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Becker's Sacrifice

Posted on Sat Jan 4th, 2020 by Captain Neela Izal & Commander Chelsea McDanielson [Moneaux] & Lieutenant Commander Tolam Pizal & Commander Jeffery Washington [ch'Theseski] & Lieutenant Commander Gredrol Son of Osham

Mission: Episode 5 - Past Consequence
Location: Main Operations, Vidal Fleet Yards
Timeline: Day 01, 1933
1228 words - 2.5 OF Standard Post Measure

OOC: McDanielson on the Becker & Pizal on the Haeva

:: Bridge, USS Becker ::

"Commander," The tactical officer remarked from her station, "They are trying hard to push through our defenses. We are taking heavy fire," She commented next as the ship shook violently. "And, the Portland has been destroyed," She continued to speak.

Chelsea looked over towards the tactical officer before returning her gaze back upon the viewer, "We have to regroup and make a new push!" She ordered and looked towards the helmsman, "Bring us back closer to the station," The ship shook violently.

"Shields are failing we can't sustain much more," The tactical officer told Chelsea from her console.

:: Bridge, USS Haeva ::

"We need to provide coverage for the Becker they are being overwhelmed!" Tolam commanded as the Haeva shook from the brunt of a barrage of phaser fire and torpedoes. He gripped the armrest, "Helm take us to course seven four eight mark nine."

"Aye sir," He responded from the helm before making the course correction.

The ship shook again as Tolam watched the viewer. One of the consoles behind him exploded in an array of sparks, showering the officer that was sitting at the console. The wall console at the back of the bridge also erupted sending that officer backwards. "All power to shields."

"Too late sir," The tactical officer said suddenly, "Armor on the port side is beginning to buckle and we have hull breaches all over the ship. The structural integrity field has lost power -" The tactical officer was thrown when his console erupted.

Tolam didn't feel like he had much choice, "Get to the escape pods," He ordered, "Abandon ship!" And as soon as he had said the words the ship's abandon ship alarm started to sound. There wasn't much more they could do at that point to save the ship.

:: Main Operations, Vidal Fleet Yards ::

"Sir," Jeffery's voice came from the nearby console, "You're not going to like this, but our ships are being pushed back into us. The Portland and Anacreon have been destroyed..." He said as the station shook from the suddenness of weapons fire.

Neela was watching the battle unfold in front of them, "Have the fleet regroup near the station we've got to consolidate our forces and make a stand." She said as she gripped the console.

"We are being hailed by the Becker," Gredrol said. "And, the Haeva is taking heavy fire from two cruisers," The Klingon officer remarked suddenly.

"On screen!" Neela commanded

=/\="Commodore we are losing ships and fighters entirely too quickly. It's almost as if they know our tactics before we even do anything and the ship cannot hold out much longer..." Chelsea said just before being cut off.=/\=

"The Haeva is gone and the Becker's communications grid was knocked out!" Gredrol commented suddenly, "The Haeva managed to get escape pods launched, but who knows how many escaped." He looked up and saw the ship burning as it drifted past the station.

Jeff scoffed, "The Agaki and Langton have both fallen back as have our surviving runabouts and fighters. But, we are completely surrounded and the enemy ships are closing in. I'm increasing shield strength, but given the power of their weapons I have no idea how long it'll last."

:: Escape Pod, USS Haeva ::

Tolam watched as the Haeva burned in space. He managed to get himself and four others inside of the escape pod before the ship took catastrophic damage and the vessel was completely lost. He looked at the other two including his tactical officer, "It's okay Chief," He said quietly.

The Chief had taken some shrapnel to his leg from when his console had erupted. He also had burn marks on his hands and face, but he was alive. "Where are we drifting to?" He asked while staring out the window towards the destroyed hulk.

"The planet I'm guessing..." The Chief concluded before the Commander could answer his question. "They are tearing through our forces as if they were made of paper I don't get it..."

Tolam continued to look at the Chief as he spoke before Tolam, himself, began to speak. "The girls were taken backwards in time. And, if that was the result of a time loop who knows how many times we've been through it. They could have figured out our shield frequencies and tactics a while ago..."

:: Bridge, USS Becker ::

"I'm sorry sir, but we've lost contact with the station. And the Haeva sacrificed herself in a bold effort to save our ship. Our last orders were to regroup, but I'm afraid that may have all been in vain," The tactical officer said from her station. "I don't know if there's much else that we can do..."

Chelsea grunted, "Make preparations to ram their capital ship!" She said suddenly. It was a desperate act, but they had to do something and this was the only thing she could think to do. It's what happened to the Portland a short time ago.

"Say again sir?" The helmsman said.

"Put all power into the engines and forward shields. On my signal ram into their port quarter!" She said, "Have everyone board the escape pods... That includes you guys."

The tactical officer said nothing, "You'd be sacrificing yourself sir!" She said and wanted so badly to argue against the order. But, she didn't because she saw little point in doing so. The abandon ship alarm started to sound loudly and the Tactical officer looked once more towards Chelsea, "Let me..."

Chelsea looked at the Tactical Officer, "Let you what?"

"Let me drive the ship into them," The tactical officer stated, "I have some experience flying ships there's no reason to sacrifice your life for this," She stated next. All around her the other bridge officers had already begun the process of leaving.

"Go to the escape pod Lieutenant," Chelsea told her, "That is an order," She had already gotten up and was heading towards the helm.

The tactical officer scoffed and gave up the argument before leaving the Commander to her own devices. She took one last look at the bridge before heading towards the turbolift and the escape pod.

Chelsea sat down at the helm and swallowed hard, "This is to protect the station," She said and put the engines and forward shields on full after all the power had been transferred into them...

:: Main Operations, Vidal Fleet Yards ::

"What is Commander McDanielson doing?" Jeffery's voice came from the tactical station when he noticed something was amiss. "The escape pods on the Becker have been launched and sensors indicate one life reading on the ship. It's Human," He commented then looked up at the viewer as they watched in horror.

"She's ramming The Nightmare!" Jeffery said suddenly.

Neela heard him say that and looked straight up, "She's disobeying orders to what?" Neela questioned. Chelsea had long become her most trusted advisor and closest friend. The officer who now seemed bent on sacrificing herself, "Are communications still down?"

"Yes!" Gredrol groaned.

Neela pushed her fist down on the console in front of her, but not very hard. "By the time the ship hits them we won't have fixed communications..." She muttered under her breath as she continued to watch the scene unfold.


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