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Back In The Past

Posted on Sat Jan 4th, 2020 by Commander Jordyn de Planca & Commander Stephen O'Malley M.D. & Lieutenant R'Toren & Lieutenant Commander Kara Stevenson Ph.D. & Lieutenant Commander Leyla Aiman-Tamar & Lieutenant Gelo Pajes

Mission: Episode 5 - Past Consequence
Location: Bridge, USS Reliance
Timeline: December 9, 2379: 0739
1464 words - 2.9 OF Standard Post Measure

It felt like an eternity since the Reliance had gone back into the past. They were back to the year 2379 and all Jordyn could think about was locating her daughter and rescuing them. She knew that Elizabeth and the others blamed them for not rescuing them. That was the hardest part of the entire situation. She looked at Lieutenant Aiman-Tamar, "Have the temporal readings shown us anything?"

Rubbing her forehead, Leyla looked over the readings. "The systems are still trying to orient themselves. They can't even tell what area of space we are in because the readings are off. I'm working on it. But right now? They aren't telling me anything."

Jordyn gave a quick nod, "I apologize for my attitude Lieutenant," She told her suddenly. "If you knew how much Elizabeth has already gone through you'd understand," She told her quietly. It was a lot, "First the brain implant that made her telepathic, then kidnapped by an alien race, and now this..."

"You don't need to be sorry, Commander. I might be new but I understand. Granted...I didn't know all of that but..." Leyla sighed, "We will find them and get them back, make sure they never think we didn't come for them."

Kara was working on a nearby console and listening to what the Commander was talking about. She turned and remained quiet for a moment with her arms resting on the top of the control panel, "We'll get them back," She confirmed with a quick nod.

Lillian agreed, "And, if we do it right we'll get them back before any of the torture ever took place. It'll erase everything that everyone has gone through and prevent the alternate timeline that is unfolding right now from taking place."

"Time travel is so..." Jordyn started, "So confusing."

"Time travel is very confusing. We do this...we'll never remember doing it. No one will remember it. Time travel: great in study, not so great to experience because you never know you did." Leyla glanced at them, "Which makes it hard to even study. I ran my brain in circles that semester trying to keep it straight."

She eyed the sensors as they lit up, at least a little. "We've got something at least. Looks like...based on the time the computer is giving me and what the sensors are reading," she raised an eyebrow and looked back to Jordyn, "We beat them here..."

Lillian shook her head, "That's not entirely true Lieutenant," She said looking towards Leyla from the center of the bridge, "You'll remember the girls being kidnapped and the girls being rescued. It'll only erase the alternate timeline from existence," She concluded.

"See confusing," Jordyn replied and dropped her shoulders. "There I think I have something," She stated.

R'Toren had returned to engineering earlier and was only just now coming back up to the bridge, "Good I'm glad that you're detecting something," He said after having heard what Jordyn had just stated. "There were some issues with the temporal sensor array," The Engineering Officer said.

He looked at Lillian, "Your engineers were able to right the problem and get us back on track." He looked over his shoulder towards Lieutenant Gelo, "And, for a security officer Lieutenant Gelo did a pretty good job helping us out."

Pajes waved his hand, "It wasn't a huge deal," He said and placed his hands behind his back where he grabbed his wrist in his opposite hand. "The repairs are complete now so you should be able to detect exactly where they are at."

Kara wandered over so that she was hovering over Commander de Planca, "There," She pointed. "There is a temporal anomaly right there," She concluded. She stood straight up and crossed her arms over her chest.

Jordyn nodded her head slowly, "I see it," She said and ran her fingers across the controls. She brought the anomaly on screen in order to get a closer review, "There are multiple lifeforms in this that do not belong here," She said with a heavy sigh.

"The anomaly is localized on the moon orbiting Ivaldi IV," Jordyn said suddenly. "That makes absolutely no..." Jordyn shook her head, "They are on Ivaldi IV's moon."

"Wait, so they were there the whole time? Or..." Leyla sighed and double-checked the readings, "Confirmed. That's the location. Why there? Why so close to home?"

Jordyn shrugged, "Probably just wanted to be under our noses the entire time... You know what they say about hidden in plain sight?" The question was rhetorical of course, "It is an intriguing concept though... Keeping the girls so close to home."

Leyla nodded, hating that line of thinking, but knew that it was probably right.

Lillian reviewed what she had, "I'm getting the same thing," She commented and was glad that Lieutenant Gelo had come up to the bridge. "Doctor O'Malley to the bridge," She said into the communicator.

It didn't take long for Stephen to get up to the bridge, "You called for me?" He asked and crossed his arms over his chest.

"We found the girls," Jordyn commented before spinning around in her chair. "Now we need a plan to go and rescue them..."

"A plan where we don't make a bigger mess of things. One wrong move, and things will just end up worse than they already are. We can't have that happening." Leyla rubbed her temples, "We have to hope we don't run into a situation where we don't have a choice."

"We might be able to avoid that," Pajes said in response to the science officer, "If we time it right we could be in and out without them ever knowing what hit them." He suggested with a slight shrug of his shoulders. The security officer found a place and sat down, "Once we are close enough we could assess their strength."

Jordyn shook her head, "That won't be necessary," She said and tapped on the screen in front of her, "This shows a total of nine temporal anomalies which tells us that in total there are nine people there."

"Eight," Lillian corrected her, "If there is a timeship it would show up on that scanner too. So you figure five counting the girls and if the Nightstalker is present with three others."

"Well numbers are on our side at least," R'Toren responded. He crossed his arms, "If the Nightstalker is there we are going to want to try and capture her alive I'm assuming?"

Stephen nodded, "Capturing her alive means the complete erasure of the alternate timeline and will prevent this timeline from repeating itself indefinitely," He commented. "And, we want to avoid that."

"How much weapons training do you have Lieutenant?" Jordyn asked Leyla.

Leyla's eyes got wide. "Weapons training? I..." She swallowed hard, "Whatever you need me to do, I can do it. Not a fan of it, but I'm capable." She glanced to Jordyn, "Do I want to know why you're asking?"

"Because you may need to use a weapon," Jordyn answered her question, but could sense the hesitation in her voice. "It may also be best for you to hang back with Doctor O'Malley until we've cleared the area."

"Its not that I can't I of my past...I don't like using them unless I absolutely have to." Leyla frowned slightly, but maybe they were right. She didn't want to jeopardize the mission.

Pajes scratched the base of his chin, "It would be best if at least one other person stayed back with the Doctor," He commented then shrugged his shoulders. "Anyway... Commander de Planca, Lieutenant R'Toren, and myself can handle the situation."

Lillian could only find herself agreeing with the plan, "Set course for Ivaldi Four and prepare to engage on my signal," She stated.

Jordyn patted Leyla on the shoulder, "Just stay with Doctor O'Malley and Counselor Stevenson," She stated then headed towards the helm to begin making the necessary preparations.

Nodding, Leyla shifted slightly in her seat. "If you need backup, I'll be here. I'll jump in at a moments notice if necessary. But I'll also make sure there are no other ships or anything that time travel to or from here. We don't want a time loop on our hands any more than we might already have."

Lillian smiled softly as she wasn't aware of why Leyla seemed concerned about using a weapon, but said nothing to that affect about it. "Set course and engage when you are ready Commander."

Jordyn had already done the first part, "Engaging the engines now," She commented. Jordyn's hands went across the console and she had propelled the ship forward. It jumped into warp and was heading straight for the moon orbiting Ivaldi IV. It wouldn't take them long to arrive at least...


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