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Power Struggle

Posted on Wed Jun 10th, 2020 by Leah Reade [Mackenzie] & Elizabeth de Planca [Stevenson]

Mission: Episode 8 - Clash of Angels
Location: Infirmary, Vidal Fleet Yards
Timeline: Day 1 at 1501
1553 words - 3.1 OF Standard Post Measure

Elizabeth had felt like she'd been crawling through the junction for a while before finally arriving at the forcefield. She leaned back and took a moment to look around knowing that she needed to get past it. The fourteen-year-old was resolved to get there.

She used her abilities to pull part of the bulkhead away, which was a bit of a struggle, and then put the metal through the forcefield in that spot as hard as she could. The forcefield flashed and she managed to charge forward and get past it before it could recover.

Elizabeth took a heavy breath before proceeding forward. Another few meters and she was able to get herself up through the nearest hatch and close to the infirmary. Elizabeth stepped through the door because it was hanging open and looked at the back of Leah.

"Oh, I see that I have a visitor," The artifact spoke via telepathy to Elizabeth. "You've come to join us haven't you? Yes, that's most certainly it because I can sense it... You're conflicted!"

Leah turned around and stared holes into Elizabeth through the darkened eyes she had. "Or, do you prefer that we verbally speak?" Leah's voice still sounded just as strange. "I can tell just how conflicted you really are Elizabeth."

Leah seemed bored as she walked between biobeds before finally arriving right in front of the older girl. "Nice body though," The artifact said through Leah. "You'd be far more useful to me than this," The artifact said it as Leah's arms indicated her own body.

"Ah yes," The voice continued dully. "You're so concerned with everyone around you and how they feel about you. You question your relationship with Rose and you question your abilities because, let's face it, you're rightfully concerned that one day you'll destroy all of those that you love.

"That Vulcan really did a number on you didn't she?" The voice asked while Leah's body shifted and her arms went behind her back. "You wish that others would do to you what the Lorentians did you to as well," Leah's hand was now rubbing the base of her chin.

"That's not true!" Elizabeth screamed, "Now let Leah go she has no part in this confrontation!" She bellowed while pointing her hand and fingers forward. Elizabeth was mentally preparing herself for the fight that was sure to take place.

"Yes it is," The artifact repeated. Leah was looking at her fingernails with her fingers bent over. It was as if the girl was completely bored by the interaction as she stood there.

Elizabeth knew that it was true, but she didn't want to face that. Too many things had already happened, "Let the girl go!" She demanded and took a step forward so that she could try and get at the artifact. If Elizabeth could remove that then she'd win.

Leah laughed, "As if," She responded and quickly sidestepped out of the way before using the same level of strength that had been used before on a biobed. She threw it sharply at Elizabeth, "If you won't join me and let me dominate you then I'll have no choice, but to force the issue!"

Elizabeth used her abilities in self defense and stopped the biobed from coming close to her. She threw it aside by using both of her hands to guide it away and she growled lowly. "I will never join you."

Elizabeth was trying to determine what her next best move was because she didn't want to hurt the girl. But, she couldn't get quite close enough to get the artifact. She used her telekinetic abilities to attempt to pull on the artifact itself.

Leah laughed hysterically, "That's never going to work," The artifact said through Leah. The girl had picked up another biobed and threw it hard at Elizabeth before grabbing the last one and throwing that one as well.

"And, to think if you would let me dominate you I could make you feel things that Rose would never make you feel!" The artifact stated dully. "We could dominate this miserable little planet together you and I."

Elizabeth had barely gotten out of the way of one biobed when the second came at her. She was forced to dive away and roll across the deck before standing up, "You could never make me feel things that Rose makes me feel and I don't want power!"

She was back onto her feet ready for the next round of attacks to come at her. The longer Elizabeth allowed the other girl to throw things at her, she was afraid, the more difficult it was going to become to fend off the attacks.

"You don't understand do you?" The artifact said brazenly, "Let me help you understand." Leah started forward towards Elizabeth before coming to a stop in the middle of the room. She flipped her hands causing the surrounding bulkheads to tear themselves open.

"I'll have to make you understand," As soon as the power cables and couplings flew out of the bulkheads power was lost in the infirmary and the entire room went completely pitch black. From all sides Leah and the artifact had made the cabling snap out at Elizabeth.

The fourteen-year-old found herself wrapped up. Elizabeth struggled against it, "NO!" She shouted after having been bound into place. She tried to focus her efforts on breaking herself free, however, it was too strong and she was slowly losing traction.

The cables pulled Elizabeth to the ground very slowly until she was on her knees, "You can't provide anything... Let... The... Girl... Go!" She demanded.

Again, Leah was laughing hysterically as she got closer to Elizabeth. "You've lost and the sooner you accept that the better." She blinked a few times, "Just surrender yourself to my power!"

Leah stared down at Elizabeth through darkened eyes, "Accept that you've lost this fight and give in... I know that you want to. Deep down you've dreamed of all this power and attention. The same exact attention you've received for so long in your life.

"The pure jealousy of your friends when they get attention whereas you do not," The artifact continued as Leah became more dangerously close to the other girl. "The jealousy of your baby sister for being more normal than you will ever be.

"Face it Elizabeth you've lost!" The artifact concluded.

"No..." Elizabeth said and gritted her teeth as she forced herself to stand back up. Blood had started to trickle down her upper lip from her nose. Suddenly the cabling had been broken free and fell uselessly to the deck.

Elizabeth became angry as she began whipping pieces of debris straight at Leah. If she wasn't going to be able to save the girl like she wanted then at the very least she was going to stop the artifact from destroying her or the station.

Pieces of metal, biobeds, and even the cabling that had been on the deck started whipping around both girls as Elizabeth used everything she had. Soon it was all floating around them spinning quickly. "I will never become that," She said suddenly.

The artifact watched through Leah's eyes and the maniacal laughter didn't seem to want to cease. "You will never defeat me! Because I know exactly how you feel... I know everything about you because I can see it... I can feel it... You're anger and your lust for power!"

Through Leah, the artifact began to whip anything it could towards Elizabeth ignoring it as something went right through Leah's leg and took her down to a knee. "You cannot ever hope to defeat me!" It started to say through Leah over and over again.

"I can see all of your desires... Your blind arrogance that you're feeling right now because you believe you are better than everyone around you!" The artifact spat.

Elizabeth felt something hit her in the shoulder which caused a great deal of pain in her arm. She continued to fight and even took a step forward before taking another one. It had become like a wind tunnel as debris began to fly in every direction.

Another piece hit her in the arm and she felt the searing pain rip through her as pieces began to hit her in the face. "I am not... arrogant!" She bellowed and with one last swipe Elizabeth swung hard at the artifact while using the force of her own abilities.

The artifact flew off Leah's forehead and Leah's eyes immediately changed back to their normal hazel color. She collapsed down to her other leg and felt the searing pain where a piece of debris had gone through it. Leah was soon on her hands trying to not cry.

Elizabeth fell to her hands and knees just as the debris around her fell directly to the deck. She was breathing heavily and slipping in and out of consciousness before eventually succumbing to it and falling over to her side. Her eyes fluttered and then she wasn't doing more than breathing.

Leah could barely see through the darkness as tears streamed down her face from the shear pain she was feeling. Eventually she had fallen over onto her side. 'It's over... I'm finally free!' she thought before becoming unconscious...


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