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Whatever Feels Good

Posted on Thu Jun 11th, 2020 by Lieutenant Commander Kelsi Dawson & Chief Petty Officer Merissa Reade [Gelo]

Mission: Episode 8 - Clash of Angels
Location: Vacant Quarters, Cessna Station
Timeline: Day 1 at 2345
1194 words - 2.4 OF Standard Post Measure

Merissa had dropped the bag off at the entrance as she walked into the empty set of quarters and pressed her back against the bulkhead for a moment before sliding all the way down to her butt and sat there. She was rubbing the bridge of her nose firmly.

Kelsi got up from where she was sitting and smiled when she saw who it was, "Oh," She said and walked over before taking Merissa by the hand and pulling her arm gently. "You've had a long day haven't you?"

Merissa smiled as she was pulled up to her feet, "A very long day..." She said and managed to get over to the sofa. "These ones are different than the others," She looked around the room. The quarters were smaller.

Merissa shrugged though and had collapsed all the way down onto the sofa, "At least Leah is sleeping soundly in her room. I left him there with her and well came straight here..."

Kelsi grinned as she pressed her forehead against Merissa's, "And, what sort of excuse did you use to get away this time?" She asked. The two of them had been meeting up like this since the last month.

However, Kelsi knew that this was the first time they'd met in a while so she kissed Merissa deeply. It lasted only for a short while before she released the kiss and sat down next to the other woman before pulling her close.

Merissa allowed herself to be taken by Kelsi to the other end of the couch, "I told him I had to get through a pile of paperwork. It was different than the last time and not entirely inaccurate because the mess that was made on the station..."

She pressed her head against the top of Kelsi's chest, "I just don't know how much longer I can keep up this charade with him though..." Merissa told Kelsi, "I want to leave but I don't want to hurt the kids either."

Kelsi wrapped the other woman up in her arms. "Are you only staying with him for the kids though?" She asked as she kissed the other woman on the top of the head. "I don't mind hiding this from him because you have to do whatever feels the best."

Merissa had heard Kelsi say that a few times before. She couldn't even remember how all of this had gotten started. They were in Kelsi's office working on something and things just went in a direction that neither woman had expected.

That was the excuse she'd told herself half a dozen times though. Did she still love her husband? Merissa couldn't actually answer that question anymore because she felt like for months they'd been going in circles. Then their daughter had been hurt twice and he seemed so distant.

Eventually Merissa turned and looked at Kelsi in the eyes, "It is more fun this way I suppose... More spontaneous and certainly more arousing knowing that it's a huge secret."

Until it isn't, Kelsi thought quietly before sliding her hands underneath Merissa and carrying her off into the bedroom that was around the corner. She slowly put Merissa down onto the bed and began to kiss the other woman's neck very slowly.

Soon Kelsi had straddled over the top of Merissa and was pulling the shirt off the other woman and unclipping her bra. Kelsi needed this because it relieved much of the stress that she'd been feeling lately and it was more than clear to her that Merissa needed it too.

Merissa smiled as the chill ran down the back of her neck and along her spine. She'd already reached up and removed Kelsi's shirt before pulling the other woman all the way down into a deep embrace. Sweat had already started to bead on her flesh.

Merissa didn't think about her children and she certainly didn't think about her husband and just how secretive he'd been lately with her. None of it mattered as the last remaining articles of her clothing ended up on the floor. Soon all she was thinking about was Kelsi.

Kelsi had fallen silent on the bed as every sensation in her body took hold over her. She continued to work her way along Merissa's body while the single most daunting thought in the back of her mind continued to work it's way around the inside of her skull.

She didn't know how this had started all she knew was that she wanted it to continue for as long as possible. Their relationship had become a secret that she wanted to keep from the rest of the station. That was why she was constantly managing to get themselves into these places.

Two weeks ago she was even the one that provided the ideal excuse for Merissa. The two of them had an important meeting inside of her office and that was where they'd locked themselves. This late in the evening though not many people were around.

Kelsi knew that people didn't live on Cessna Station in the same number as they did on the main station or even the planet. But, there were over a dozen empty sets of quarters for them to choose from. And, with nobody around there was no way for the computer to register where they were.

Not like it mattered because Kelsi's communicator was inside of her office so that the computer would make the mistake of assuming that was her location. She continued to weigh the consequences against the pleasure that she was feeling while wrapped around Merissa and would choose the pleasure any time because for her it was worth it.

Merissa quietly twitched as the sensations flowed through her body and even balled her fist. She kept thinking about how her husband hadn't done this sort of thing for her in a while. How he'd seemingly neglected spending much of any time with her at all.

After having left her office she had headed straight for the shuttle bay. She told the late shift shuttle officer that she had forgotten some paperwork over at Cessna Station and would return in a few hours. When she got to Cessna Station Merissa left her communicator in her spare office.

There was no way, at least Merissa thought, for Dorian to ever find out that she was having an extra relationship. Eventually Merissa had the release that she was looking for and it felt so great that she wanted more. Merissa opened her eyes and leaned forward to kiss Kelsi.

Kelsi returned the kiss and grinned. "We really should consider getting back to the other station. Otherwise people may become suspicious," She said while admiring Merissa for a moment. Eventually Kelsi had gotten up off the bed and started sorting through their clothing so that they could get dressed.

When she looked over at the clock she realized that they'd already been in the vacant quarters for close to two and a half hours. She knew that nobody would actually become suspicious because both were where they told people that they would be. At least according to the logs and the communicator locations...


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