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Concern of The Cohen

Posted on Sun Jan 5th, 2020 by James Cohen [Izal] & Taiba Vokan [Izal] & Mia Cohen [Hayashi] & Rose Cohen [Grayson] & Tyler Cohen [Pizal]

Mission: Episode 5 - Past Consequence
Location: Vokan's Cafe, Javelin City
Timeline: Day 01, 2003
1104 words - 2.2 OF Standard Post Measure

Taiba found herself staring up towards the sky for the umpteenth time in the past two hours. From what she understood all of the civilians had been evacuated from the station and they were allegedly safer. But, the Farian woman didn't feel like she was really any safer.

Taiba sighed heavily as she tried to go back to distracting herself with tasks of cleaning the main part of her cafe. It amazed her how quickly things in her life had changed and now she found herself thinking about the situation. Any moment there would be a space battle above her head. She looked up, "If the battle hasn't already begun..."

James had been watching out the window almost immediately after the debris had started to fall. He looked back inside the cafe, "The battle has begun or at least it probably began a while ago," He confirmed.

Rose sighed heavily, "I wonder how things are going?" She asked. Rose was unaware that it was her friends who were responsible for the way the entire system had turned into a battleground. "Hopefully we are winning against them," She commented.

James said nothing to his daughter about how debris had fallen from the sky after the ship had crashed into the drydock. The cafe was undamaged for the time being. "Maybe..." He said quietly.

Tyler came back inside, "Dad you may want to look at this," He said and directed his father's attention outside. "Something happened while I was out back putting the trash in the recycle bin," He commented.

Mia looked at her son before getting up from the table where she had been sitting and went outside, "What is it?" She asked him as she stepped outside.

"There was an explosion and..." Tyler pointed up towards the sky.

Taiba looked up and immediately she gasped, "That's the space station!" She said when she noticed that it was now barreling towards the planet. "They knocked the space station out of orbit..." She looked towards the others in horror.

=/\="Attention all residents of Javelin City please take shelter immediately... This is not a drill!"=/\=

Rose heard the voice over the loudspeakers throughout the city and what sounded like an air raid siren blasting behind it. She looked towards her father as dread began to flood through the core of her being, "That is going to hit the city." She said while pointing towards the sky.

She grabbed her brother by the arm, "Where are we supposed to go?" She asked her parents while looking directly towards them, "What are we supposed to do?"

Mia looked at her children before placing her hands on each of their shoulders, "Come," She said and led them back inside of the cafe, "There's an underground cellar," She said. Mia looked towards Taiba, "Right? They put one under the cafe?"

Taiba was too mesmerized by the falling station and it took her a moment before she had finally answered the question. "Yes," She nodded her head quickly and made her way inside, "If you would follow me." She told them.

Mia took both of her children by the hand and led them back inside, "Just remain calm everything will be perfectly fine," She stated to each of them.

Rose didn't resist as she was led back inside, but she was looking straight up towards the sky. The station was plummeting towards the planet at an unknown speed. The fourteen year old could think of nothing other than the people who were on the station.

Tyler felt himself being pulled and at first he did try to resist. He wanted to watch the station as it fell out of orbit towards the planet even if it was dangerous. He didn't realize how strong his mother was as he was pulled inside however.

Taiba led them down into the cellar of the cafe. Once inside she had latched the door behind them and found a place to sit. They could still hear the sirens outside and tried her best to remain calm. "We just need to try and relax everything will be fine."

James nodded, "Taiba is right," He said and he took his wife and two children into his arms. "Everything will be all right," He told them quietly. The rumbling outside was getting louder and soon it had drowned out the sirens that were blaring. Then as if almost immediately after there was a loud noise outside and the ground trembled.

It felt as if an earthquake had started inside of the cellar and Rose closed her eyes tightly. She made a slight squeak noise as she pressed herself into the arms of her family and held on tightly. The noise continued for what seemed to be an eternity before it had finally stopped.

"Is it over?" She asked them.

Mia held onto the two children, "I think so," She looked towards James. "Someone should go outside and see if it's over?" She questioned almost suggestively.

"I'll go," Tyler said. He was curious as to what it looked like outside and had even started to pull himself away from his family. "I want to see what it looks like outside."

James shook his head, "Stay here with your Mom and sister," He told his younger child. James kissed each of them on top of the head and looked towards Taiba, "I'll be back." He said and didn't wait around for her to respond.

Taiba looked at the others, "I'm sure everything is alright outside," She said even if she did have a gut wrenching thought that it wasn't the case. There had just been a large station crashing into the side of the planet.

Mia nodded as she held onto Rose, "Taiba is right I'm sure everything is alright," She said. Mia immediately knew that the battle had not been going well if the entire space station had just been sent into the side of the planet. She kissed the top of her children's head and waited.

Rose tried to smile before reaching out and grabbing Tyler by the hand, "Come." She told him.

Tyler groaned as he went back to his sister and mother, "I really wanted to see what it looks like outside." He said and made himself comfortable next to them both.

James had returned a moment later, "It's bad," He said not afraid to frighten the others. "We are safe where we are, but I can see the fires from the building. There's so much smoke that the air is hazy I'm not sure what the damage is... But, it's not good." He sat down.


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