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Bold Rescue

Posted on Sun Jan 5th, 2020 by Commander Jordyn de Planca & Commander Stephen O'Malley M.D. & Lieutenant R'Toren & Lieutenant Commander Kara Stevenson Ph.D. & Lieutenant Commander Leyla Aiman-Tamar & Lieutenant Gelo Pajes & Lieutenant Jessica Kingsley & Jami Bostru & Teagan Hoseki [Izal] & Kayla Holtz [Engstrom] & Elizabeth de Planca [Stevenson]

Mission: Episode 5 - Past Consequence
Location: Unknown House, Ivaldi IV
Timeline: December 9, 2379: 0945
1839 words - 3.7 OF Standard Post Measure

Jami looked over her shoulder towards the other girls before looking down at her own hands. They were bound in front of her, "I don't know what you hope to gain from all this," She said to Tra'Pel. "We aren't going to help you anyway..." Her voice trailed away as she was forced forward.

She looked up at the old house that the girls were being led towards. Behind them was the starship that had landed on the planet, or at least, what appeared to be a planet. Jami didn't know for sure where they were at and her telepathic abilities were still suppressed as well.

"Oh I think you will," Tra'Pel responded curtly while dragging the girls up the stairs towards the inside of the house. "When this is all said and done you will help me greatly," She told Jami.

Teagan was just behind Jami as they were pulled up the stairs and she nearly tripped and fell onto her face. Every fiber of her being was uncomfortable already and she winced at the sound of the Vulcan's voice.

"You haven't even told us what you really want yet," Teagan said suddenly.

Elizabeth looked forward at Teagan for a moment before sighing heavily, "She thinks we're going to help with the destruction of the Federation," She looked around trying to figure out where they were. "I don't see how taking us here is going to do anything."

"It won't," Kayla said, "Because I for one refuse to help in any way," She concluded as she was marched up the short staircase towards the entrance of the house. While standing on the porch she looked over her shoulder to see some of the siding coming off the house.

Jami was the first of the four girls to be dragged inside of the house as they were all led through the door. As soon as the last girl was inside Jami started analyzing some way to escape. But, she quickly realized they weren't alone as she heard footsteps.

"Who's that?" She asked and looked around trying to get a better sense. Her telepathic abilities were still suppressed. Then Jami saw two men coming out of a room, both armed with a phaser rifle, "There's others..."

Tra'Pel laughed as she led them deeper into the house and down a set of stairs into a dungeon like basement. She lined the girls up in a row, "There are several others who believe the same as I do... That the Federation needs to be destroyed.

"This place is so much more than just a house," Tra'Pel told her as she walked up to Jami and removed the bindings that held the girls together in a chain. She pushed each of the girls up against the wall and bound their hands above their heads.

Jordyn brought the Reliance in for a landing, "The girls are in that building," She pointed out the viewer towards the old looking house. "So is everyone else including the Nightstalker according to our sensors." She got up and looked at Leyla, "There is the other timeship while we are rescuing the girls go with Doctor O'Malley and Doctor Jennings to see if it's operational."

Gathering what she needed, Leyla nodded, "Don't worry, if they find you, they aren't going to be able to escape on that ship." She gave a smile and looked to O'Malley and Jennings. "Shall we?"

Lillian nodded, "Of course," She stuck her hand out and took Jordyn by the wrist, "Good luck," She stated then walked in front of Doctor O'Malley, Counselor Stevenson, and Lieutenant Aiman-Tamar.

Jordyn finished gathering her gear and looked towards their way out, "Come on Lieutenants," She said to the Security Officer and Engineer. She strapped the backpack over her shoulder and headed towards the exit of the ship.

Doctor O'Malley was directly behind Lillian as they disembarked from the Reliance, "What are we going to do with that?" He asked Doctor Jennings and pointed towards the Reliance as they were making their way to the other Wells Class timeship.

Lillian looked over at it, "Another temporal team will be dispatched in order to recover that timeship," She remarked. She looked towards the house and back at Lieutenant Aiman-Tamar, "That house doesn't exist in the present," She stated and shrugged her shoulders.

"I didn't figure it did. So something happens to it between now and then. I wonder if it actually is supposed to be here or if it is just part of this whole time loop we seem to be in." Leyla ran a hand along the hull of the ship. "This'll be fun. Let's see what we can do here."

As they stepped up to the ship Kara found that she didn't have much to say it had already felt like an eternity since the girls had been kidnapped. The counselor found herself wondering how the others were doing in the present. "There's nobody here," She said as she stepped up the ramp.

Lillian shook her head, "There really isn't anyone here," She commented. "They are all inside the house," She looked towards Lieutenant Aiman-Tamar. "Temporal Investigations isn't sure what happens to the house or where it came from in the first place."

"Temporal Investigations, never did like them very much." Leyla said with a small shrug. "But, maybe it is something that'll show up later."

Stephen found himself interested in whatever had happened to the house, "It could have been destroyed I suppose," He suggested with a shrug of his shoulders. "Who knows really." They had boarded the ship, "We need to get the engines back online."

Lillian nodded her head in agreement, "That shouldn't take too long," She stated.

Leyla worked on getting a few of the other systems up. "At least it looks like all the systems are going to be working in the way we want them." She checked a few of the temporal systems. "And easy enough to get us back to just when we left...depending on what time we actually want to get back."

Lillian nodded, "That's the plan." She confirmed.

Jami heard the sound of footsteps again, "I really don't know who that is," She whispered quietly. Her eyes were shifting back and forth as she turned her attention back towards the Vulcan, "Whatever it is that you plan on doing with us you might as well forget it."

Tra'Pel laughed, "Forget about what?" She said with a shrug of her shoulders, "It's too late for you all. You might as well forget about begging and pleading." She walked between each of the girls in turn trying to determine who she wanted to start with.

Elizabeth heard a noise outside of the house, but said nothing. It seemed as if the Vulcan and her cronies were too busy focusing on the four of them. She looked towards Tra'Pel for a moment wondering what was going on outside.

"I think I'll take you first," Tra'Pel said and grabbed hold of Teagan before removing the restraints that were holding her against the wall.

"No you won't," Jordyn said as she suddenly appeared in the cellar with a phaser rifle pointed straight at the Vulcan. Behind her she knew that R'Toren and Pajes had also trained their weapons on the other two men.

Tra'Pel was shocked at their sudden appearance, "What is this?" She asked and spun Teagan around in front of her. "What are you doing here?" She drew a long blade and placed it against Teagan's throat. "You can't win."

Teagan swallowed hard, "Let me go," She demanded but felt the blade a little closer and immediately went quiet. She looked at her friends who were still against the wall.

Elizabeth saw her mother and cheered up slightly, but she didn't let that show. Elizabeth now knew what she had heard and wondered if that was what Jami had heard earlier too. It was something about Jami's expression earlier that told Elizabeth that was the case.

R'Toren had noticed the two men were preparing to fire and so he discharged his weapon striking one of the two men in the chest. He had turned his weapon towards the other man as well.

Pajes had already fired his weapon before R'Toren could fully aim and watched as the second man had fallen to the floor. He then directed his weapon towards the Vulcan woman, "Drop the knife," He told her calmly as he worked on flanking her.

Jami watched, "I knew I heard something," She whispered.

Teagan saw her opportunity and thrust her elbow backwards into the Vulcan's gut. She then dropped her head and propelled herself forward in an effort to escape though she did feel a slight cut on the side of her neck as she did so. Teagan placed her hand up on it and pressed.

Tra'Pel fell backwards, "No!" She shouted.

Jordyn stepped forward and brought the back of her rifle into the Vulcan's nose before spinning and kicking. Once the Vulcan was down she aimed her weapon towards Tra'Pel, "You're under arrest."

R'Toren was able to unfasten the other girls from the wall before pulling Teagan to her feet in order to look at the wound. "It's a scratch we can treat it on the ship," The Caitian officer said with a warm smile on his face.

Teagan lowered her hand, "Stings," She told him and started for the door.

Kayla followed behind the others while rubbing her wrists, "She was going to torture us," Kayla said over her shoulder towards the others. "Torture us for some sick reason," The young girl commented.

Soon Jordyn had pulled Tra'Pel up to the ship along with the girls in front of her. She grinned knowing they had successfully rescued the girls as they came onto the bridge of the ship. "Let's get out of here." She commented.

Pajes took Tra'Pel, "I'll go put her in the brig," He said and dragged her off the bridge.

Jami sat down next to Elizabeth, "It's over," She said and wrapped the other girl up in her arms, "Over at last," She said unaware that more time had passed than she realized.

Elizabeth smiled and returned the hug, "Thanks Mom," She said to her mother while hugging Jami.

Stephen looked at the cut on Teagan's neck before beginning to treat it, "That was a bold move little miss," He said to the twelve year old girl, "Bold indeed." He commented.

Teagan smiled sheepishly, "I just reacted." She told him while staring off at the ceiling of the bridge. Her neck was already feeling better thanks to the medication that he had given her.

Jordyn sat down at the helm and lifted the ship off. She was already setting the temporal drive so that they would return to only a few hours after the girls had been taken. She looked over her shoulder and grinned. Their long nightmare had finally ended...

Tra'Pel aka Nightstalker
Written by: Lieutenant JG Jessica Kingsley


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