asked Thea.

"Uhm... like a week ago?" Thea said with a shrug. "How long have you lived here?"

"I think..." Leah started to say while tapping her chin for a moment, "I think my family moved here a couple months ago. Is your Mom in Starfleet?" She asked.

"Yeah! She's a doctor. It's more boring than it sounds. And she's the deputy something or other. Which makes it even more boring," Thea shook her head. "I dunno why she wanted that job, but it brought us here and I like it here, so I'm not going to complain too much."

"That's good," Olivia said with a grin on her face.

Owen had been wondering the area for sometime before he had located Arika, "There you are," He said and took her by the hand before leading her away.

Arika was confused, "What are you doing?" She could be heard as she got further away from her friends.

Leah watched, "Well that just happened," She said and shook her head. "You might want to go see what your brother is up to?" She asked.

Olivia groaned, "Yeah I suppose," She said and followed behind her brother while trying to wave at him to stop.

Ashley watched the smaller children from where she was sitting in her formal dress. Finally, she looked over at Claire, "Why don't you just ask John to dance already?" She asked and turned her head towards the other girl.

Claire gasped while she was watching the dancing, already feeling uncomfortable in her dress that went to mid thigh and cut a little lower than she planned. Even at nine, she was feeling self conscious. "Really, Ashley? You can't be serious."

Ashley grinned, "I'm very serious," She said and went behind Claire before looking over at Dillon and Owen who were over talking to John. "Look even the little ones are having fun." She said as she came back around and pointed at them.

"I...I don't think I can handle the asking him to dance, Ashley. Seriously...wh...why would I do that?"

"Because," Ashley told her, "It might help him figure it out," She took Claire by the hand and started to pull her towards the middle of the dance floor. "C'mon." She said.

"Ah...Ashley!" Claire mumbled but knew she wasn't going to win this as she followed to the middle of the dance floor.

John was mostly by himself. He knew his mom had been in the full wedding, but he'd decided to not be. Now he was swaying to the music but hadn't decided to go actual dancing. But he was watching.

Dillon walked over to John, "What's wrong John?" He asked.

Owen was behind Dillon and found himself wondering the same thing, "Yeah you seem sad about something?.."

Startled out of the slight trance he was in, John looked over, "No, nothing. Just...people watching. Why?"

Dillon looked over at Ashley and Claire before he turned and looked directly at John. "You seem nervous about something..." He muttered and shrugged, "So did you ever get to talk to Claire again after that kiss thing?"

"Why would I be nervous about something?" John's eyes caught Claire in the middle of the dance floor and ended up admiring how she looked in her dress maybe a second too long. "No...I haven't. Both her moms have invited me over to dinner but I haven't gone yet..."

Dillon had noticed that Ashley brought Claire out to the dance floor before he started to gently push on John's shoulders leading him towards Claire. Once the two of them were together he took Ashley by the hand, "Let's go dance." He commented.

Ashley shrugged, "Sure," She said with a smile. She looked over her shoulder, "We'll just let them have their space." She said just loud enough for her friend and Dillon's friend to hear her.

Claire's face went bright red when John was pushed over. Her eyes begged to Ashley to not leave but it didn't work. She then bit her lip and looked to John. "Um...hi." She said quietly.

"They are making us do this, aren't they?" John said as he looked to Ashley and Dillon. "So...I think I figured out why you kissed me on the head the other day, and why your mothers are inviting me over." He offered his arm. "Want to dance?"

Smiling, Claire took his arm and nodded. "I wondered if you'd figure it out. And I'd love to dance." She let him lead her out further to the dance floor, away from listening ears so they could talk.

Owen had finally come to a stop around behind some of the food trays that were being left on a table and picked up a couple pieces of cheese. "I have a question." He started to say.

Arika was confused by his strange behavior, "Okay?" She asked him.

"Should we start telling everyone we're like married or something?" Owen asked suddenly and out of the blue. He had released his grip on Arika's hand after asking her the question.

"I um..." She started to say then shrugged. "I thought we were just friends... I mean you're cute and all, but yeah..." She said and giggled before kissing him on the cheek.

Owen immediately blushed, "Oh..." He grinned, "I can do friends." He then saw his sister coming and groaned, "See ya," He said and vanished in a flash.

Olivia came to a stop, "What was that all about? I saw you kiss him on the cheek and stuff..." She said and eyed her friend.

Arika took her friend by the hand, "Nothing important," She explained and led her friend back towards the others. She looked around and saw that many of the children there at least seemed to be having a good time, which meant a lot to her.


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