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Rescuing The Rescuers

Posted on Wed May 13th, 2020 by Commander Stephen O'Malley M.D. & Commander Yvanka Dravex [Hayashi] & Lieutenant Commander Kelsi Dawson & Lieutenant Commander Jordyn de Planca & Lieutenant JG Thalen ch'Shraalik [Kingsley] & Lieutenant JG Amélie Moneaux [J. Bostru]

Mission: Episode 7 - When Worlds Collide
Location: Science Lab, Terra Nova
Timeline: Day 4 at 1445
1122 words - 2.2 OF Standard Post Measure

Sure enough the first thing that Thalen had noticed was that the building had managed to re-initiate its lock down procedures. He threw open the small panel to look inside before moving out of the way, "Commander Dawson I need you to unlock the doors again." He stated.

Kelsi had stepped in front of the others, "Ensign Moneaux can you give me a hand please?" She asked calmly.

Amélie nodded, "Yes sir," She stated and stood along side Kelsi and opened the panel. She already had her tools in her hand. Amélie immediately set to work on unlocking the mechanism. She knew that every second it took meant that the people inside were in increasingly more danger.

Kelsi watched as the Ensign worked while also working from her end. It wasn't long and the override switch activated and the door slid open. "There we go," She said and stepped backwards.

Thalen was the first through the door with his phaser rifle out in front of him. It was somewhat smokey inside and eerily quiet. "Well this isn't creepy at all," He said. "Also, there's a faint smell in here..."

Stephen scanned the air with his medical tricorder, "It's a type of incapacitating agent. It probably released through the air vents when the lock down was initialized by our people. Possibly before they even came into the lab to begin with."

He looked at the others, "That doesn't mean we should let our guard down either."

Thalen nodded, "I'll take the leading position."

Jordyn wasn't about to argue with the Lieutenant as she put her weapon out in front of her, "So if everyone is unconscious is there really going to be much of a threat?" She asked.

Kelsi had her tricorder out and was scanning, "Is the box ready to go Ensign?" She asked.

Amélie nodded, "We probably should do a site to site transport from the artifact to the box. If we get too close to it then we may end up being affected by it as well. After we beam it into the box then I can activate the field."

Yvanka didn't argue with the logic, "Good point," She said. She looked around the corner and down the corridor. "If I remember the layout correctly these two go around and enter the main lab inside of the building on this level?"

She pulled out her PADD and looked at it, "Yes I'm right. The artifact is probably in the main chamber." She looked at the others, "If you give me a chance I can go put my communicator on it to give us something to lock onto."

Stephen nodded before withdrawing a hypo, "Here let me inoculate you first so that you can go longer before feeling the effects. Based on what the medical center said, this should slow the effects." He pressed the hypo to her neck and activated it.

"Come here Commander de Planca," He told her.

Jordyn nodded and walked over to him so that he could do the same for her. "I'll remain slightly behind Commander Dravex in case she starts to feel the effects," She said.

Stephen watched as the two women officers went down the corridor and disappeared. He looked at Thalen who seemed somewhat confused, "Is something wrong Lieutenant."

Thalen thought it over for a second so that he could put it in the best of terms, "Why didn't you let me go instead?" He asked him.

Stephen gave him a solemn look, "I think you know the answer to that question Lieutenant," He said and patted the man gently. He then looked at Commander Dawson and Ensign Moneaux, "Are you both ready?"

Kelsi nodded, "Just as soon as we hear word from Commander Dravex and de Planca," She said.

Inside of the room Yvanka had noticed their away team were on the ground in various positions. She tried her best to ignore them and knew that, at least, they were sleeping. It could have been worse for them had they not been rendered asleep.

Jordyn stood in the doorway, "There's the artifact." She said and pointed towards it. "The spire isn't affecting anyone. It looks like it just contains information." She commented.

Yvanka nodded and placed her communicator onto the artifact, "Computer beam my communicator and the object underneath it to the container where Ensign Moneaux and Commander Dawson are standing."

Amélie immediately activated the level ten forcefield around the box and sealed it when she saw that both it and the communicator had appeared. She looked up at the others and held her breath.

Jordyn pressed her communicator, "Commander de Planca to Doctor O'Malley we're ready in here." She said.

Thalen breathed a sigh of relief, "Permission to go join them now sir?"

Stephen nodded, "But, maintain your professionalism Lieutenant," He said cautiously. He then led them into the room where the entire other away team had appeared. "Computer, please notify first responders from the Medical Center."

He heard the chime indicate that everything was set. The transporter inhibitor had also registered as being offline. "Alright, we need to get our people up to the ship. Commander de Planca and Commander Dravex I want to have you held for a brief observation."

Thalen had knelt next to Valencia for a moment and breathed a sigh of relief again. "She's alright," He said and dropped his shoulders.

Amélie gently patted him on the shoulder, "Ensign Moneaux to Haeva prepare to begin multiple transports straight to sickbay." She said and closed the channel.

Kelsi looked up as medical personnel started to appear in the room with them and she grinned, "Nobody seems to be seriously hurt," She said to them. When they nodded she returned to her duties, "Are we bringing the spire and the artifact back with us?"

Yvanka had leaned against the wall, "We are yes," She answered.

"Alright," Kelsi said. She then went back to where the box was located so that she could transport up to the ship with it.

Amélie went over to the spire, "Computer lock onto my signal and the piece of equipment next me to transport to the Haeva cargo hold." Her communicator chimed and then she de-materialized.

Thalen helped get the personnel up to the ship, "Thank you Doctor," He said just before preparing to beam out.

"No problem Lieutenant," He answered. Stephen looked around, "Computer initiate multiple transport protocol. Straight to sickbay," He said. Then Stephen grinned slightly, "Lock onto my signal and beam me up to the ship as well." Stephen looked around as the room vanished. He was thankful that they were able to solve the small mystery, but he didn't know at what cost.


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