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Station In Distress

Posted on Fri Dec 13th, 2019 by Lieutenant Commander Novra Bostru & Lieutenant Commander Suzanne Fairchild M.D. & Lieutenant Commander Leyla Aiman-Tamar & Lieutenant Brandon Kerr

Mission: Episode 5 - Past Consequence
Location: Bridge, USS Janitza
Timeline: Day 01, 1849
1010 words - 2 OF Standard Post Measure

Commander Zoya made her way out of the Ready Room onto the bridge, looking towards her first officer. "Commander Gringott, status?"

Fiona was sitting in the center seat when she heard her name and the Commanding Officer coming out of her ready room, "We are presently on patrol less than one half light year from the starbase."

The Exec got up and switched to her own seat so that the Commander could take her rightful place at the center of the bridge. "The USS Anacreon is operating nearby as well," She commented next, "So far it seems as if everything is quiet."

"You may want to rethink that sir," The voice was Lieutenant Lorr. The Bolian Tactical Officer remarked suddenly from his console. "We are picking up a message from Starbase eight twelve," He stated.

Sitting down in her normal seat, Linh looked to Lorr. "Put the message through, Lieutenant. Sounds like our quiet day could get busier."

"Aye sir," Brott responded and activated the communications system. It took a moment before the sound finally came through as the message was audio only from the looks of things.

=/\="This if Vidal Fleet Yards Control to all vessels operating near the Ivaldi Three system. There is a large hostile force heading towards the system and we require reinforcements."=/\=

"The message repeats," Brott said after cutting the transmission.

Ensign Sanders turned and looked at both the Commander and Lieutenant Commander, "It sounds to me like they are in trouble. Could this be that attack force that may have been responsible for that freighter's destruction?" He asked and swallowed hard.

Fiona looked at the helmsman then towards the Commander, "There's only one way to find out I suppose," She said. Fiona looked at the green Ensign, "Just relax Sanders we've been through worse," She commented.

Brott nodded, "That's right everything will be just fine," The Bolian looked from his console towards the two officers at the middle of the bridge. "Based on this the Ivaldi System is less than twenty five minutes from our present location if we utilize emergency warp."

He took a breath, "The USS Anacreon is dispatching a message as well. They are confirming the request for reinforcements and are preparing to go to warp." Brott commented.

Fiona nodded, "Captain?"

"Let's get ourselves to the Ivaldi System, emergency warp. They wouldn't ask for help if they didn't need it," Zoya stated as she sat back, "Be ready with the shields, and put the ship on red alert."

Fiona nodded, "Aye sir," She said before looking towards the Chief Tactical and Security Officer. "You heard the Captain Lieutenant Lorr." She looked back towards the front.

"Understood," Came the voice of Brott and after a moment the ship's readiness had changed. The Klaxons began to flash red all across the bridge and the sound of the alert could be heard as well. "I'm bringing the shields online and weapons will be fully charged as well."

"Setting the course now," Marco Sanders responded from the helm. He increased the speed of the ship to the maximum warp setting and engaged the warp engines. The ship flashed and jumped into subspace as indicated by the viewer in front of him.

"We will arrive at the station in under fifteen minutes," The Operations Officer said across the bridge. "I don't know if that will be enough time to get there before the enemy ships arrive sir." She commented with a heavy sigh. "We may want to plan like we are going to go in firing."

"That is a real possibility," Brott responded from the tactical station.

Fiona nodded her head once more, "Do you think that the large force is in any way related to those chroniton particles that the runabout from Starbase eight twelve detected?"

"It is very possible. Without more information, however, we won't know for sure. Let's just get ourselves there and hope we don't actually end up in a firefight."

"It most likely has something to do with the missing girls," Brott stated. "We still have few details, but the station did report on the freighter a little bit ago and if that large force was responsible..." His voice seemingly trailed away from him.

Linh nodded, "Then we have to hope that we can help get those girls back. None of us like hearing abut missing children, I know it's got me on edge."

"I'm sure they are working on that now," Fiona said quietly. She looked at the viewer and thought quietly to herself about the situation. Fiona had seen combat operations before, but their green behind the ears helmsman hadn't before now.

Marco swallowed hard as he thought about what lay ahead of them, "We are going into combat..." He mentioned under his breath. It was a quiet sounding voice with little reassurances.

Fiona stood up and walked to the front of the bridge, placed her hand on his shoulder, and leaned forward. "Relax Ensign everything will be fine. Focus on your job and your orders we'll get through this together," She told him. "And, most importantly, don't forget to breathe."

"Aye sir," Marco whispered back.

Brott could tell that the Ensign was nervous, he just hoped that Ensign Sanders relaxed and followed commands well. Otherwise they may need to consider grabbing another helmsman from somewhere else.

Fiona turned and looked at the Lieutenant at the tactical station, but said nothing to him. She nodded her head as if knowing what he was back there thinking. Fiona returned her gaze back to the Ensign, "Just do your job we'll get through this."

Fiona patted him on the shoulder again before turning around and returning to her seat. There wasn't a whole lot that they could do about a green Ensign right now. At least not for the moment anyway...

Commander Linh Zoya
Written by: Lieutenant Leyla Aiman-Tamar

Lieutenant Commander Fiona Gringott
Written by: Lieutenant Novra Bostru

Lieutenant Brott Lorr
Written by: Lieutenant Suzanne Fairchild M.D.

Ensign Marco Sanders
Written by: Lieutenant JG Brandon Kerr


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