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All The Little Things

Posted on Wed Apr 1st, 2020 by Lieutenant Courtney Mackenzie & Commander Yvanka Dravex [Hayashi] & Lieutenant Commander Jordyn de Planca & Lieutenant Commander Leyla Aiman-Tamar

Mission: Episode 7 - When Worlds Collide
Location: Main Engineering, USS Haeva
Timeline: Day 1 at 0930
952 words - 1.9 OF Standard Post Measure

Commander Dravex entered engineering in order to see how things were progressing for the research team. She had crossed her arms and leaned against the bulkhead almost immediately, "My God this ship is tiny," She said under her breath and shook her head.

"You get used to it after a while," Courtney said without looking over her shoulder. She recognized the voice of the Commander, "I heard the Captain is missing her old ship or something like that."

Jordyn nodded, "She's not alone," The Commander grinned sheepishly, "This ship is so tiny. I'm not used to having to share a room," She looked over at Leyla. "Even though Lieutenant Aiman-Tamar isn't such a bad roommate," She commented.

Glancing over her shoulder, Leyla was tempted to stick out her tongue. "You have any idea how long it has been since I've had a roommate? But you aren't too bad either I suppose."

Jordyn laughed, "Better than the roommate I had at the Academy," She said while scratching the back of her head, "I didn't know it was possible for a Vulcan to smell so terrible..."

Courtney looked at Jordyn, "Didn't shower?"

"Not once," Jordyn responded... "I thought it was logical to use bath soap, but apparently I was mistaken."

Leyla cringed. " just wrong. How can someone like a Vulcan do that? I thought mine was bad when there was laundry laying around for a month."

"I know right?" Jordyn asked rhetorically, "I told Taven about it once and he was utterly confused." She said and shrugged, "There's drift in the power output ratio," Jordyn said suddenly.

"There is?" Courtney asked from over Jordyn's shoulder, "Let me have a look," She slid in next to Jordyn and began to run a spectral analysis on the sensor system. "Computer run a diagnostic systems check on the sensor suite," She questioned.

"The sensor is simply too powerful for this ship," Yvanka said with her arms crossed, "Lieutenant Aiman can you run a quick systems simulation if we transfer power from weapons and defensive systems into the sensors please."

Tilting her head to the side, Leyla looked over everything, running the simulation. "All systems look like they'll work if these simulations are any indication."

Yvanka nodded, "Thanks Lieutenant," She said then looked at Courtney, "Can you go ahead and begin the transfer process please?"

"Aye sir," Courtney responded and set to work beginning the process of transferring the power. "I've notified Commander McDanielson and the bridge team that we're transferring power." She said, "It'll take about an hour to finish."

Jordyn had her arms crossed, "So what exactly did your dorm mate do at the Academy Leyla?" She asked suddenly.

Leyla sat back and shook her head. "It was like she'd never done laundry in her life, even with all the technology. She'd have a pile of outfits in one corner, uniforms in the other, and would just grab out of the middle. We went almost one whole semester before I'd had enough of telling her to clean it and had to report her."

Jordyn nodded, "I probably should have done that with my dorm mate, but alas, I let her be." She said with a light shrug of her shoulders.

Courtney had finished the alterations to the ship's systems and subsystems, "Alright I've moved power flow into the sensor suite please check the system before activating it. I don't know that too much power can flow through the system."

The Ensign near Lieutenant Mackenzie nodded, "Right away sir," He said then set to work on it.

Courtney spun around in her chair, "I had a really good dorm mate actually. She didn't do too many things that annoyed me other than probably drinking too much from time to time. One morning I did find her asleep in the shared lavatory boy was that entertaining."

Yvanka laughed, "My dorm mate was okay," She said with a shrug. "Had a lot of guys over. Think there was a different one each week, but she was also Deltan so that may have contributed." Yvanka shrugged.

The Ensign completed the tests, "Alright, it seems like everything is in order. There isn't too much power running through the system, but I've strengthened the field integrity grid and power buffers to make sure."

Courtney nodded, "Understood," She said and activated it. "There we go," She looked over her shoulder, "Try it now Commander?"

Yvanka looked over the system and grinned slowly, "It seems to be in order, but I still want to run a few systems tests first. And, run another simulation before we do anything. Lieutenant Aiman can you run another simulation on the power supply before we bring everything fully online?"

Spinning back, Leyla ran another simulation. "It all still checks out. I think we're good to go."

"Excellent work Lieutenant Aiman," Yvanka responded with a grin on her face. She looked towards Commander de Planca, "I think it's safe for the two of us to head back up to the bridge. What do you think?"

Jordyn nodded, "Certainly," She said and patted Courtney on the shoulder, "Indeed excellent work to you as well Lieutenant." She responded and followed Commander Dravex out of main engineering.

Yvanka was grinning as she left, "We'll just let the Captain know things are ready to go down here once we get up there." She remarked and continued on her way to the bridge.

Courtney watched them both go, "Now it's time to watch and wait," She remarked and had her arms crossed over her chest as she leaned back in the seat. This design was primarily her work along with research and development. Courtney only hoped that everything ran smoothly for them.


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