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Posted on Fri Jun 19th, 2020 by Kaleb Potter [Izal] & Lieutenant Commander Suzanne Fairchild M.D. & Lieutenant Sadie Potter [Dawson]

Mission: Episode 8 - Clash of Angels
Location: Stevenson's Office, Starfleet Medical Center Javelin City
Timeline: Day 3 at 0900
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The crisis on the station was finally over as of two nights prior and now Kara could focus her attention on something else that seemed so pressing the day prior. She had to reschedule the appointment, but now Sadie and her father Kaleb were both in her office. It was time for the three of them to have a conversation together.

Sadie was the first to walk through the door to the office where the Counselor was already seated. She sighed heavily and managed to fall down into the small chair that was over in the corner. Sadie didn't like the idea of having to sit and discuss any type of crisis with her father.

It was difficult enough for her, painful even, to think about her mother. "So," Sadie started to say, "Start talking I guess?" She said and waved her hand in a circle while directing it towards her father. Her patience was thin as it was anyway.

Kaleb didn't know how to respond to that, nor did he know exactly what he wanted to say. He looked at his daughter for a moment before finally looking towards Kara for some sort of sign.

Kara nodded, "I think you should start yes," She said. "Now remember I'm just a mediator in all of this. I will only break in where it is absolutely necessary for me to do so."

Kaleb nodded and turned back to face his daughter, "Well... I know you deserve better for a father and a better explanation of your childhood. I know that I've done terribly in that department, however, I felt like when your mother died that we didn't really know each other.

"I'm sorry that I seemed so distant with you back then and I really wish that I could go back into the past and change that. I know that I cannot do that," Kaleb told her. "I know that no matter what I say today nothing will change it. I'm guilty I won't deny that I've been a terrible father and that I've allowed my career to be more important.

"I was a terrible husband to your mother," Kaleb said, "And, despite all of that she loved me for some reason. I cannot explain any of that and I wish that I could explain to you why that was. I don't have that answer," Kaleb said. "I just want us to build from here and move past all of that."

Kara waited until Kaleb was done talking before she adjusted in the chair and faced Sadie. She really had wished that she would have allowed Pobrin to take this case, but she was being polite when he asked. Pobrin was a great counselor and to be honest Kara had a lot on her mind at the moment.

The things that Kaleb had said made sense to her, and now it was up to Sadie to respond. Kara held her breath for a moment before releasing it. "Sadie?" She asked.

Sadie had been thinking about how to best respond to what her father had just said. She honestly didn't have an answer to that, "I felt like when I was a little girl that you abandoned Mom and I. I never really understood that your career was what it was.

"When I became a Doctor it was not meant to follow you in my life. I wanted a career path as far away from you as possible," Sadie said. "However, when I became a Doctor it was to help others because I always felt like I hadn't been helped.

"Watching Mom suffer the way she did and you were barely there at all..." Sadie allowed herself to steadily become quieter as she spoke. The words simply weren't there like she'd wanted them to be. "I've been angry for so long and I couldn't see any way around it.

"At first I thought you didn't love Mom and I... At first I thought that you loved being in Starfleet more than your own family. And, then I became a Medical Officer in Starfleet," Sadie told him. "And, then I became a surgeon and one of the best in my field.

"I got this assignment because it was important to me. I didn't know that you were going to be here," Sadie stated, "And, had I known I wouldn't have taken this assignment at all. It's not that I don't want to be on this planet with you or on that station above in orbit." She said while shaking her head bitterly.

"It's that I would have chosen to be a hundred thousand light years away from you Dad." She told him while clenching her jaw and her fist at the same time. Eventually she released it, "I've already forgiven you Dad... But, you've got to understand that forcing this on me was not the way to go about it.

"I like my career here because I've met some of the most amazing people on this planet. I work with some of the best Doctors in all of Starfleet and nothing will ever change my mind. I'm thankful that I didn't know you were here, but it isn't because you're trying to make a difference.

"It's because I'm making a difference," Sadie told him aggressively, "I love you Dad... But, the thought of you is a completely different story. I know that you cannot change the past and I don't want you to try and change that," She told him. "This concept that we are somehow going to reconcile..."

Sadie looked at him as she continued to allow her words to tumble out of her lips, "I just cannot see a way to get past this much hurt. I want more than anything to trust that you've got good intentions, but I cannot get past you never being there for Mom or I."

She shook her head and leaned forward, "I'm sorry that you cannot understand that."

Kaleb looked at her and he wasn't sure what to say or how to respond to it in the first place. He'd absorbed everything including the parts that he'd been unprepared to listen to. She'd forgiven him, but through all of that she wanted nothing to do with him.

Kaleb leaned all the way back into the chair for a moment and thought about what had just been told to him. He didn't know if there was much more that could possibly be said in order to fix it. "I'm sorry that you feel that way," He finally managed to say. "I wasn't expecting you to forgive me so I thank you for that.

"I do not deserve to be forgiven for even remotely half of what I've done to you or to your mother." His mouth hung open for a moment as he tried to process what she'd just said to him. "I don't know how to best respond to what you've told me beyond thank you for hearing me out?" It was a question, but one he did not need an answer for.

"I wasn't expecting everything to be peachy right away, but I really had hoped that we would have more of these sessions," He looked at Kara for some sort of sign.

Sadie shook her head, "I'm glad that Kara arranged this," She said without looking at Kara. She then stood up, "However, I would ask that beyond that of a professional outlook that you leave me be. Allow me to do my job in peace," She said next.

Sadie then strolled towards the door and as it opened she turned around and looked at her father, "I really hope that you understand that at no time will I want a relationship with you. Please for goodness sake let me be," Sadie then turned and she went through the door.

Kara watched as Sadie left the room and then turned towards the Admiral, "In times like these..." She started to say then furrowed her brow a little bit, "I think it is best to just allow the other side to have what they want. Eventually I'm sure that you're daughter will be ready to sit down and talk.

"However, for now it does not seem to be the case," Kara told him and frowned slightly. She knew that the Admiral was at least trying, but also understood Sadie's position as well. Kara was impartial in the matter, but certainly understood both sides of the disagreement.

Kaleb was numb and didn't know what to say. Clearly trying to get his daughter to talk to him wasn't going to work. He simply nodded and stood, "Thank you for your time Counselor," He said. Kaleb then headed through the door and went in the opposite direction towards the transporter station.


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