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Rescue Away

Posted on Sun Jun 7th, 2020 by Lieutenant Commander Suzanne Fairchild M.D. & Lieutenant Commander Novra Bostru & Lieutenant Commander Ellowyn Delaney M.D. & Lieutenant Gelo Pajes & Leah Reade [Mackenzie]
Edited on on Sun Jun 7th, 2020

Mission: Episode 8 - Clash of Angels
Location: Ancient Ruin, Ivaldi III
Timeline: Day 1 at 1301
1178 words - 2.4 OF Standard Post Measure

Ellowyn hated heights. She felt dizzy looking down into the hole and then the entire way down. But she kept her cool and practiced deep breathing while she lowered herself down into the chasm. "Don't look down, everything's fine... don't look down," she whispered to herself as she went, probably much slower than the rest of the team wanted to go.

When she finally reached the bottom, she took a moment to steady herself, pretending to check on her medical supplies. When her legs felt less shaky, she stood again and nodded to the rest of the team. "Ok, we don't know how stable things are down here, so watch your footing and take your time," she said sternly. "Everyone ready?"

Novra checked her phaser rifle, "Everything seems alright from my end," She responded and looked at Gelo, "Let's scout a little ahead of the medical officers to make sure that everything is okay."

Gelo nodded slowly, "Of course," He said and raised his weapon in front of him a little bit. He'd taken a few steps until they were almost to the end of the tunnel and could see inside of a circular chamber. "No threat," He said quietly before turning and nodding.

Suzanne had been following somewhat closely with the medical tricorder, "I'm detecting lifesigns," She said and looked straight ahead. "The girl is alive," She said with a sigh of relief.

Letting out the breath she didn't know she was holding, Ellowyn brought out her own medical tricorder. "Thank goodness," she said softly, following the others into the chamber.

Leah was sitting on the edge of the table because she had since moved when she heard voices coming from the tunnel. The seven-year-old girl tilted her head slightly, "Hello?" She asked. Everything about Leah seemed completely normal including her voice.

Somehow the small device inside of her pocket had dug in deep enough that it looked like nothing was there, but not so deep that it was hurting her. And, it was quietly controlling the girl. "I'm in here!"

"Hi, Leah," Elly called, moving forward. "We're here to help," she added showing the girl the medical kit she carried. "Are you ok?" Elly started scanning the girl for injuries, recording only bruises and scrapes that could be quickly taken care of. "I'm just going to heal up those scrapes, if you'll let me," she added.

Novra had taken up a position on the left side of the chamber and looked across it towards Pajes, "It looks to be all clear in here," She commented and looked up towards the strange looking spire.

Leah smiled brightly as she was asked if she was okay, "I think so," She said and held up her hand. "I cut myself when I rolled down the hill..." She said with a really sweet sounding voice.

Suzanne raised her brow as she looked towards the girl and pulled out her medical tricorder before scanning her as well. But, everything registered as normal and yet the Doctor couldn't help but feel like something was terribly wrong here. "Sorry that it took so long Leah," She said.

Leah giggled a little bit, "It's okay. It was a bit scary down here at first, but once I heard you coming I knew that everything was going to be okay." She looked at the other Doctor, "I don't think I broke anything did I?"

Finding the girl's behaviour odd, but not really knowing her, Elly shook her head. "No, you didn't break anything," she said as she began healing the girl's wounds. "Which is really lucky," she added. "That was quite a fall you had."

Pajes was starting to get the sense that something was very wrong with the girl as well. "Is everything all right with you Miss Reade?" He asked the seven-year-old girl.

Leah looked at him, "Yes," She nodded. "Just a little uncomfortable being down here," She mentioned next.

"Please whatever you do don't make me hurt them." Leah begged whatever the artifact was inside of her head.

"I'm not going to hurt them I just want them to get me up to the station... Very curious as to what's up there, your memories are brimming with that location."

Leah looked at Suzanne, "Can we beam up to the station? I think my Dad is there and I don't want to get yelled at by my Mom after what happened the last time with the dinosaurs and stuff."

Suzanne didn't think this was an odd request, "Certainly we can do that." She looked at the other Doctor, "I can take her up to the station since it appears like there aren't any injuries that would keep her from being unable to leave this place.

"Besides it's starting to give me the creeps," She stated next.

"Me too." Leah said.

"No injuries that require her to stay here, she's good to go," Elly said though she felt like something was odd with that statement. "I'd like to get out of here as well." She looked up at the spire and frowned. Though she wasn't looking forward to going back up the way they came.

Novra was still a bit concerned about the area, "I want to get a good idea of what this area is before we let the science team beam down here. Lieutenant Gelo if you would please stay down here with me?"

Pajes nodded, "Certainly," He answered.

Suzanne looked at the girl and then at Doctor Delaney, "I guess we should probably head back up to the surface with the grappling gear that's over near that crevice." She pointed towards it before taking Leah by the hand and leading her back down the tunnel.

"Yeah... we should," Elly agreed, following Suzanne and Leah back toward the gear. Then she stopped and handed Novra a medkit. "Here, just in case something happens. I'll stay on stanby until you two are out of here."

Novra smiled, "Thanks Doctor," She responded and stuck it on the table before continuing her search of the immediate area.

Suzanne led them down the long corridor before coming to a stop outside of the grappling lines. She hooked Leah up to one of them and then hooked the girl off herself, "Once we get up to the top I'll drop the line," She said.

Leah looked straight up at the curved part of the wall, "Okay," She said and shrugged while waiting to be attached to the line.

"So close," The voice said inside of the young girl's head. "I will not hurt you as long as you let me continue to control you without resistance. If you resist I'll put you back to sleep and hurt your friends."

Leah thought inwardly, "Okay, but please don't hurt them."

Suzanne had started to climb with the girl attached to her. Once they were on the surface she could beam the two of them up to the station infirmary in order to check her out. But, Suzanne still had a funny feeling about the situation.


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