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Posted on Sun Mar 1st, 2020 by Lieutenant JG Thalen ch'Shraalik [Kingsley] & Lieutenant Gelo Pajes & Lieutenant Commander Suzanne Fairchild M.D. & Lieutenant Sadie Potter [Dawson]

Mission: Episode 6 - Far From Home
Location: Safe House, Stratham
Timeline: Day 10, 0935
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By the time Lieutenant Gelo and a small contingent of security officers had arrived at the safe house it was burning. He immediately went to Lieutenant ch'Shraalik who had only just gotten back from Risa the night before, "Report Lieutenant?" He asked.

Thalen looked at Pajes and groaned slightly, "We don't know how he did it, but somehow Vivuc found out that the Buchanan family had been moved to this safe house. He knocked the security officer that was on duty out while the other was at the back of the house.

"Vivuc then set the building on fire," The Andorian said while scratching the back of his head. "He used a similar device as before," He crossed his arms over his chest...

"Oh by the Prophets!" Pajes said as the heat from the fire started to overwhelm him. "What about his family? What about Malcolm?" Were his next two questions as the group of Damage Control personnel were busily trying to put out the blaze or at least control it.

Sadie appeared from the back of a runabout, "I got Malcolm in the back... He's going to need surgery," She said, "But, he's at least stable for now... His seven year old daughter has some smoke inhalation and his eight year old son did as well..."

Suzanne stepped down from the edge of the hatchway where she was working, "I've finished treating the eleven year old girl," She said, "Some third degree burns on her hand," She said quickly. "And, his wife is in the back of the runabout with them.

Pajes sighed heavily, "So nobody was killed at least," He said while shaking his head. "So has anyone said anything about what happened?"

Suzanne nodded, "The seven year old and eleven year old were playing in the living room. Their son was upstairs with Malcolm's wife and had just come downstairs to get the girls. That was when the device went off near the door," She said and pointed at the burnt out remnants of the front part of the house.

Suzanne had crossed her arms immediately after that, "Their eleven year old tried to open the door that's how she burned her hand. She then called out to the rest of the family before getting her siblings through the back of the house.

"Malcolm had come out of the back and was trying to put the house out instead of evacuating... His wife thinks he was trying to buy them time and nobody knew where the security officers had gone off to. There was an explosion and Malcolm was seriously hurt."

Sadie nodded, "He's luck though,"She said. "Had he been any closer to the source of the explosion he'd have been killed. The power conduit running to the replicator is what went off. By that time his wife and two children had gotten out of the house."

"What caused communications to go down?" Pajes asked.

"This," Thalen said and held it up, "This was sending a rotating EM pulse that had jammed the communications net in the area. The security officer that had been in the back of the house found it after he'd pulled Malcolm out. He deactivated it and contacted Damage Control personnel... They called the hospital."

Sadie had her arms crossed over her chest, "The fire caused too much interference so we couldn't just beam directly here. That's why we brought the runabout it was the fastest way. Now, I really need to get my patients to the hospital."

Suzanne nodded, "Do you need anything else Lieutenant?"

Pajes shook his head, "No, go ahead and get them to the hospital. Keep me informed please?"

Sadie nodded, "Understood," She said then headed towards the runabout with Suzanne on her heels, "Lucky indeed." She muttered to her friend under her breath so that only Suzanne heard her.

"Luckily the explosion was after the children had gotten out of the house. I can understand why the eleven year old tried to open the door though," Suzanne responded as she climbed onto the back of the runabout, "It could have been so much worse..." She said as she took the controls, lifted the back hatch, and took off.

Pajes watched as the runabout left before directing his attention towards Thalen, "So let me get this straight... Vivuc used the same or a similar device to set the house on fire. He had to have known the family had been moved here too... Why target three young children and Commander Buchanan's wife?"

Thalen shrugged, "I don't have the answer to that question sir," He shook his head while watching the building burn.

Lieutenant Krakraw approached the two security officers, "The house is lost at this point," He said and looked towards it. The Benzite Fire Control Officer shook his head slowly. "The fire spread quickly and the explosion from the replicator's power conduit made it worse."

Krakraw was rubbing the back of his head, "Frankly, they are lucky they got out of the house at all. Had the children not been in the living room this could have been far worse."

Thalen nodded, "Oh, that's definitely true," He said and then looked at Pajes for a moment. "It doesn't make any sense... Did Vivuc not even bother to look through the window to see the two girls in the living area?" He asked.

Pajes shook his head, "Didn't want to risk being spotted. He probably stayed really low and set the device near the door. It was too close to the power conduit running to the house, but he didn't take that into account either. He's obsessive and was out for blood..."

Pajes placed his hands behind his back, "Vivuc has to know that Commander Buchanan has a family considering they were on board. But, he's so obsessed with Commander Tendai that none of that really matters. It sounds like a bad Pon Farr."

Krakraw nodded again, "It has to be that..." He sighed heavily, "Anyway there's no way we're saving the house. We'll contain the fire the best we can, but otherwise we're just going to let it burn down."

Pajes nodded, "Thank you Lieutenant," He said then looked at Thalen, "This means that Vivuc was watching both of them. This certainly could have been so much worse..." Then something dawned on Pajes, "He's on the move... He'll probably go to where we've got Commander Tendai next."

Thalen nodded, "That you can count on," He said. "Lieutenant ch'Shraalik to Vidal Fleet Yards Operations Center."

=/\="Ops go ahead Lieutenant."=/\=

"Inform Commander Bostru that our target may be heading her way," He said through the communicator. Thalen watched Pajes carefully while saying what he said.

=/\="Communications to the station appear to be down. We're preparing to send a shuttle."=/\=

Pajes looked at Thalen, "He's already there..." He shook his head, "He couldn't have gotten there yet?"

Thalen shook his head, "He must have disabled the communications system remotely and is on his way there now..." He turned his attention back to the communicator, "Send word that we need a runabout now!"

=/\="Aye sir."=/\=

Thalen heard the communications channel close, "Let's go..."


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