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A Huge Decision

Posted on Tue Feb 4th, 2020 by Ashley de Planca [S'Toriin] & Lieutenant Commander Jordyn de Planca & Lieutenant Commander Manuel de Planca & Elizabeth de Planca [Stevenson] & Rose Cohen [Grayson]

Mission: Episode 6 - Far From Home
Location: de Planca House, Ivaldi III
Timeline: Day 01, 1545
1627 words - 3.3 OF Standard Post Measure

Commander de Planca knew that her daughter had a huge decision to make following the discussion with Doctor Fairchild. As soon as her daughters had gotten home from school she had told Elizabeth to invite Rose over so that Rose could be part of the conversation.

Jordyn was sitting in the living area when the three girls had walked through the door and she told them to sit down. Manuel was in the other room, but he would be around shortly and so she slid over so that he could have some room. "We have something we need to talk about," She said directing her remark to her eldest daughter.

Elizabeth tilted her head recalling her walk from the school all the way to her home. She remembered her mother asking for her to bring Rose before departing for the day, but didn't think much of it as she sat down and took Rose's hand. "What's wrong Mom?" She asked. The way her mother was acting seemed a bit off putting for the girl.

Rose sat down next to Elizabeth and slid over so that Ashley had some room next to her on the sofa. She said nothing because she had nothing to say beyond what had already been said. She just simply squeezed the other girl's hand somewhat firmly and waited.

Jordyn crossed her legs and leaned back in the chair, "Your father and I were called to Doctor Fairchild's office this morning. Suzanne has reason to believe that she's figured out a way to remove the implant from your brain. Your father and I wanted to let you make the decision," She said.

Manuel returned from the kitchen and sat down next to Jordyn, "This will be a major surgery because of the process behind it Liz," He said softly, "We don't know how long the recovery time will be, but you'll certainly miss school. It would also mean that all of your abilities would go away. The Doctor doesn't believe it would be possible to put it back into place.

"That is really the only bad part about taking it out, once it's out it's out." He told his daughter as he wrapped his arm around his wife. He remembered the conversation between them and the Doctor earlier in the day. Manuel had been hoping that she would immediately say yes.

Ash was astonished, "I thought Doctor O'Malley said it was impossible to remove the brain implant that it was embedded too far or something?" The ten year old asked.

Jordyn smiled softly when her youngest daughter had asked the question, "He did, however, Doctor Fairchild continued to work on the methodology that would come with removing it. After what happened and you were kidnapped because of it Doctor Fairchild made a point to put more effort into it.

"We want to leave the decision to you," Jordyn continued. "We also thought that your girlfriend would like to be here with you when we brought up the subject. Now, Doctor Fairchild said there isn't a time limit so you can decide when you are ready to do so. It's a big decision, but I think," Jordyn had pressed her hand to her own chest as she spoke, "That it would be a good idea to remove it."

Elizabeth was shocked and she found herself probing each of their minds to get a general idea of what each of them were thinking. Her parents were both hoping she'd say yes and Ashley was still trying to wrap the concept around in her head. She looked towards Rose and simply tilted her head to the side, but said nothing.

Rose looked at Elizabeth knowing that this was not going to be as easy as what everyone thought it might be. She finally looked towards Jordyn and Manuel, "Did Doctor Fairchild say anything about risks to Elizabeth?" She asked. Rose was hoping that Elizabeth simply made the decision that she thought was best for her.

"I would be more concerned about her well-being afterwards," Rose continued to talk, "Everything would seem so empty and blank at this point because she's had it for so long." Rose knew that Elizabeth could read her mind whenever she wanted and was very open to it. She didn't mind and gave Elizabeth's hand another firm squeeze.

It was Manuel that decided to answer the question, "She said that the risk would be minimal, but you're right it would take some getting used to at this point." He had assumed that his daughter had already probed his mind because she hadn't resisted doing that. "I want you to decide to take it out, but I understand that this is your decision to make."

Elizabeth nodded and leaned back in the chair before pulling herself up so that she was standing in front of them. She had her head down as she started to walk towards the other wall and looked out the window that was next to the door. This was a very big decision to make, "I'm afraid I don't know."

She had admitted that which was the first step, "I don't know how I feel about it because I don't know at this point whether I want it out or to stay in. I know that people have taken advantage of it..." Her voice trailed away as she continued to look outside.

Elizabeth saw a bird as it flew by and watched the strange Ivaldian crane very carefully. She had often felt abnormal since the forced surgery on her and could tell that others felt awkward around her. Elizabeth's friends had all accepted her for what she was, but others had not.

"I have often blamed myself for what the rogue Vulcan tried to do," The thirteen-year-old girl admitted. "A lot of that, as it had been put by Counselor Stevenson, was some sort of an alternate reality," She said quietly. Her voice seemed to be getting lower and lower as she spoke, "I know people look at me awkwardly and I know I have telekinetic abilities though I rarely use them..."

She turned around and looked at them, "Please promise me that you won't be angry with me?" She questioned her parents.

Jordyn shook her head, "We would never," She said and looked at Manuel. Jordyn had long dreamed of the day when they could finally remove the implant and had believed her daughter would take that route. "If you want to keep it then that is fine..."

Manuel nodded, "Don't make any rash decisions though," He told her with a soft smile.

Elizabeth looked at her sister and at Rose, "This implant has always been both a gift and a curse," She said and tilted her head slightly. "I know Ashley gets upset sometimes when I read her mind," She looked at Rose next, "And, that Rose sometimes feels a bit exposed..." Elizabeth said to each of them in turn.

Ashley didn't argue to her sister's point, "I do but I've gotten used to it." She said with a shrug. It was a bit strange sometimes whenever her sister would do that to her. However, Ashley had truly gotten used to it.

Rose nodded, "Sometimes. But, I know how many times you've said that you hated having the thing and how many times you've said the opposite." The fourteen-year-old girl offered. She leaned back in the chair and brought her hand up to her chin.

"I want to keep it," Elizabeth told them, "Please don't be mad... I just don't want to feel empty right now," She told them. "Sorry..."

Manuel smiled softly as he stood up and walked over to his daughter. He pulled her into a tight hug, "Then we will tell Doctor Fairchild of your decision. Don't feel like this is a final decision you can change your mind from this one... It's the other one that you cannot change your mind from."

Jordyn also got up and hugged her eldest daughter tightly, "We love you no matter what," She told Elizabeth.

Elizabeth smiled, "Thank you," She said while returning the hug to both of them. "But, I don't think that I will..." She said while looking up at her parents. She had grown so used to it that no matter how much she complained about having it she doubted she could live without it at this point.

Rose smiled as she got off the sofa and hugged Elizabeth, "Want to go for a walk?" She asked.

Elizabeth looked at her mother and father before nodding to Rose. "Let's go," She said and led Rose out of the house. She was expecting for Rose to have something to say that was private between the two of them. And, she waved at her parents and sister as she went through the door.

Ashley watched them go before looking at her parents, "I kind of expected for her to say something like that," The ten-year-old admitted with a smile. "It does make her unique even if it does expose her... And, us."

Manuel had wrapped Ashley up in a hug and pulled her close, "I know," He said. Manuel had hoped that his eldest daughter would opt for the surgical procedure. However, he found that he wasn't at all surprised that she had chosen not to go along with it.

Jordyn watched them walk down the street before closing the door behind her, "I just hope that it doesn't result in more exposure for her," She admitted quietly. Then she placed her hands on her other daughter's shoulders, "Let's make those cupcakes for your class tomorrow like I promised."

It was Ashley's birthday tomorrow and they were having cupcakes as a result, "Okay," She said and grinned.


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