Episode 18 - Half A Life

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Two races, the Charzu and the Drezenians. While, the Charzu are visiting Vidal Fleet Yards and conducting second contact procedures with the crew of the station they maintain a secret. The Charzu want to join the Federation despite having only recently discovered warp travel capabilities. But their secret may be just enough to prevent them from being eligible to join and therefore their vessel is off limits to the crew. Meanwhile, the Drezenians are trying to learn more about the Federation by borrowing some of the people from the planet...

Mission Group Season 4
Start Date Sat May 28th, 2022

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
Belphan Secrets
by Lieutenant Gavin MacIntyre & Lieutenant Commander Manuel de Planca & Lieutenant JG Elle Hayashi & Lieutenant JG Valencia Roma [Grayson]
Day 2 at 1022 Belphan Vault, Ivaldi IV Moon
by Elizabeth de Planca [Stevenson] & Danielle MacIntyre & Ashley de Planca [S'Toriin] & Bianca Bancroft [Gelo]
Day 2 at 0933 de Planca House, Javelin City
by Lieutenant Courtney Mackenzie & Lieutenant Brandon Kerr & Lieutenant Mia Grayson
Day 2 at 0619 Main Engineering, USS Marco Polo
by Captain Neela Izal & Commander Jordyn de Planca
Day 1 at 1739 Centurion Dwalvok's Office, VRS Ghral
Grand Palace
by Jami Bostru & Matthias Cohen [Belmont] & Owen Grayson [S'Toriin] & Dillon Reade [M. de Planca] & Leah Reade [Mackenzie] & Todd Bancroft [Kingsley] & Sohna Vem [Hayashi] & T'Vral [Moneaux]
Day 1 at 1600 Transport Ship, Drezenia
Alliances Can Be Uneasy
by Nika Tiutchev [Dawson] & Jade Engstrom
Day 1 at 1430 Club Tuitchev, Vidal Fleet Yards
Initial Impressions Are Key
by Captain Neela Izal & Commander Jordyn de Planca & Commander Stephen O'Malley M.D. & Lieutenant Commander S'Toriin & Lieutenant Jessica Kingsley
Day 1 at 1315 Airlock 22, Vidal Fleet Yards
Alter Universe
by Matthias Cohen [Belmont] & Owen Grayson [S'Toriin] & Dillon Reade [M. de Planca] & Todd Bancroft [Kingsley]
Day 1 at 1244 Boys Dormitory, Drezenia
Best of Intentions
by Commander Stephen O'Malley M.D. & Allyson Bancroft [D. MacIntyre] & Sam Bancroft [Belmont]
Day 1 at 1210 Chief Medical Officer's Office, Vidal Fleet Yards
Something Unusual
by Lieutenant R'Toren & Lieutenant Brandon Kerr
Day 1 at 1101 Main Engineering, USS Becker
Crisis of Identity
by Lieutenant JG Thalen ch'Shraalik [Kingsley] & Lieutenant Jhelana M.D.[J. de Planca]
Day 1 at 1049 Vokan Café, Javelin City
Life's Artifact
by Lieutenant Commander Kelsi Dawson & Commander Stephen O'Malley M.D.
Day 1 at 1033 Infirmary, Vidal Fleet Yards
More Than A Bit Odd
by Elizabeth de Planca [Stevenson] & Riley MacIntyre
Day 1 at 1019 Study Hall 45B, Javelin City High School
Oddities of Duty
by Lieutenant Jessica Kingsley & Lieutenant Commander Novra Bostru
Day 1 at 1015 Guest Quarters, Vidal Fleet Yards
A Blue Fool
by Braxton Croyle [O'Malley] & Trax Balar [Belmont]
Day 1 at 0942 Croyle's Office, Javelin City
Office Spaces
by Lieutenant Commander S'Toriin & Lieutenant Commander Tolam Pizal
Day 1 at 0912 Chief Strategic Operations Officer's Office, Vidal Fleet Yards
Another Dimension
by Leah Reade [Mackenzie] & Jami Bostru & Sohna Vem [Hayashi] & T'Vral [Moneaux]
Day 1 at 0833 Girls Dormitory, Drezenia
When It All Falls Apart
by Captain Neela Izal & Commander Jordyn de Planca
Day 1 at 0640 Captain's Ready Room, Vidal Fleet Yards

Mission Summary

The Charzu are an alien race that had only made first contact with the United Federation of Planets one month earlier. As it turns out the Charzu have also only recently gained the technology necessary to achieve warp drive and have only been constructing starships for a little over a decade. When Vidal Fleet Yards is determined to be the site of future talks between the Charzu and the Federation, the crew are ecstatic about it.

In a pocket universe an entire race, known as the Drezenians, have figured out a way to get into the Milky Way Galaxy in order to observe life there. The Drezenians also do not begin life as children and in fact the concept is completely alien to them. When they notice that the people living on a space station and the planet it orbits have miniature versions of themselves they decide to investigate in the only way they know how.

Two races, one is known to the United Federation of Planets and the other is not. The Charzu will do anything they can to hide their greatest secret from the Federation while the Drezenians will go to great lengths to learn more about these small humanoids that appear to be smaller copies of the bigger humanoids. The Charzu forbid the Federation from boarding their ship despite mounting suspicions, while the crew are unaware that some of their children have been replaced by copies…