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Rise To Power

Posted on Fri Dec 13th, 2019 by Teagan Hoseki [Izal] & Elizabeth de Planca [Stevenson]

Mission: Episode 5 - Past Consequence
Location: Quarters, The Nightmare
Timeline: Day 01, 1849
1580 words - 3.2 OF Standard Post Measure

Teagan had her arms crossed over her chest as she stood there in the entryway to the set of quarters. Her shoulder pressed into the entrance, "Are you ready for what we must do?" Teagan asked. The younger girl couldn't believe that it had been ten years since they had been taken.

It was so strange to her to think that nobody ever came to attempt to rescue the girls and here they were. It wasn't something that she could understand, but there was Teagan standing there behind Elizabeth. Her question had been asked and all she could do was wait.

"I don't know if I'm more angry that nobody ever came back into the past to rescue us," Teagan continued as she began to look at her fingernails, "Or, that Tra'Pel treated us the way she did for said ten years..."

Elizabeth had been trying to meditate and center herself before the biggest fight of her life. She had to make certain no mistakes were made and when she heard the voice behind her, Elizabeth kept her eyes closed. "I'm ready to get revenge on them yes," She nodded her head.

"But, most importantly," Elizabeth continued, "I'm ready to get revenge on Tra'Pel," She said and rotated around. She remained seated and opened her eyes before waving the girl to come in the rest of the way. "Our families may not have gone and rescued us, but it was Tra'Pel who took us."

She considered her next words very carefully, "I have every intention of killing Tra'Pel as soon as I have the first opportunity to do so. But, first we need to focus on the job ahead. There is a station for us to take then a Federation to take down," Elizabeth was very calm as she spoke.

Teagan walked inside of the room and sat down, pulled her legs in so that she was sitting with them crossed. She placed both hands on her knees and tilted her head slightly. "You intend on killing her?" Teagan asked somewhat rhetorically.

"What do you think that'll solve?" Teagan asked the second question as she thought over the question itself. She slid forward, "Do you really think that Tra'Pel's followers will follow us?"

Elizabeth didn't consider that to me much in the way of a threat to her, "If anyone resists my lead they will be eliminated." She remarked and sounded somewhat bored about it. She began to study the back of her hand, "And, I mean anyone."

Elizabeth sighed heavily, "Everyone on this vessel knows how powerful I really am. Remember all the times that we ever spared against each other? How easily I beat everyone and there was that one man that I killed." She seemed nonchalant as she asked her question.

"How I bloodied Jami's nose?" Elizabeth asked next and thought back to that moment in time. How Elizabeth seemed so bored after that had happened, but at the same time felt somewhat terrible about it. She felt like she'd lived a lifetime in that house.

"I don't really believe at the time I truly meant to do those things," Elizabeth confided in Teagan, "But, they did happen." Elizabeth concluded with a heavy sigh. "So many things have changed since that day though."

Teagan let the other girl talk for a moment and recalled every memory from the horrific torture she had suffered at the hands of Tra'Pel and her minions. Watching Elizabeth lose control numerous times and the people who got hurt after the fact. She knew how dangerous Elizabeth was and perhaps that was why she loved her.

Teagan reached out and took Elizabeth by the hand and squeezed it, "You know what is about to happen is dangerous," She stated quietly. "We may not have another chance after this we don't know what will happen." Teagan released the girl's hand, but not before kissing it.

Elizabeth didn't bother to smile, it had been so long since she had been able to do so that Elizabeth felt as if she'd forgotten how to do so. Instead she let the electrical sensation course through her body. "They chose their fate when they didn't attempt to rescue us," Elizabeth said bitterly.

Elizabeth crossed her arms over her chest and realized just how much things had changed in that time. Now she was twenty three years old and it felt like just yesterday she was thirteen. Time travel made no sense at all, "We were taken back into time to affect this moment," Elizabeth muttered.

She looked at Teagan, "The point still stands everyone who gets in my way is going to die. But, not until after I've put them through the same hell that I've been through." Elizabeth reached up and ran her finger tips over the scar that was on her cheek. It was just one of many marks on her body from the torment.

"I will never understand anything," Elizabeth finally admitted. "Never anything at all..."

Teagan couldn't emotionally feel the torment that Elizabeth was experiencing, but the anger was written all over her face. "There really is little point in dwelling on what was. Now we can only focus on what will be," She told the other girl.

Teagan was now twenty two years old and her anxiety of others was long past. She had become an expert in manipulation of others and hand to hand combat. These were the two things that made her the most dangerous of them all, "Remember how we were all going to be given those implants?" She asked suddenly.

"Remember how Tra'Pel chose against it because she saw just how powerful you became?" Teagan asked the other girl. "I think it was in that moment that she realized just how much we were a threat to her."

Elizabeth remembered that and remembered being thankful that the other girls didn't end up with the implants. But, it wasn't the pain she had felt that pushed her to that belief. No, it was the jealousy she had of the other girls. She saw them as a threat just as much as Tra'Pel did.

Elizabeth liked having the power she had gained and now she was able to crush starships like they were soda cans. Elizabeth hadn't tested the full might of her abilities. The nose bleed from earlier was nothing compared to the damage it would do to her if she over extended her abilities.

"I remember that," Elizabeth admitted finally, "I remember how thankful I was that Tra'Pel didn't do that to you three. The implant wasn't compatible with Jami's physiology at all either." Elizabeth told the other girl. "Now here we are," She commented.

Elizabeth knew that she was right they were right there. In just a few short minutes from now the fleet would be dropping out of warp near the station and the stage would be set. "Are you ready?" She asked the same question that Teagan had already asked.

Teagan nodded, "As ready as I'm going to be," She commented quickly. She looked at the console behind Elizabeth to see the chronometer on it. Then looked out the window to see the stars fluttering past the ship. Nearby some of the other starships were present.

"I was thankful that they didn't put that implant in my head either," Teagan told Elizabeth quietly. "I know how much of a struggle it was when you were younger. I know how much Tra'Pel exploited you for it over the past ten or so years." She sighed heavily, "Not much longer..." She whispered.

=/\="All hands to stations."=/\=

Elizabeth looked up towards the communications system, "I suppose we should get up and get out of here." She said before pressing her hands to the deck and standing up. She extended her hand out so that Teagan could take it, "It's now or never," Elizabeth concluded.

Teagan took the hand and pulled herself up to her feet. "Yes, now or never," She responded. Teagan wrapped her arms around Elizabeth and hugged her, "I promise not to say anything about your plans," She told the taller girl. "Not a word."

Elizabeth returned the hug and kissed Teagan on the top of the head, "I know you won't say a word." She whispered into Teagan's ear. In the back of Elizabeth's head she was thinking something entirely, 'Because you know if you betray me I'll kill you.'

Teagan released her hug and took Elizabeth by the hand once more, "Let's go," She said quietly. Teagan could see the fire in Elizabeth's eyes as the two of them went through the door. Teagan also was curious as to exactly when Elizabeth was planning on doing what she had said she was going to do.

Teagan wanted to see Elizabeth rise to power because Teagan knew that her own standing would improve. Since Elizabeth had been separated from Rose so long ago Teagan and Elizabeth ended up together. It wasn't anything she ever expected. Not in her wildest dreams did Teagan think that Elizabeth and her would end up with this relationship.

Teagan had decided a long time ago that she wouldn't change that part of it for the universe. Teagan also knew that she would never betray Elizabeth for she loved the other girl. Teagan loved the other girl more deeply than she had ever loved anyone in her life. And, that was the most important part of all.


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