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Engineer's Delight

Posted on Mon Jan 6th, 2020 by Lieutenant Brandon Kerr & Lieutenant R'Toren & Lieutenant Commander Sinjohl Tagorn & Lieutenant Courtney Mackenzie & Lieutenant Mia Grayson

Mission: Episode 5 - Past Consequence
Location: Parin's, Vidal Fleet Yards
Timeline: Day 10, 1755
1182 words - 2.4 OF Standard Post Measure

Tagorn was surrounded by friends and colleagues in Parin's there was no better feeling for the engineer. He finally raised his glass of Andorian Ale, "To a new group of Chief Engineering Officers and a strange turn of events which resulted in the reshuffling of an entire department," He said with a grin on his face.

Brandon laughed when he heard what Tagorn had said, raised his glass, and took a drink from it. He lowered it back down to the table and leaned back in his chair before reaching out and brushing his fingers across the back of Courtney's hand gently.

Courtney jumped then relaxed after feeling Brandon's touch, "Hey," She whispered before leaning forward and putting both of her hands onto the table. "So now that we are considered department heads in our respective areas does that mean we get promoted?" She asked.

Mia shrugged her shoulders, "Not necessarily," She said with a slight chuckle of her own. She had been distracted knowing that her husband was in their quarters with their two kids. She was lucky enough to have him take care of the kids whenever she was invited to these sorts of things.

"I would address that with the Commodore," Mia said finally and looked towards Tagorn, "I'm surprised you've not been promoted though." She said quietly.

At one time Tagorn had wanted to be a Commander, but now he was just happy where he was. They weren't on the ship anymore and his family was supposed to be moving to Ivaldi III from Bajor, "Eh," He shrugged his shoulders. "Few more days and my sister and brother-in-law will be moving to the planet."

R'Toren's attention was caught, "Oh really?" He asked having sat quietly for some time. "Why are they moving from Bajor?"

"They got some farming land on the planet that's larger than what they had in Bajor. And, my brother is looking at becoming a board member for Zeno corporation at the same time." Tagorn said.

Mia hadn't met them, "I bet S'Toriin is excited?" She questioned. Mia knew that S'Toriin had the chance to meet Tagorn's family members months earlier when they had stopped at Deep Space Nine.

"I haven't told him," Tagorn answered her, "But, I am anxious to finally get to spend time with my niece on a more regular basis," He said. "And, I'm certain that she'll make friends here with a lot of the other kids that live here."

R'Toren took a drink just as one of the Ferengi bartenders came around with refills, "I didn't know you had a niece," He said as he swapped his recently empty glass for a new one. "How old is she?" He asked.

"Six or seven," Tagorn answered though at the moment his head was swimming with synthale so he wasn't sure. "It's been months since I saw her in person. I did get to talk to her a week ago via subspace, but that doesn't happen often."

"Is that how you found out they were moving here?" Courtney asked him.

Tagorn nodded, "That was when the first told me, but I had wondered if they weren't going to go through with it in the first place. A group of Bajorans and Cardassians founded that village... What's it called again?" He tapped at the base of his chin.

"Akorem Village?" Brandon asked, "That's the one on the large island to the west of Javelin City. At least I think it's to the west I've not really spent much time on the planet."

"We should go tomorrow after duty hours," Courtney suggested to him. "Akorem Village is a really nice place. The buildings are a mix of Cardassian and Bajoran design. It's a very nice place to be I even thought about getting a villa there and moving down to the surface."

"Really?" Mia asked her.

Courtney nodded her head, "It was something I had considered almost immediately after going there to see it. Not many humans live in the village it's almost entirely Bajorans and Cardassians. Interesting to think almost twenty years ago such a thing would have been unheard of."

Tagorn nodded, "Oh yes," He said then took a drink from his glass. "My brother-in-law and sister are going to move into a villa just on the outskirts of town. That's where they got the land for their farming project," He told them.

R'Toren found himself interested, "I wonder who's idea it was to found a place such as Akorem Village?" He questioned before leaning forward. He wrapped both hands around the glass in front of him, but didn't lift it. "It is a brilliant idea."

Courtney nodded her head, "That's why I thought about going and living there. I don't visit the planet much because the shipyards keep me so busy all the time," She told them. "And, we are preparing to start a whole new project."

Mia looked at her with a raised brow, "New project?" She asked.

Courtney found herself nodding once again, "Starfleet wants us to design a new ship class. They're looking for a new short range science ship to be attached to our deep space stations. The project is set to start soon."

"Let's visit that village first though," Brandon told her calmly. He leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms. "Most of the ships that are in drydock should be concluding soon too right?" He asked.

R'Toren nodded, "The request list by other ships has grown though, but many of those ships won't arrive for another few days. And, even if the two Ares class starships are finished that's not to say that Starfleet won't order new ships."

"They already have," Brandon said quietly. He knew of at least one other ship that had been requested to be constructed so far. "We are set to receive our new yeoman soon too right?"

Tagorn nodded slowly, "She was supposed to have already arrived, but due to the kidnapping of those girls her arrival had been delayed." He knew that it would make the engineering department much easier on all of them. But, he had the sense that the amount of paperwork wouldn't change.

Mia finally stood up, "I should probably call it in for the night. Noah is watching the kids and they sometimes fight sleep if I'm not back," She said and finished off the last of her drink. "Good evening," She told them.

Tagorn smiled, "I think I'm going to do the same." He got up from the table.

Brandon watched the two of them go, "Good evening," He said to each of them. Then he focused his attention back on the others. It was nice not having children or other responsibilities. Nice to sit in Parin's until the wee hours of the morning if he wanted to.

He took another sip from his drink and returned his attention back onto something outside of the realm that was engineering. Things hadn't really calmed down for Brandon, but that didn't matter. He was exactly where he wanted to be at in his career.


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