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Damage Control Spot Check

Posted on Tue Dec 10th, 2019 by Lieutenant Brandon Kerr & Lieutenant Commander S'Toriin & Lieutenant Commander Sinjohl Tagorn & Lieutenant Courtney Mackenzie & Lieutenant Jessica Kingsley & Lieutenant Mia Grayson

Mission: Episode 5 - Past Consequence
Location: Operations, Vidal Fleet Yards
Timeline: Day 01, 1844
1134 words - 2.3 OF Standard Post Measure

S'Toriin entered operations to see some of the engineering personnel and operations personnel already in place. He placed his hands behind his back and flashed a tooth filled grin, "Status report?"

Brandon looked up from the nearby console, "The damage control teams are in place. Damage control lockers are reporting that everything is operating and functioning normally as well." He spun around and crossed his arms immediately.

"Sir," Brandon began, "If I may ask a question please?"

S'Toriin shrugged his shoulders, "Most certainly go ahead," The Chief Operations Officer stated to the engineer. He remained with the same general posture.

Brandon nodded, "With all due respect sir," He began and immediately feared where this question was going next, "Why are we waiting for them to bring the fight to us why are we not bringing the fight to them?"

Courtney was working on a nearby console when she heard the question and looked towards Brandon for a moment. It was an interesting question to be sure, but he was an engineering officer. And, Courtney considered him to be a very dear friend to boot.

"We are engineering officers not tactical officers, nor are we marines," Courtney told him. She couldn't help herself in this moment, but to answer the question before her superior officer had the chance.

S'Toriin's facial features seemed to steadily soften slightly, "As Lieutenant Mackenzie pointed out, we are not tactical officers nor are we marines." S'Toriin commented, "However, that doesn't fully answer the question now does it?"

The question was rhetorical and S'Toriin continued to make his statement, "We do not know the motivations of these attackers. And, we do not have the ships to spare if we were to be pushed backwards to the station. Sometimes it is best, more tactically sound, to allow the enemy to come to the door."

Tagorn thought the question was interesting and even looked towards Mia who, at one time, was a tactical and security officer herself. Before she switched back to engineering that was. "We just have to be patient and trust in the decisions that are being given to us."

Mia made her way from one end of operations to the other, "You see Lieutenant," She said quietly after patting him on the shoulder ever so gently. "The station's defensive network and the two orbital platforms will help provide additional support to the starships that are on their way.

"We are also waiting it out to see if there is a solution to this problem outside of combat procedures," She commented. "I commend you for asking the question though."

Brandon tapped the base of his chin as he considered the answers to the question that he had asked. They had all made valid points that seemed to argue against what his line of thinking was. "Fair enough," He stated.

Jessica made her way inside of Operations having missed the entire conversation, "Charlie section is reporting an issue with the parameter defenses." She stated. "The weapons grid isn't coming online like it's meant to."

S'Toriin bit down on his lip and groaned, "Lieutenant Sinjohl?" He asked.

Tagorn nodded, "I'm on it," He said and looked towards Courtney and Mia, "Would you both be so kind as to come and assist me? Charlie section is just down the corridor. It's not all that far away."

Mia nodded, "Certainly sir," She stated and headed for the door.

Courtney patted Brandon on the shoulder, "In time you'll understand that they are right," She whispered quietly. When Courtney had come to the station it was with the intent of working on starships not fighting a war.

It would seem that Courtney was not going to get her wish after all and only a few short moments ago had recorded a message she never dreamed of doing. The message was to her family letting them know that she loved them dearly she just hoped they never saw it.

Brandon allowed for a weak smile, "Thank you," He whispered back before turning his attention to the Commander. "I apologize if my question seemed inappropriate or anything sir," He stated.

The Chief Operations Officer shook his head, "Not at all Lieutenant," He said. "When I was a younger officer I often questioned some of the decisions made by my superiors. There is nothing wrong with such a thing, but where we run into trouble is when we blindly follow those orders.

"You see," S'Toriin continued, "Sometimes when we get orders that could be dangerous it comes back to bite us. We've seen it all through Federation history. It's in those moments where we question the orders we're given that we come to better understand a situation."

Jessica looked at the Commander and tilted her head slightly. That was a strange way to look at it because throughout her Academy days she heard a different story. She said nothing instead wondering how the more junior officer Brandon Kerr would respond.

Brandon nodded his head, "I suppose I was always led to believe that we aren't supposed to question our orders. We are supposed to follow them blindly if we must then move on."

S'Toriin nodded, "Aye," He answered the young officer. "In combat situations it may be prudent that we don't question the orders we are given. But, when we are on the edge of a combat situation questions can make all the difference.

"You see Lieutenant questions allow us to understand each other better," S'Toriin told him, "They allow us to make minimal amounts of mistakes if any at all."

Mia came back into the room, "Whatever the issue was it's all fixed now," She said and shrugged her shoulders. "We should have our damage control teams begin checking in."

"I agree," Courtney said.

S'Toriin was already on it, "Lieutenant Kingsley and Sinjohl you should also get yourselves into position," He stated. The two officers would be taking up different points. The whole idea was to help alleviate anything that may arise during combat operations.

Tagorn didn't argue as he saw little point in doing so, "I understand Commander," He said and started towards the door once more. "Good luck," He told them.

Jessica followed behind Tagorn, "Hopefully we don't need it," She said quietly and headed through the doorway. "Hopefully we don't need it."

Courtney watched them both go before she turned, "I'm heading to my repair locker," She said quickly. "I'll be there should anyone need anything from me," She gave one more telling smile to Brandon before leaving.

Brandon had a bad feeling as he watched Courtney leave them, but he couldn't quite decide what it was, nor why he was having it. All he knew was that the feeling wouldn't go away. No matter how much he tried to think about something else. Anything else.


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