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Mental Preparations

Posted on Tue May 26th, 2020 by Lieutenant Commander Jordyn de Planca & Elizabeth de Planca [Stevenson]

Mission: Episode 8 - Clash of Angels
Location: Starfleet Medical Center, Vidal Fleet Yards
Timeline: Day 1 at 1022
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Elizabeth had been pacing much of the morning before leaving her home with just her Mom in tow. There was so much to do and she realized that her nervousness had increased at least ten fold as she stood there waiting in the waiting area. Finally, she couldn't take it anymore and had to stop pacing in order to sit down on the chair.

Jordyn was watching her daughter, "We've still got two hours before Doctor Fairchild is ready to see us," She said finally. "Come on let's go outside to the gardens," She said and waved her daughter closer. As they walked past the receptionists desk, "We'll be outside."

"Okay Commander," The young man told her.

Elizabeth stood back up and headed out into the courtyard with her mother at the Starfleet Medical Center. "I'm sorry," She said, "I don't mean to be so nervous it's just that... I don't know if I'm really ready for this or not."

Jordyn smiled, "You know I remember this bright young twelve year old girl who was overtly fascinated with everything green that grew. Gardens and the arboretum were her favorite places in the whole universe. Still are her favorite places in the whole universe," She remarked quietly.

Jordyn held out her hand and took her daughter's, "Come let's go sit down over on that bench over there." She then gently tugged on the girl until they were in the center of the courtyard surrounded by plants. "I know that you're nervous, but the operation isn't until the day after the wedding."

"It's not that," Elizabeth said while looking up towards her Mom then she looked out towards some of the plants. "How do I know that I'm making the right decision?" She asked. At the age of fourteen Elizabeth had already made many adult like decisions in her life.

She had chosen to attempt to protect her friends and her sister, or at least try, from something that she was not ready to face herself. She had turned and ran towards the danger instead of away from it when Leah and the others were in trouble. But, this just seemed like it was entirely too much for her.

"How do I know that someone else might get hurt if I choose to not go on with it? How do I know that someone else won't get hurt if I never go on with it?" She asked while continuing to stare off into the distance. "It's been there for more than a year now," She said.

"Sometimes I wish that I was a normal girl like all of my friends and other times I love being the unique girl in the group," Elizabeth said with a heavy sigh before she stood up and walked a few steps where she stopped and kicked a stone.

Elizabeth turned and looked straight at her mother, "I know that it's what Dad wants and somehow it's what I want too..." She said and tilted her head slightly.

Jordyn smiled warmly before standing up and wrapping her daughter in a tight hug that went on for a while. "Do you remember that day?" She asked her daughter with a sudden seriousness in her tone. "Do you remember how excited you were that we were letting you and the others go down to that planet?"

"Mhm," Elizabeth answered as she nodded.

Jordyn continued to smile warmly, "I blamed myself for a long time after that because I should have said no. Your father has blamed himself for letting you guys go down to the planet as well. I think that's a lot of why he wants it removed," Jordyn told her daughter calmly.

"We probably shouldn't have let you guys go down to the planet because that was such a huge responsibility, but we felt pretty confident in our decision to do so. And, we certainly never expected you to go through a lot of the other things that you and the others have gone through," Jordyn told her daughter.

"But, despite all of that and despite the fact that you'll always be my little girl just like your sister," Jordyn told her as her expression and tone switched to a more serious one. "You're both growing up into wonderful young women who will have to make a lot of choices.

"Like whether or not you're going to carve your own path forward or if you're going to join Starfleet," She said.

Elizabeth gently pulled away from her mother and walked in a staggered sort of way back until she was in front of the bench. "In a weird sort of way Mom I've already made my decision there," She turned and looked at her mother for a moment.

"I really want to join Starfleet, but not because Dad and you are officers. I want to do it because it's what I want to do," She told her mother slowly. "Part of me... A big part of me feels like this implant will be a hindrance for that goal," She said. Elizabeth was already looking at going into High School soon and knew she was really going to have to apply herself.

Jordyn watched her daughter, but did not return to the bench in order to sit with her. "I'm happy to know that you've decided to do that, but don't feel like you've got to do it simply because your father and I want it. We want you and we want your sister to both be happy in life.

"That includes removing this implant if that's something that you really want to do," She said. "May I ask you an important question?" She asked.

"You already did," Elizabeth said playfully before nodding, "Yes you can."

Jordyn grinned when she realized that her daughter could still use some semblance of humor despite the stress that she was feeling. "Are you doing this because you're afraid that you'd hurt Rose otherwise?" She asked, "Or, because of whatever happened in the alternate timeline?"

Elizabeth thought about the question that her mother had asked for a moment before she gave her response. "I was afraid of hurting Rose at first yes," She said. "But, I really just don't want to know what other people around me are thinking. I don't want to be the girl who hurts her friends when she gets excited and loses control.

"Last month when those beakers blew up like they did it scared me really bad," Elizabeth told her mother. "I don't want to feel like any form of emotional outburst is a risk to others like I did after that. I felt terribly guilty when my friends ended up hurt even if they were minor injuries."

Jordyn smiled and hugged her daughter, "I understand that," She said quietly. Jordyn released her daughter and pulled away before taking her by her hand, "Come on we need to get inside and sit with the first specialist before the appointment this afternoon."

Elizabeth nodded and pulled herself to her feet, "Thank you for everything Mom," She said and hugged her mother really tightly.

Jordyn smiled once more and led her daughter back inside of the hospital to find that the specialist they were meeting with before Doctor Fairchild was standing there ready to go.


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