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Rules of Acquisition

Posted on Fri Jan 3rd, 2020 by Parin [M. de Planca] & Howard Morgan [Belmont]

Mission: Episode 5 - Past Consequence
Location: Beach, Ivaldi III
Timeline: Day 01, 1927
1064 words - 2.1 OF Standard Post Measure

Howard stared up at the sky for a brief moment before he proceeded to rub along the bridge of his nose. Up there a battle was raging, or perhaps it wasn't raging yet. All Howard could think about for that moment was how this entire system was supposed to be a gold mine for him yet here he was. Howard walked along the beach considering the fact that someone was clever enough to kidnap four children and do who knows what with them.

"Howard?" Came a voice behind him.

When Howard turned around he immediately recognized Parin standing there behind him. The Human man stopped in his tracks and crossed his arms over his chest, "Hello Parin," He said and walked towards the Ferengi bartender. "I thought I was alone out here."

Parin shrugged his shoulders before walking up to the human and came to a stop right next to him, "I thought the same thing," The Ferengi admitted and gave a tooth filled grin. He looked up towards the sky, "It's hard to believe this could all be gone soon," He commented.

"I came here to make profit," Parin told his friend and crossed his arms over his chest. "It seems that this decision was made in error," He scoffed. Parin started to walk forward again and kicked at the sand with each step. "I should have stayed home," He admitted.

Howard understood the sentiment because he had been thinking the exact same thing. Before he could respond though there was a bright flash above their heads and he looked up, "What was that?" He questioned then noticed that just above the planet there was a fire. "Up there," He pointed.

As the objects got closer he realized just what it was, "Something hit that drydock," He stated and gasped. "One of the ships hit it," He said then noticed that debris was falling through the atmosphere leaving trails. "We should probably find shelter?" He questioned and pointed off at a small hut a few feet in front of them.

Parin agreed immediately and started to quicken his pace a little bit, "I didn't realize the battle had started," He started, "And, I didn't realize that it was going to take place so close to the planet. I wonder which ship hit the drydock?" He questioned as they closed in on the building.

Parin opened the door as soon as they were standing outside of it and he looked straight up. "It's going to rain debris all over Javelin City," He muttered under his breath before going inside. "All over the planet even," He concluded.

Howard walked through the door and closed it behind him. He then found a nearby window and looked up at the sky. It was like a meteor shower was raining down onto the planet. Large chunks of metal were burning in the atmosphere, "Not all of it will burn up before it hits the ground."

He wondered if anyone else had noticed the debris falling from the sky above them. "If nobody else has noticed this people could be hurt," Howard stated and wandered over to the nearby communications panel inside of the little hut. "We should contact the base..."

Parin wouldn't normally agree with contacting Starfleet, but given the situation the Ferengi saw little use in arguing with the Chief Executive Officer. He nodded his head and stared up through the window. It felt like forever since the debris had started to fall.

Howard had already raised the base, "This is Howard Morgan," He stated while trying to remain completely calm. "We have a problem..." His voice trailed away as soon as he had said it.

=/\="We see the debris falling we've already begun the necessary steps to protect the population. Where are you right now?"=/\=

Howard heard the question, "In one of the beach huts," He answered the feminine voice on the other end of the comm line. "We are safe I doubt any of the debris will hit the top of this building, but I am concerned about the other buildings in the city..." His voice trailed away.

=/\="It's nothing to worry about sir. We have it under control just stay where you are unless some of the debris hits the building then obviously you need to evacuate. The main thing is that you stay safe, is anyone with you?"=/\=

Howard looked over at Parin, "The Ferengi bartender from the station Parin," He answered.

=/\="Thank you sir. We will keep this comm line open in case we need to have you both evacuate."=/\=

Howard heard the comm line click before he went back to his Ferengi friend, "I concur with you," He admitted quickly. "I didn't think we'd be in any danger down here on the planet, but it appears as if we were both wrong."

Parin was looking out the window when he heard Howard coming back then speaking. He turned and looked over his shoulder, "What did Starfleet say?" He asked.

"They are aware of the falling debris, but said nothing about what hit the drydock. I didn't bother asking them in the first place," Howard sighed heavily before finding a seat. "Is the debris still falling out there?" He asked.

Parin nodded his head slowly, "It is but none of it appears to be falling onto the beach or in the water. There's no way to tell just how long that will last, but we'll stay up tonight and keep an eye out for it." He turned around and leaned back.

Once Parin was somewhat comfortable he sighed heavily and dropped his shoulders, "It would have been safer to stay on my homeworld," He commented quickly. It was the second time he had said it, but Parin knew it to be true.

Howard nodded solemnly, "Earth is looking pretty good right now if I were to be completely honest," He stated. He looked out the window past the Ferengi bartender. He didn't know which ship it was, but he had a sinking feeling that it was one of the Starfleet ships.

Parin shrugged, "Anywhere but here is looking better," He admitted. Parin knew that to be the case and expected no argument from Howard as he turned around and looked out the window again. He just hoped that none of the falling debris hit the hut.


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