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The Day The World Stood Still

Posted on Wed Jun 10th, 2020 by Elizabeth de Planca [Stevenson] & Commander Stephen O'Malley M.D. & Commander Jordyn de Planca & Lieutenant Commander Manuel de Planca & Lieutenant Commander Suzanne Fairchild M.D. & Lieutenant Sadie Potter [Dawson] & Chief Petty Officer Merissa Reade [Gelo] & Ashley de Planca [S'Toriin] & Rose Cohen [Grayson] & Trevor Reade [R'Toren] & Dorian Reade [Kerr] & Dillon Reade [M. de Planca] & Leah Reade [Mackenzie]

Mission: Episode 8 - Clash of Angels
Location: Starfleet Medical Center, Javelin City
Timeline: Day 1 at 2133
2089 words - 4.2 OF Standard Post Measure

:: Waiting Room, Starfleet Medical Center Javelin City ::

Jordyn had been pacing for over an hour at this point because she couldn't stop thinking about her daughter. Images flashed through her head as she envisioned the scene that security, herself, and medical personnel had all come into.

There had been debris everywhere and in the middle two gravely injured girls laid there. It was gut wrenching to realize that her daughter made the decision to turn around when they were evacuating and breach the force field that had prevented her from getting to the other girl.

Manuel watched as his wife continued to pace, "Can you please just sit down?" He asked her quietly. Next to him his other daughter was sitting there and, like before, he realized just how hard it was.

This was the second time that he'd ever sat in a waiting room when his daughter had been hurt. When they rescued the girls from the Lorentian planet the wait hadn't been this long.

Ash finally stood up, took her Mom by the hand, and gently tugged to bring her back to the chair, "I'm sure that Elizabeth is fine Mom," She said softly. She wondered why her sister had always tried to play hero.

This was the second time that Ashley had to find out that her sister had been seriously injured in two months. For her the entire world seemed to be standing completely still.

Rose was sitting in the corner thankful that she'd been invited to join in the conversation and wait. She had wanted to stop Elizabeth from running into the thick of things. It was something that Elizabeth had done so many times before and now she'd been seriously injured because of it.

Jordyn returned to the chair, "Sorry," She said under her breath.

Dorian looked over at the de Planca family while tapping his fingers together. His patience was quite thin because it was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop if someone were to do such a thing. His gaze shifted towards his wife and two sons.

Merissa was pacing, "There's still not been any news," She said finally having broken the silence again.

"I know," Dillon said solemnly from where he was sitting. He went over and sat down next to Ashley before crossing his arms over his chest. Dillon could see that Ashley was hurting and so he wrapped her up and hugged her.

Ashley smiled, "Thank you," She said quietly.

Trevor watched his brother and Ashley for a moment before turning his attention onto his own mother. "Leah is strong she'll be fine," He said somewhat loudly. He looked over at the de Planca family, "So is Elizabeth."

Stephen was the first to enter the waiting area where the de Planca and Reade families were both waiting. "If you would all come over here please." He requested and found a place to sit down. The waiting room had been cleared of other guests just for this.

Sadie was behind Stephen and had found a place to sit so that she could explain to them what had happened. "We'll all go through this together," She told them.

Suzanne wiped away a few drops of sweat as she entered the room. The thought of seeing the two girls the way they were when she was able to get back into the infirmary had been pretty tough. Suzanne was resolved to let Sadie explain everything.

For Jordyn the last six hours had felt like a lifetime of waiting and now they were finally going to get the answers that they'd been waiting for. She sat down next to Merissa and, for the moment, ignored her husband. "Go ahead."

Sadie waited before finally explaining, "So first I want to start by telling you all that both surgeries went very well. We've got both girls in their own rooms in the Intensive Care Unit here. I'll start with Leah's case before going to Elizabeth.

"Leah had a lot of damage to her leg where the debris went through, and it took over an hour to remove it. That was the worst of her injuries, though she's going to have a scar on her other leg where the artifact was attached to her at first." Sadie explained.

"Leah will be in a wheel chair for a while because the damage to her dermal layers and the bones in that part of her leg was most severe, but luckily she won't lose the leg," Sadie said next. "She'll probably have some memory loss as well, but it's too early to tell. I'm keeping Leah here for the next couple days to monitor her progress."

Merissa sighed a breath of relief and took Dorian by the arm firmly, "Thank God," She said quickly.

Dorian smiled and took a deep breath. He was thankful that his daughter was going to be okay even if she was going to end up wheelchair bound for a little bit. He looked at his two sons for a moment and smiled knowing that they'd be relieved too.

Trevor nearly jumped out of his seat when he heard the news that his sister was going to be okay. He smiled brightly with relief knowing just how traumatic this would be for his little sister. "Thank you Doctor," He said after a moment.

Dillon was still holding onto Ashley, thankful that his sister was going to be all right. "Thanks," He answered.

Suzanne then spoke, "Now as for Elizabeth..." She turned her attention to the de Planca's who had long been her friends. "I'm afraid that her injuries were far worse. Use of the implant caused a minor brain bleed and caused some of her capillaries around her sinuses to burst. I was able to repair the damage there.

"Her arm was broken in three places and her shoulder was also broken," Suzanne continued, "She won't have use of her arm for a couple weeks because the damage was too severe for medical equipment to do much we had to resort to old style medicine." Suzanne told them.

"I repaired it the best I could and performed the surgery myself," She told them. "Now, then if you both remember we talked about the removal of the implant. That is where we ran into a bit of a snag during the operation to repair the minor brain bleed.

"The implant was severely damaged and broken into two pieces. I was able to remove it without causing any damage to Elizabeth's brain," Suzanne told them. "During the fight it suffered catastrophic damage because of how much she was using it."

Manuel was slightly confused, "So it's no longer there?" He asked.

Stephen spoke up before Suzanne had a chance to respond, "That is correct. And, like Leah Elizabeth is in the Intensive Care Unit as well. We're going to allow for visitors soon enough, but for now we are monitoring them. I want to keep Elizabeth here for a couple days."

Jordyn nodded slowly, "Okay," She said. Her heart sank knowing that her daughter had sacrificed so much even though she had decided to remove it. But, now that choice was gone. She felt like she'd been hit by lightning and squeezed her husband's hand.

Rose took a deep breath and sigh of relief when she heard that the girl she loved was going to be okay. She didn't know how exactly Elizabeth would feel about not being able to read thoughts anymore though. "Well, I'm just glad that she's going to be okay..."

:: Intensive Care Unit, Starfleet Medical Center Javelin City ::

Leah had finally been permitted to wheel herself out of her room, down the hall, and was inside of the room where Elizabeth was propped up in the bed. She saw that the girl had her arm in a heavy cast just like her leg was.

"Hi," Leah said quietly, "Sorry..." She mumbled after a brief moment of silence. "Sorry that you got hurt."

Elizabeth smiled softly because as she laid there she realized for the first time exactly what Suzanne had meant. For the first time in more than a year Elizabeth didn't know what the other girl was thinking. She was thankful for that part of it, "You didn't do anything."

She watched the other girl from the bed where she was laying. The headache had finally started to fade away. "I'm just glad that you're okay... When I put that piece of metal through your leg I thought I had killed you, but it was the only way to get you close enough to knock the artifact away from your head."

Leah smiled softly, "All I could do the entire time was watch... I heard everything the artifact said to you through me and it hurt me to listen to it. It showed me flashes of your memories too... Painful memories."

She wheeled herself closer and took Elizabeth by the hand, "I'm just glad that you're okay," She said. This was the second time that Elizabeth had saved her life in the last two months. She felt like she owed Elizabeth everything, "Doctor Potter said that you lost your abilities because of the fight?"

Elizabeth nodded, "I was having the implant removed anyway it's okay," She said. She reached up and touched herself on the face and could feel all the scabs there on her cheek. "I'm just glad that I could save you... The artifact wasn't entirely wrong either.

"I did want all of those things and I struggled to resist against everything that it was offering me," She said. "But, I'm okay now."

Sadie came into the room when she heard the two girls talking, "I thought I told you to stay in your own room young lady?" She said with a playful smile, "Your families are both here to see you. As is Rose to see Elizabeth are you up for visitors?"

Leah wheeled herself backwards slightly, "Yes!" She said happily.

Sadie moved out of the way so that the families could come in, "Tomorrow we will move them into the recovery rooms." She told the others before getting herself out of the room, "Please don't stay too long we don't want you wearing them out."

Jordyn was the first through the door and immediately went to her daughter with tears in her eyes. "You really need to be more careful," She said as she got down onto her knees in front of her daughter.

Ashley slipped past the others and immediately wrapped her sister up into a hug while trying to be careful not to bump the arm. "I love you..." She said into her sister's ear.

Manuel remained at the door, but was smiling when he saw his daughter. "We're just glad that you're okay."

Rose walked through the door next and stood behind the bed and Elizabeth, "I love you, but you're crazy," She said with a laugh of relief.

"I love you all too," Elizabeth said to them.

Leah had moved just in time for her two brothers to come bounding into the room. She squeaked, "Careful!"

Trevor didn't care and he nearly bumped into his sister's injured leg. He had wrapped his sister up in a tight hug, "Never scare us like that again!" He said and got out of the way. "Otherwise Mom and Dad will lock us all in the house."

Merissa eyeed her eldest son, "We wouldn't do that," She said and kissed her daughter on the top of the head. "Next time please ask before doing anything okay?" She asked rhetorically.

When Leah saw her father she burst into tears, "I'm so sorry that I hurt you Daddy..." She said as the tears streamed down her cheeks.

"Shh... shh..." Dorian responded and hugged his daughter, "You didn't hurt me I'm okay." He reassured her quietly.

Dillon looked at his sister, brother, and father for a moment before hugging his sister. "We're just glad that you're okay," He reached up and flicked the tears away from his sister's face.

Elizabeth reached up with her good arm and gently squeezed Rose's hand. For the first time in forever the girl could sit there among friends and family without knowing what an of them were thinking. And, she was grateful for what the implant had given her.

However, Elizabeth realized she was more grateful that she could be the normal girl that she had been more than a year earlier... A normal fourteen-year-old girl.


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