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Everything Is Well

Posted on Tue Apr 28th, 2020 by Lieutenant Sadie Potter [Dawson] & Elizabeth Hoseki [Stevenson] & Teagan Hoseki [Izal] & Kathryn Holtz [Stevenson] & Kayla Holtz [Engstrom]

Mission: Episode 7 - When Worlds Collide
Location: Starfleet Medical Center, Javelin City
Timeline: Day 1 at 1529
1290 words - 2.6 OF Standard Post Measure

Sadie had found the end of the surgery for Governor Holtz had gone far better than initially planned. The surgeon had proudly put away her medical equipment as some staff members came in and took the Governor out the back way before she stepped out and headed for the waiting room. Sadie had a smile on her face as she entered the room and saw the Holtz family and two of the Hoseki family members were there waiting.

Kayla immediately looked up when she heard the doorway opening up as she had done numerous times since leaving school earlier. She finally saw Doctor Potter standing there and bounced off the chair, "Well?" She blurted out immediately and had her arms crossed over her chest.

She looked over her shoulder towards her mother before returning her gaze back onto the Surgeon, "Sorry," She muttered sheepishly. Kayla sighed heavily because she had been pacing for hours at that point and had only just sat back down.

Sadie continued to smile as she led the girl back to the chair and pulled an empty one up to her. "I can have this conversation one of two ways," She began, "As I stated in summary the plan was to remove the shrapnel that was found on the latest scan.

"We didn't know exactly how it was going to go due to the proximity of the major artery running through that part of his leg," Sadie continued. "It was important to understand the seriousness of this surgery due to the location. Regardless, the scanning procedures indicated that the shrapnel was on the move albeit slowly."

Teagan had reached out and grabbed her friend by the hand and pulled her close for comfort, "So what are you saying Doctor Potter?" She asked and then realized she had asked the question. Her cheeks immediately went red and she fell quiet.

Sadie realized that the two kids were probably having a difficult time understanding, "So our bodies have several major arteries that run blood through them. A lot of blood flows through these arteries and Doctor Fairchild was concerned about the latest appointment that Governor Holtz had.

"In that appointment, as you know, we found shrapnel that was on the move whereas it had been isolated and not moving," Sadie commented. "That was what led to the surgery."

Kathryn remembered all of that when she had gone with her husband to the appointment. She was sitting there trying to get her daughter to relax long enough for the surgery to end. And, now it seemed that her daughter was being anxious, "I'm assuming based on the expression you are wearing Doctor that the surgery went well?" She questioned in the hopes that it would calm Kayla.

Kathryn had also looked towards Elizabeth who had arrived at the hospital with Teagan in tow not too long ago. She had offered to come so that their daughters could have each other for emotional support. The surgery was very dangerous and she hadn't fully expressed that to Kayla so to not concern her. "Otherwise, I feel like we would be having a different conversation."

Elizabeth found herself nodding, "I would think the same thing."

Sadie had placed her hands on her lap and crossed one leg over the other, "That is exactly right." She confirmed for the four of them, "The surgery was quite successful. And, it wasn't quite as close to the artery as we had initially thought. However, we were able to remove all of the shrapnel that was moving.

"I do have some news that isn't exactly the best kind though," Sadie admitted to them. "The muscle tissue as you know was severely damaged as were nerve endings in the explosion. We were hoping that once we got inside that we could potentially replicate some so that he could regain more mobility.

"The nerve endings and muscle tissue is far worse than we had suspected," She said. "This isn't exactly the best outlook on the situation, however, besides the limited mobility he'll be okay." Sadie told them, "Further tests and scans have shown that we've retrieved all of the shrapnel that was in his leg."

Kathryn nodded, "What about the shrapnel that was embedded into his hip and the upper portions of his body? The Surgeon at the time was concerned that it couldn't be removed due to how life threatening it would be to do so."

Sadie wasn't anticipating the question, "Perhaps in the future we'll be able to remove that as well. But, in the meantime I don't really recommend doing so because of the location. He's in recovery and will be there for the night. The Governor is resting comfortably and will be awake in about two and a half hours."

"Can we see him?" Kayla asked.

Kathryn shot her daughter a look before returning her gaze, "If we need to stay out here we are more than willing to do so."

Sadie nodded, "You may see him now if you wish," She said then looked at Kathryn and Elizabeth. "I would like to have a conversation just the three of us if Kayla and Teagan don't mind?" She asked.

Teagan bounced off the chair and took Kayla by the hand. She had been mostly quiet after her question because she was a bit embarrassed about it, "We can go see him now what room is he in?" She asked.

Kayla looked at Teagan with a slight grin, "Good question," She stated then looked at Sadie.

Sadie smiled, "He's upstairs in recovery room two-six-three-alpha." She told the two of them.

Kayla hugged her mother then pulled Teagan towards the small receptionist desk so that she could see the map. "Are you okay?" She asked quietly realizing that her friend was being a bit strange.

Teagan shrugged her shoulders, "I'm just relieved that your Dad is going to be okay," She lied. Teagan didn't know how to tell her friend just how much she had really started to like her. It was almost an uncomfortable ebbing in the back of her mind. She had resolved to talk to Adriana about it, but hadn't done so because she didn't know exactly how.

"Okay," Kayla said quietly and led the way.

After they had gone Elizabeth looked at Sadie, "So what is it that you wanted to talk about?" She asked.

Sadie sighed heavily, "It's not anything to do with the surgery I was just wondering if you two would have time to talk about this whole situation with my father...?" She asked quietly. "I didn't want to cause unnecessary strife with Kayla or Teagan... Make them feel uncomfortable or anything."

Kathryn smiled to her friend, "We can talk about that any time that you want. Is he still pestering you about finding time to talk?" She asked.

Sadie sighed heavily and nodded slowly before biting her lip. "I don't know how much longer I can hold him off. He wanted to meet before the operation on the Governor, but I kept insisting that I was busy preparing for it. Now that's out of the way and he's sure to find out soon enough."

Elizabeth reached out and put her hand on Sadie's arm, "You may just have to suck it up and talk to him. Do you want us to come along?" She asked.

Sadie nodded, "If you wouldn't mind?"

"Not at all," Kathryn told her quietly.

Sadie felt a slight sense of relief before she stood up, "C'mon I'll take you upstairs to where the Governor is in recovery," She said. Sadie wasn't looking forward to talking to her father, but at least with the two of them it would be a little easier on her.


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