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Posted on Fri Jan 3rd, 2020 by Commander Jordyn de Planca & Commander Stephen O'Malley M.D. & Lieutenant R'Toren & Lieutenant Commander Kara Stevenson Ph.D. & Lieutenant Commander Leyla Aiman-Tamar & Lieutenant Gelo Pajes

Mission: Episode 5 - Past Consequence
Location: Bridge, USS Reliance
Timeline: Day 01, 1907
1192 words - 2.4 OF Standard Post Measure

Lillian felt like launch was simple enough, but their timing was off a bit as enemy forces had dropped out of warp right on top of the station. The team was ready, however, and she looked towards Jordyn. "Thoughts Commander?" She asked suddenly.

Jordyn shrugged her shoulders, "I don't have any. We caught the transmission from the enemy ship with the girls. They clearly blame us for not rescuing them, but I don't think they realize that's what we've been trying to do this entire time."

"We didn't even know the girls had been taken until it was too late," Stephen remarked from where he was sitting on the Bridge. "Regardless we need to focus on getting this ship out of here."

"Agreed," R'Toren said, "It seems like Starfleet forces are doing a pretty good job of keeping the enemy ships away from us. But, it won't stay like that forever we need to get out of the system."

Lillian nodded, "The engines are taking some time to warm up and because we are trying to keep from being detected we are being forced to go at one third impulse."

Looking over from where she was seated at science, Leyla didn't like what she'd heard. But, at the same time, they were here to get those girls back safe and sound. She was never a time travel fan when she had to face it, only in study. That didn't matter this time, it wasn't about her, or what she liked. And she was one of the few here that understood at least the basics of what they were doing. "Ready as we're going to be here," she finally said.

Pajes didn't know the Science Officer Leyla all that well, but he was glad to have her along. He could already tell that Jordyn was on edge just from the looks of her and the others seemed to be right there along with her, "We'll get the kids back Commander," He said confidently.

Kara nodded, "That's right," She said and patted Commander de Planca on the shoulder. She knew that the former crew of the Onnar had been through a lot especially the de Planca's. It was almost as if fate had ruled they had to suffer all the time.

"Hopefully things will settle down after this," Kara said with a smile from where she was sitting.

"We have a problem," Lieutenant Gelo said suddenly from the station where he was working. "A big problem," He commented and looked towards the others with a heavy sigh. "Three of their fighters are on an intercept course for the Reliance."

Stephan looked up from where he was sitting, "I thought we were hidden from their sensors?" He questioned and looked towards the others, "Apparently we aren't entirely hidden?"

The ship shook violently as weapons fire erupted near the ship and Lillian, who was sitting in the Command Chair, gripped it's arms. "Take evasive action and send a message back to the ship. Let them know -"

Pajes shook his head, "They aren't alone," He said just as a runabout appeared on his readouts. "The runabout is firing on the fighters and has maneuvered so that we are protected again, but we may want to speed things along."

Jordyn had taken the helm, "I'm working on it," She commented.

Lillian looked at Lieutenant Aiman-Tamar, "Lieutenant can you give me a damage report please?" She asked and looked back towards Jordyn, "Tell me the temporal drive isn't damaged?"

Having held tightly onto her console when the ship rocked, Leyla worked on pulling up the damage report. "We're holding together. Shields are down to 87%, remainder of the systems seem okay at the moment." Her eyes also moved towards Jordyn, because if the temporal drive was damaged, they were stuck.

Jordyn checked the system, "From what I can see there isn't any damage to it, but I cannot be certain," She looked over her shoulder. "Once we are in position we should be able to go back in time."

R'Toren took a deep breath, "I'm going down to engineering to see if I can provide assistance down there." He said and didn't give anyone a chance to argue with what he had just said. R'Toren stepped onto the turbolift, "Engineering," And, he disappeared.

Stephen looked at the others for a moment, "Counselor Stevenson we probably should get ourselves down to the sickbay in case there are injuries. They may need help down there," He suggested.

Kara stood up, "Most likely," She said and headed for the turbolift behind Doctor O'Malley. As soon as she was aboard next to him she spoke, "Medical bay," And the door closed on both of them.

Pajes was still monitoring the fight, "The runabout now has help one of the ships moved out of position near the station and is providing cover fire for our escape. I don't know if a message went through," He looked towards Lieutenant Aiman-Tamar, "Are we detecting any sort of call for help from the fighters?"

"Checking," stayed Leyla as she pulled up the communication channels on a side monitor. "There is quite a bit of chatter out there. I think they are doing all they can to make sure we can get out of here."

Lillian nodded her head slowly at the responses, "Are we at the jump point yet?" She asked of the Commander who had taken over at the helm.

Jordyn was checking into that and knew that earlier they were seconds away, "We are yes," She said and engaged the temporal drive as soon as they had come into position. The ship lurched forward and through an opening in the space-time continuum.

It felt like a lifetime as the ship rocketed back ten years in time before finally coming to a stop. "I'm not sure exactly where they are in time, but the chronometric display is showing us at the correct time." Jordyn had looked over her shoulder immediately after saying that.

R'Toren returned to the bridge from main engineering, "We have a problem," He said with a heavy sigh. "We were able to jump back in time as we had anticipated doing, but the attack left some damage in the temporal drive. The compositor for the drive is fused.

"I don't know if we can get it repaired for when we are ready to return to the present," He confirmed with a heavy sigh.

Pajes looked at the Caitian officer with an expression of confusion, "I'm sorry, but what exactly does that mean?" He asked suddenly.

Lillian sighed heavily, "Lieutenant it means we are stuck in this time until we can find means of getting ourselves back into the correct time. Or, until we can find a way to repair the drive." She looked at Jordyn, "Begin scanning for temporal anomalies in the area."

Jordyn nodded her head, "Aye sir," She commented then went back to the science station to sit next to Leyla. Jordyn said nothing to the science officer as she began to work on the console in front of her. But, in her thoughts she concentrated on finding her missing daughter.


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