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As Far As Days Go

Posted on Tue Jun 2nd, 2020 by Lieutenant Gavin MacIntyre & Lieutenant Commander Jordyn de Planca

Mission: Episode 8 - Clash of Angels
Location: Deputy Director of Science's Office, Vidal Fleet Yards
Timeline: Day 1 at 0900
1170 words - 2.3 OF Standard Post Measure

As far as days went Gavin was feeling pretty good about this one, the belongings that were his family's were being removed from the ship. The objects were being unpacked by his daughter, and there he was making his way from one end of the station to the next in order to meet with the Deputy Director of the Science Department.

Soon Gavin was standing outside of the office and had reached up to activate the chime before hesitating. He couldn't remember if he'd contacted her beforehand and started to move towards his communicator with it instead. Gavin hesitated and found himself undecided.

Jordyn was on her way to get something from her family quarters when she stepped outside of her office and saw an officer standing in front of her door. A grin crossed her lips, "That can wait I suppose," She said, "Please come in. But, I don't have real long."

She sidestepped so that the Lieutenant could come into her office, "I've got to be at Starfleet Medical Center here soon with my oldest for something." She offered him a chair.

Gavin raised his brow as he walked past the Commander, "It's nothing bad I hope?" He asked quietly as he located the chair and sat down in it. "I've got two daughters of my own I couldn't imagine life if something were to happen to either of them."

"No," Jordyn said as she walked past the chair where he was sitting and waved her hand at the same time. "It's nothing bad and a rather long story. Basically she has an implant in her head that allows her to have telepathic and telekinetic abilities.

"It happened when we were assigned to the USS Onnar, but Doctor Fairchild has figured out a way to remove it," Jordyn told him calmly. "And, my daughter has decided to go along with the surgery. There's a lot of things that have to take place beforehand."

She sat down across from him and slid her chair back forward again, "So," She said and leaned across the desk to face him. "You must be Lieutenant Gavin MacIntyre?" She asked, "I hope I'm saying that name correctly anyway...?"

Gavin smiled with relief, "Oh," He answered, "I think I've seen something about that implant." He shrugged, "You said it right and yes that's who I am," He dug around in his pocket after answering her. Gavin had retrieved his orders and placed them down onto the desk.

"Here you go Commander," He said with a smile. "And, it's okay if we can't have a long meeting, my daughters both are trying to get their rooms unpacked and then I might let them go see the promenade and stuff. The station is a bit larger than I thought it would be."

Jordyn had picked up the PADD and nodded her head slowly, "It's rather big yes," She answered him as she signed off on the orders. Jordyn handed them back to him, "You'll get used to it though. And, most children come and go between the station and the planet as they please.

"Most of the traffic through the system are freighters and Starfleet vessels. We don't get a lot of civilian traffic unless they are related to someone living here, or moving here themselves." She told him confidently, "Security is pretty good about making sure that the kids living on the station or on the planet don't end up on a starship.

"And, the older kids look out for the younger ones too," Jordyn said with a smile on her face.

"Good," Gavin said with a sigh of relief, "My daughters are non-identical twins and they are two entirely different people. The younger one, Riley, really loves to explore and get out so I was a bit worried about her running into trouble. But, if you say that there isn't a huge issue here then I feel so much better."

Jordyn raised her brow, "Riley sounds an awful lot like Olivia Grayson," She grinned, "Olivia is one of the younger children living here in the system. And, she's constantly getting herself into trouble by going places that she doesn't belong. I think her parents finally put a stop to it though," She was scratching the bottom of her chin.

Gavin laughed somewhat nervously as he put the PADD back into his pocket, "Well Riley and her sister Danielle are both fourteen years old so hopefully that won't be too much of an issue." He said and looked past the Commander for a moment.

"So what are my duties here on the station?" He asked her.

Jordyn was just preparing to get into that, "Well, you're the Chief of Life Sciences so you'll be running the life sciences department under Science. I'm the deputy director and Commander Dravex is the Director. As for your duties," She dug around in the desk.

After a moment Jordyn had pulled out a small PADD and handed it to him, "Right now we have a couple research projects going on revolving around the system's previous inhabitants the Ivaldians. You'll want to sit and try to catch up on that. Otherwise you can run your department as you see fit.

"The other department heads and you report directly to me and then I report up to the Director. It's a bit different here than it is on a starship so it takes some getting used to of course," Jordyn told him with a smile on her face. "Regardless, you'll fit in just fine here. The Starfleet presence is pretty big because of what the station does so we don't really run into much trouble.

"You can also go straight to the Director any time you want I just ask that you warn me first," She told him. "It's spring break for the kids right now, but you should be able to get them checked into school."

Gavin nodded as he made notes and placed the PADD that she'd handed him into his pocket. "I think I'll probably do that next," He told her. "Then, I'll go see how they are progressing with unpacking. I half anticipate Riley's already left our quarters to see the station though."

He stood up, "I don't have any other questions, is there anything else you need from me today?"

Jordyn had stood up as well and smoothed the front of her uniform. "Not really," She told him with the smile that had remained throughout the meeting. "That PADD contains which labs are under the life sciences division and you have a lab down on the planet as well. There is a lab at the Medical Center for your teams to use if needed."

"Thanks," He said and took a slight step back. Gavin waved his hand slightly and then turned around and left her office. He wondered if he shouldn't go check on his children, but chose against it. The Commander was right he needed to trust that his daughters would do the right thing...


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