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Family Time & Counsel

Posted on Mon May 18th, 2020 by Lieutenant Commander Jordyn de Planca & Lieutenant Commander Manuel de Planca & Ashley de Planca [S'Toriin] & Elizabeth de Planca [Stevenson]

Mission: Episode 7 - When Worlds Collide
Location: de Planca House, Javelin City
Timeline: Day 7 at 1800
1715 words - 3.4 OF Standard Post Measure

It was dinner time at the de Planca household and after several days away Jordyn was certainly looking forward to that time with her family. She had come to understand that she had missed some milestones with both of her children while talking to Manuel. Of course, that was after she gave him hell for his involvement in the computer program.

It was all in playful fun of course, but now it was time for something a bit more important to talk about than that. The table was set and for the first time in a while her entire family was sitting there. Her two daughters were growing up before her very eyes. Soon she would have not one, but two teenagers under her house.

Jordyn didn't know if she was really ready for that as she looked at both of them and secretly prayed that they grew up to be the kind of women that they were becoming in their youth. "So," She finally started to say, "I heard from your father that there were some things said?"

Manuel had personally felt like the conversation he'd had with Ashley a few days earlier would have been best done by her mother instead of him. But, then Ash had always been a daddy's girl so that wasn't all that surprising. He expected backlash from both girls over their pasta dinner the moment that Jordyn had brought it up.

Elizabeth had her head tilted slightly as she twisted her fork in a circle, "Well for one thing Dad isn't a very good cook," She said in a somewhat playful tone. They had done replicated dishes while their Mom was gone. "If that's what you mean anyway?"

The question was rhetorical and she didn't wait for a response, "I told Dad that I've reconsidered my position on the implant." She said while lifting the fork to her mouth and taking a bite. The conversation that had taken place a short time before that had been about her keeping it.

She had changed her mind, "I'm just worried that my abilities may result in someone getting hurt," Elizabeth stated calmly. "And, honestly I do miss not being able to know what everyone around me is thinking before they say it. Also, while I was able to save Leah and the others from that dinosaur the other day... I still don't want to continue to be a danger to others."

She looked at Ashley for a moment, "And, I wanted to talk about something else, but I get the sense that Ash wants to talk about the same thing. I want to talk about what happened to us... Her and I, when those aliens kidnapped us."

Ashley remembered the conversation with her father and with her sister about what had happened. She was chewing on her pasta as her sister spoke the words and felt a slight rise in heat on her cheeks as she thought about it. "Please don't be mad..." She stated to her Mom.

Manuel was shocked that his daughters didn't immediately go for blood when Jordyn had approached the situation. He was glad that Elizabeth had decided to remove the implant, but wondered if that wasn't taking away part of her identity. He remained quiet on those points, "My cooking wasn't all bad," He said.

Then he looked at Jordyn, "It was horrific I'm so glad you're home," He whispered so that only she could hear him.

Jordyn grinned out of the corner of her mouth when she heard what Manuel had stated. She then addressed her daughters by putting her fork down and leaning back in her chair. "I promise that I would never be mad about anything. I'm also sorry that you had to endure your father's cooking."

Elizabeth smirked, "It was dreadful," She said while waving her hands somewhat erratically. She hadn't heard what her father had stated, but she could hear his thoughts and smirked. Elizabeth didn't mention this, "Actually, I'm a bit confused by what happened..."

Ashley nodded, "I'm a bit confused about it too... And, the reason I asked you to not be mad, Mom, is because I think I actually liked it. I don't know how else to describe the feelings I felt beyond that... I don't think I was supposed to like it and I'm confused."

Elizabeth nodded, "That's why I'm confused too." She said, "And, actually after that Rose and I experimented a little bit with it. Not a lot though, but we did some..." She said as her voice trailed away and she got quieter.

Jordyn presented a soft smile on her features and immediately understood why her husband was not talking. He had already heard part of this, "It's natural for our bodies to react a certain way to arousal like that. And, that's the correct word for it.

"We've always been really open with the two of you," Jordyn stated while maintaining the same even tone. "There are certain things that we've not talked about yet. Like how as you get older your bodies go through these changes," She stopped for a moment.

"Well," She started back up again, "Elizabeth and I have kind of had those conversations in the last month, but I won't get into all of that." She looked towards Elizabeth.

Elizabeth nodded her head slowly, "You told me that it's nothing to be ashamed of or afraid of..." She said and tilted her head. She remembered every confusing feeling that she had since the Onnar, her relationship with Adriana and now Rose, and this part of her life.

"Exactly," Jordyn continued, "Both young men and young women go through these changes as young teenagers and some of us even before that. What all of you experienced and will continue to experience into your adult lives are these feelings.

"It's a difficult thing to go through what all of you went through with those aliens," Jordyn told them with a soft and reassuring smile on her face. "Just because it was a simulation and none of it actually happened doesn't mean that your brains aren't registering it as having happened.

"You just need to realize that it was wrong and that should have never happened to any of you," She said addressing them both. "Now then," She turned to Elizabeth, "There is a difference between what is consensual and what isn't," She said and had also been addressing her younger daughter as well.

"What Rose and you," She turned and looked at Ashley, "And one day what you and another person do," Jordyn returned her gaze. "As long as both agree then it's fine. Remember that at any time you can revoke that consent to anything relating to such matters."

Manuel was still listening and had finally chosen that moment to speak up, "Your Mom is right," He said and swallowed hard. He didn't want either of them to ever lose that little girl innocence because they were his daughters. But, he understood the conversation enough to not say anything about it.

Elizabeth felt slightly better and less embarrassed than she had earlier, "What the aliens did... I submitted to that," She said. "Was that consent?"

Ashley bit her lip and nodded, "I think I submitted as well," She said.

Jordyn didn't change her posture or her expression, but she did lower her hands. "The important thing to remember is that sometimes we submit to something as a defensive mechanism. Our bodies react to a situation and we go into autopilot. It happens and it's a very natural, very real, reaction to the stressful situation.

"That is not the same as consent," Jordyn told the two of them calmly. "You both submitted to what was happening in order to protect yourselves from a far worse outcome than what happened. Do you both understand?"

Ashley looked at her mother and then back at Elizabeth before returning her gaze back towards her mother and nodded slowly, "Yes."

Elizabeth maintained her gaze on her Mom, "Yes I do," She answered calmly. The raging emotions that had been affecting her for months seemed to finally have broken, but she didn't cry about it. She accepted that her mother was right and allowed a small smile to form.

Jordyn was happy that they both agreed, "So," She said choosing to change the subject since they had talked about it long enough for the moment. "I want you both to understand before I change the subject that at any time you can both come to myself or your father about anything.

"Anything that you don't understand, are feeling, anything at all. Okay?"

Manuel spoke up, "Even if it's girl stuff you can still come to me. If it's something that you don't think I can understand just give it a try and I'll do the best that I can. Okay?"

Elizabeth was smiling a little bit more, "Okay," She answered.

Ashley nodded realizing that she really didn't have anything further. But, she did have some questions about the changes that her mother was talking about. She had watched her sister closely and realized that emotions constantly ran high when you got older. Ashley was not looking forward to that by any means, "I will," She said to them both.

"Okay," Jordyn said, "So tell me more about your father's awful cooking?"

"Hey!" Manuel said playfully.

"It was awful," Ashley said and slapped the table with her right hand softly. "Next time you go out on the ship please leave us something to eat in the cold storage unit?" She questioned rhetorically.

Elizabeth just laughed glad that they were onto a different topic altogether. She loved her Mom and when her mother explained things that perhaps most adults didn't explain to their children it made Elizabeth feel better. There were so many things that she didn't quite understand, but she was thankful for her Mom who seemed to have experienced a lot of it.

Jordyn grinned and shrugged, "What?!" She questioned Manuel. She returned her gaze back onto her daughters realizing just how much they reminded her of herself sometimes. It was quite scary sometimes to be a parent and knowing that success or failure depended on being able to be open and honest with her daughters.


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