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How Can An Admiral Help?

Posted on Sat Jan 4th, 2020 by Rear Admiral Karin Mayra [Aiman-Tamar]

Mission: Episode 5 - Past Consequence
Location: Vidal Fleet Yards - Admiral Mayra's Quarters/Office
Timeline: Day 01, 1933
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Admiral Mayra stared out the window of her quarters on Vidal Fleet Yards and felt her face pale. The Becker was flying straight towards The Nightmare.

She'd been told to evacuate down to the surface, as were many people. But she was a Starfleet officer, a Starfleet admiral before a civilian. She might only be on the station in an advisory capacity, but that didn't mean she dropped her duties just because of what was happening.

No, she wasn't going to leave. There had to be something she could do. Her mind went in a million different directions. She knew that every ship that could be pulled into the are had been pulled in. Every fighter, shuttle, anything they could use to try to defeat this, to stall for time, all of it. However, before her, they were being destroyed. Lives were being given because the girls had been taken back in time and thought that no one had gone after them.

Karin always hated time travel, the consequences, the time loops. Anything and everything to do with it. Until now, she'd never encountered it, not in all of her years in Starfleet. But, she was learning quickly what could happen.

She had a hope that the Reliance would manage to fulfill their mission and none of this would have happened. The girls wouldn't have been kidnapped, been forced back in time, tortured or whatever happened to them to make them the way that they were.

Until then? Mayra knew she had to do something.

Grabbing her uniform jacket off the back of a chair, she slipped it on and headed off towards her office. She'd trained as a counselor, but was also trained in command and for combat situations.

Reaching her office, she brought up all of the information she could on what ships were out there, who was out there. She saw what ships had been brought in, and which ships were left. Her heart sank as she collapsed into her seat. So many lost already, and the station's shields were raised.

Ships were trying to regroup, escape pods launched. How was she supposed to help with this? She had no ideas, she wasn't out there and didn't actually have any authority to do anything. Neela Izal was in charge, but she wished that Izal had been ordered to the surface. This was no place for someone in her condition, but there was also no way she was going to abandon her post. Karin had figured this out a while ago.

She didn't like feeling like there was nothing she could do. She couldn't think of anything beyond what was already happening. How were they supposed to defend against this thing? How were the weapons so powerful that they were ripping through anything that was thrown at them? Had they jumped to the future to grab more powerful weapons before coming to this battle?

Swearing under her breath, she pushed back away from her desk and decided she was going to head to Main Operations. Maybe there, she could be of some type of use. She could only hope.


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