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Posted on Sat Jan 25th, 2020 by Kaleb Potter [Izal] & Lieutenant Sadie Potter [Dawson]

Mission: Episode 6 - Far From Home
Location: Sadie Potter's Guest Quarters, USS Pompeo
Timeline: Day 01, 1044
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The starship had docked and the alert that personnel who were set to disembark had already come out. Kaleb knew his daughter was aboard the ship and that somehow she had managed to avoid him for the entire trip. It took him just that long to figure out what set of quarters she had been given. He couldn't wait any longer to talk to her.

Kaleb had made his way through the corridors before finally coming to a stop just outside of her quarters, "Computer is Lieutenant Potter still inside?" He asked with his head tilted ever so slightly.

The Admiral had his hands interlocked behind his back for the moment and had reached up to activate the chime. He said nothing and waited to hear the sound of her voice from the other side. A mixture of emotions had already started to crop up from the pit of his stomach.

"You may enter," Came Sadie's voice while she was finishing putting her belongings inside of her suitcase. Her other belongings had probably already been transported to her quarters on the station. The Medical Officer looked over her shoulder to see who would come through the door.

As soon as the doors slid open and her father entered she returned her gaze back to her baggage, "May I help you Admiral?" She asked him rather politely. She knew he was aboard the starship and had made a point to stay away from him. She wanted nothing to do with him.

Why Starfleet decided she needed to be stationed in the same area as her father was beyond her comprehension. Sadie didn't have desire to speak with him as anything more than what he was to her. Sadie knew him as her father sure, but to her he was Starfleet and that was really the extent of her relationship with him.

"Admiral?" Kaleb asked and tilted his head to the side. "I'm your father Sadie," He told her quietly as he came the rest of the way inside of her quarters. "You did well hiding your quarters from me the entire journey, but to be frank I didn't try all that hard. I didn't know how you would react to my presence in your quarters.

"I didn't think that I would be welcome in here either," He said with a shrug. "We need to talk, I want to talk, and most importantly I need you to understand Sadie..."

Sadie stopped doing what she was doing and stared at the bulkhead for a moment, "You were right about one thing," She said while holding one of her uniform jumpers in her hand. "You're right about not being welcome here as my father," She told him bitterly.

Sadie returned to her packing, "Understand what Admiral?" She asked him while still refusing to turn around and face him, "Understand that your career was more important than your wife and daughter?" She asked rhetorically. Finally, after letting some silence fall she spun around.

"You weren't there when I needed you and so you come here asking me for forgiveness Admiral..." She crossed her arms over her chest and tilted her head slightly. "I did not choose to be assigned to this station in order to listen to your complaints. Nor, did I take this assignment to call you father because while Mom may have still loved you all the way until her bitter end I'm afraid I don't know if I can say the same.

"Maybe once when I was a little girl and Mom tried to make me understand why Starfleet was so important to you. Maybe then I would have understood your need to not be in my life," Sadie continued, "But, do not come in here assuming that I'm going to listen to you now." With that she had turned back around and returned to packing the last of her belongings.

Kaleb took a heavy breath, "I told you once that I was deeply sorry for all of those things," He said. "You have no idea how much it pains me to know that I missed so many milestones in your life. How I was gone, but I didn't have the ability nor the time to get back to you for those. I wanted your mother and you with me on the starship, but that wasn't possible."

"Wasn't it?" Sadie asked standing up fully once more. "You could have taken an assignment back on Earth far sooner than you did. And, after the Dominion War had ended as Captain of your ship you could have brought Mom and I to you, but you chose not to.

"You couldn't make the time for Mom nor I," Sadie said her voice just as bitter as it had been before. "Don't come to me presuming that your words are anything more to me than that. So many hollow promises from Mom and from you that I don't even know where to begin.

"You... Weren't... There!" Sadie said with a great deal of anger and aggression locked away in her voice. "You were never there and you presume that a subspace relationship was enough for me. I needed you... I needed you when I fell and skinned my knee as a little girl.

"I needed you when Mom was getting steadily worse," Sadie continued as her rage began to threaten to overwhelm her. "Worst of all you always had some sort of excuse. You could have made the time for me and you chose Starfleet over me." She had picked up her communicator off the front of her uniform and showed it to him.

"I chose this career because Starfleet felt like home to me!" Sadie told him, "Because I couldn't save Mom then and I cannot save her now!" Her voice started to steadily increase in tone. Sadie was nearly shouting at her father by that point. "I needed you then I do not need you now Father!" Her words were as serrated as the sharpest steak knife as she spoke.

"And, just where the hell were you? Even when you had finally come home you weren't there. You were always at Headquarters while I sat by Mom's side all the way until I had finally graduated from Medical school. I was there it was me!" Sadie told him. "And, don't presume that because you were there at my graduation that it was enough."

She pointed her index finger at him, "Don't presume that just because Starfleet decided to put you here with me now that things will ever be how you want them to be. You're too late!" She, in her anger, slung her suitcase up over her shoulder. "Now if you excuse me I have to get to the planet."

Sadie brushed right past him without even so much as a good-bye. She was too bitter and angry with him to give her father even that much. Perhaps she had been too harsh in her language, but Sadie didn't feel it in that moment. She needed to calm down desperately otherwise her anger was going to overwhelm her.

It already felt like a wave of emotion had struck Admiral Potter as he stood there listening to his daughter speak. He had nothing to say because deep down he knew she was right. But, that wouldn't stop him from trying to fix whatever damage had been done.

Kaleb had stood there for sometime alone in the quarters that had been occupied by his daughter. Getting himself assigned to the same place as his daughter took some doing. Kaleb could only imagine how she would have reacted once she found out the truth. That he was trying to rectify his own damage by calling in favors...


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