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Plotting Is Thirsty Work

Posted on Sun Jan 19th, 2020 by Captain Neela Izal & Lieutenant Commander Jordyn de Planca

Mission: Episode 6 - Far From Home
Location: The Thirsty Camel, New France Colony
Timeline: 2 Months Ago; December, 2389
1341 words - 2.7 OF Standard Post Measure

Phoebe knocked on the door four separate times before she finally heard the voice from the other side authorizing her entry. The pale skinned woman with long raven black hair extending down to her hips walked inside the Thirsty Camel with her arms crossed over her chest. A slight grin on her face.

“You called for me Lucius?” She said with a rather bored sounding tone in her voice. Phoebe then began to study the tips of her fingers as if they held more interest than whatever it was that Lucius McRaven wanted to speak to her about. She remained somewhat transfixed on them for quite some time before finally looking towards him.

Lucius was sitting inside the empty bar waiting for Phoebe to finally arrive before offering her a chair next to him. “Lock the door behind you,” He said to her. “We wouldn’t want any uninvited guests to bother us at the moment now would we?” The tan-skinned man informed her with his arms crossed.

As soon as Phoebe had sat down where he had offered he leaned back into the bar that was now behind him, “Can I get you something to drink?” He asked before spinning completely around and stepping backwards off the barstool. “How about Andorian Ale?” He suggested, “Or, scotch? Even better would be kanar?” He grabbed a bottle of blue liquid from underneath the bar. “I know…”

Lucius poured two glasses, “Romulan Ale!” He said and slid the glass towards her before picking up his own and taking a sip. “Like I said in my communique to you… We have a problem, but thankfully it’s not a huge problem.”

Phoebe eyed the drink for a moment before her eyes went towards his and locked there for a split second, “I saw you said that, but what I didn’t understand was why you had encoded this cry for help from me. Also,” She looked around at the empty bar, “Where are the others, if it’s such a huge problem don’t you think the others should be here too?”

He grinned, “I’m going to call for an official meeting, but that’ll happen at another time in another place. For now I had planned on talking about it with you here,” He commented without saying how he managed to procure the bar. It wasn’t theirs, but the property of another member who had allowed for them to borrow it.

“This problem started, as I stated, when Tra’Pel decided that it was most prudent for her to take what was not hers,” Lucius said then raised his hand, “Before you say it… I know her ambitions outweighed the greater good of our organization. Now this problem seems to have escalated.”

“Oh?” Phoebe asked while finally lifting the blue tinted beverage from the bar and taking a sip of it. She nearly gagged, “Not that I care for Romulan Ale,” She said with her head tilted. “Why did you offer me Kanar you know I cannot stomach that swill?” Phoebe found Lucius’ behavior to be quite odd indeed.

First, he called her to the Thirsty Camel when she was busy recruiting two new members on New France Colony and then didn’t really give her any details. “I’m just a bit confused Lucius,” She admitted and put the glass back down onto the bar. “I figured you would want to discuss whatever problems with your partner before me…”

“I already have mentioned it to Diego,” Lucius admitted, “Though, I did not go into many details because this concerns you,” He told her. “I know that you recruited Tra’Pel into our organization and helped get her into Starfleet Sciences and Intelligence. We needed that chip and she took the specifications before pulling her little wonderous stunt.

“No,” Lucius shook his head rather slowly before finishing off the Romulan Ale and pouring himself a second glass, “This is about another member that you recruited. Admiral Reylas,” He stated, “The Admiral is dead,” Lucius stated next in utter disgust.

“What?!” Phoebe nearly jumped out of her chair. She had also been taking a drink and nearly spit it out before her surprised response to what Lucius had said.

Lucius nodded, “Admiral Tamar Reylas was found two nights ago unresponsive in his office. The ‘official’ story is that the Admiral died of natural causes, but I still have contacts in Starfleet Intelligence,” Lucius told her. “There were allegations that the Admiral was secretly working for some obscure organization and that he was dangerous to the Federation.

“So not to make it look like the Federation was involved my operative stated that the Tal’Shiar and Obsidian Order were responsible in a joint operation. Of course, the thing he was injected with gave him a heart attack,” Lucius said with a rather grim expression on his face.

“Did they find anything that would implicate our organization beyond these allegations and rumors?” Phoebe asked.

Lucius shook his head, took a drink from the glass, and set it back onto the bar. He sighed heavily with a grin, “Anything that we had Reylas working on was heavily encrypted and should anyone find it and manage to crack it their efforts will result in it being memory wiped. But, with his death our plans, the failure of Tra’Pel, and the disappearance of Doctor Wayne our plans have taken a serious hit.

“We have, but one option at this point. Our highest ranking contact was killed by people who were once our enemies so we have no choice but to go to other enemies for help,” Lucius said with a sly grin on his face. “I still have some contacts that are willing to set the Breen plans into motion…”

Phoebe scratched the bottom of her chin as she finished off the ale and nearly gagged after drinking it. “We would have to get clearance from the others before implementing it and Vidal Fleet Yards is scheduled to get a new Admiral. I could have our contacts on Ivaldi Three reach out to them. From what I’ve come to understand this Admiral may be sympathetic to our cause.”

Lucius shook his head, “Not yet,” He finished off the last of his second glass of ale. “We need to call for a meeting with the others before you reach out to our contacts there. For now,” He said and dug into his pocket, “You have a ship to catch.” He dug out the small datapad from inside his pocket and handed it to her.

Phoebe reached out and took the datapad, “We’re going to the Izar system?” She questioned and looked up at him. “Why are we going there?”

“Because if we are going to set things into motion we need to be close to the Breen border and our contacts there,” Lucius told her as he spun around from behind the bar. “We are going on a cargo ship to meet with the others. They left from Earth three days ago and it’s at least a few weeks journey before we get there ourselves,” Lucius concluded.

“Now come along,” He told her as he headed for the door.

Phoebe nodded swiftly before getting up, “Shouldn’t we clean the glasses?” She asked him while pointing towards the two glasses that were sitting there. “Before the owner comes back I mean.”

He grinned and shook his head, “The owner knew we were going to be here and I told him to expect those glasses right where they are located,” He told Phoebe while opening the door slowly. “Now come along…” Lucius led the woman out through the front door exactly where they had came in. He then proceeded to lock the door behind them with the keypad next to the door and headed towards the landing pads where they were to board a shuttle for the cargo ship.

Lucius McRaven
Written by: Captain Neela Izal


Phoebe Blackford
Written by: Jordyn de Planca


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