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Strangest Condition

Posted on Mon Feb 17th, 2020 by Lieutenant Sadie Potter [Dawson] & Lieutenant Commander Suzanne Fairchild M.D. & Parin [M. de Planca]

Mission: Episode 6 - Far From Home
Location: Medical Room 19B, Ivaldi III
Timeline: Day 06, 1315
1266 words - 2.5 OF Standard Post Measure

"...And, then he had the audacity to tell me that we needed to go and speak to Counselor Stevenson or Counselor Izar," Sadie said under her breath while shaking her head. She rapped her fingers across the top of the counter where the station nurse was sitting. Sadie shook her head, "My father is yet to realize that I want nothing to do with him."

Suzanne leaned against the top of the tall desk listening to her friend speak, "I don't know how you do it. I mean I love my parents and never felt abandoned by them. But, I would go stark raving mad if my father came here and told me he was moving to the station as an Admiral or something."

Sadie nodded slowly, "I know right?" She questioned as she held out her hand when she noticed the nurse was trying to hand her a PADD. She reviewed it and nodded to the nurse this time, "Thanks Melinda," She said and turned. "You know I wouldn't have volunteered to help out in Emergency if surgery hadn't been so slow today.

"Now here we are on our way to deal with the Ferengi bartender," Sadie remarked quietly. "He couldn't visit the station clinic?" She asked rhetorically as she turned and headed inside of the medical room where the Ferengi was sitting on the biobed.

Suzanne had a smirk on her face as they both went inside, "What can I help you with Parin?" She asked the Ferengi bartender as soon as they had both walked inside of the room.

Parin looked up holding onto his wrist and the back of his hand, "Well this is certainly embarrassing," He remarked when he realized that the hospital had sent two female doctors to look at his wound. "I'm not sure where to begin... I was testing a new holosuite program I had received and I think I sprained my wrist."

Sadie had lifted the Ferengi's hand somewhat gently, "What was the name of the program?" She asked as she gently slapped his other hand away and withdrew a medical tricorder in order to begin scanning it. "Also," She began while looking down at the readings on her tricorder, "Why were the holosuite safeties off?"

"They weren't," Parin said, "I tripped and fell," He said and realized in that moment that if Ferengi could blush he would have been doing so right now. "It was Vulcan Love Slave Part Ten," He told them.

"Part ten?" Suzanne asked with her brow furrowed. She placed her hands on her hips and shook her head so that her hair swayed behind her. "They made ten parts..." She muttered under her breath and immediately knew why the Ferengi was embarrassed.

"Actually they've made twenty parts," Sadie said through a forced resistance to laughing. "You've certainly sprained your wrist and there is a hairline fracture on the bone too. Are you sure you just tripped...?"

Parin shot her a strange look and nodded quickly, "I tripped over the edge of the bed. And, yes all twenty parts are in the catalog... Now. The author of part ten remade it before sending it out. I was making sure it was working and I tripped." He said and looked at both of them.

"You don't believe me do you Doctor?" He asked of the woman doctor that he didn't recognize.

Sadie was smirking, "I do," She said and shot a glance over her shoulder towards Suzanne, "Can you please get the vial that's under the table right there. It contains a pain reliever," She said.

Suzanne unlocked the front cabinet that was underneath the indicated table and grabbed out the vial. She extended her hand out and gave it to Doctor Potter, "What exactly happens in part ten Parin?" She asked and crossed her arms over her chest.

Parin flashed his sharpened teeth, "Well first the Vulcan..."

Sadie injected him with the hypospray and placed her free hand to his mouth, "She's not serious," Sadie said and removed her hand from his mouth. "There that'll help with the pain. The fracture is minor," She said and pushed his shoulders so that he was laying back. "Relax while we go get our equipment," She grabbed Suzanne by the hand and pulled her out of the room.

Suzanne closed the door behind them and started down the hall, "What?!" She said with a laugh. "Parin would have gone into explicit detail and embarrassed himself further. That's what he does every time," She said and started to laugh quietly.

Sadie found the table with the bone repair equipment and started to push it back towards the room, "I don't doubt that... But, I don't want to hear about naked Vulcans and what a Ferengi bartender may do to them, with them, or anything like that."

Suzanne was still grinning as they pushed the door open, "Fair enough," She said and held up her hands in surrender. She took the table from Doctor Potter and wheeled it over before taking the Ferengi by the hand, "So why didn't you go to the station clinic for this?"

Parin eyed her, "Are you kidding? I don't trust Doctor Va'Dal with this," He said of the Vulcan doctor. "She would have given me some nonsensical speech on logic and how she thinks the story of Vulcan Love Slave Part Ten is illogical..."

"Vulcan Love Slave has a story?" Sadie asked and raised her hand, "Don't answer that Parin," She told the Ferengi patient. Sadie didn't want the answer to the question for fear that it would make her gag again.

Suzanne smirked as she worked on treating Parin's injuries, "I can certainly understand not wanting to talk to a Vulcan doctor about that program." She said and realized just how hard of a time she was truly having at not laughing at Parin's expense.

"You see Parin," Suzanne continued, "I've never actually seen Vulcan Love Slave in action," She said with a shrug of her shoulders. "But, somehow I'm not surprised you have it in your catalog," She concluded. Suzanne was smirking as she turned the equipment on.

Parin looked at the two of them, "I get the distinct feeling you both find this entire thing funny," He said and raised one of his brows slightly above the other one. "I have other programs in my catalog other than the more adult variety and you both know it."

Sadie shook her head, "I've been assigned to the medical center for less than a week so no Parin I didn't know that. Thanks for clarifying though I now know so much more than I needed to anyway..." She had her arms crossed over her chest at that point. It was at least better than dealing with a counseling session involving her father.

Suzanne was almost done with the machine and eventually turned it back off. She scanned his wrist a second time and found that it was fully healed, "Now then you need to take it easy with this wrist. That means use the other hand for Umox or whatever it's called..." She said with a laugh.

"Hey!" Parin said and slid off the biobed, "I said nothing happened in there... I tripped." He said somewhat sheepishly then started for the doorway, "Thank you." And, Parin disappeared.

Suzanne immediately burst into fits of laughter. Once she was able to breathe she patted Sadie on the shoulder, "Come on let's go get a snack from the replicator," She said.

Sadie was smiling and shrugged, "Okay," She commented and followed behind her friend.


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