Episode 14 - Synthesis

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The Drekkonians have lived in their city of New Drekor for a millenia undetected from the Belphans, from the Ivaldians, and from Starfleet and the Federation. An entire city turned into a small underwater civilization. Unaware that four years passed in the blink of an eye... That the entire planet that has become their makeshift homeworld has moved from the Alpha Quadrant to the Delta Quadrant. The Drekkonian culture has remained completely undetected... Until now.

Mission Group Season 3
Start Date Sat May 22nd, 2021

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
Patience, An Intolerable Trait
by Commander Yvanka Dravex & Lieutenant Pobrin Izar Ph.D.
Day 2 at 1058 Izar Home, Javelin City
by Lieutenant Commander S'Toriin & Captain Neela Izal & Commander Iazil Naadel & Commander Yvanka Dravex & Lieutenant Commander Jordyn de Planca & Lieutenant Reid Hoseki
Day 2 at 0918 Planetary Operations, Starfleet Medical Center
Consent To Heal
by Lieutenant Pobrin Izar Ph.D. & Chief Petty Officer Merissa Reade [Gelo] & Allyson Bancroft [D. MacIntyre]
Day 2 at 0722 Izar's Office, Starfleet Medical Center
Cards At Midnight
by Lieutenant R'Toren & Lieutenant Brandon Kerr & Lieutenant Courtney Mackenzie & Lieutenant Mia Grayson
Day 1 at 2358 Replimat Area, Unknown Alien Station
Council of Four
by Commander Chelsea McDanielson & Commander Iazil Naadel & Commander Yvanka Dravex & Lieutenant Commander Jordyn de Planca
Day 1 at 2159 Imperium Halls, New Dekor
The Senior Debriefing
by Captain Neela Izal & Commander Iazil Naadel & Commander Chelsea McDanielson & Commander Jeffery Washington & Commander Yvanka Dravex & Commander Stephen O'Malley M.D. & Lieutenant Commander Gredrol Son of Osham & Lieutenant Commander S'Toriin & Lieutenant Commander Kara Stevenson Ph.D. & Lieutenant Reid Hoseki
Day 1 at 1600 Briefing Room, Starfleet Medical Center
Partnered Up
by Kayla Holtz [Naadel] & Elizabeth de Planca [Stevenson]
Day 1 at 1539 de Planca House, Javelin City
Newly Founded Conclusions
by Lieutenant JG Korti Jaiba [Fairchild] & Cassidy Washington [McDanielson]
Day 1 at 1444 Medical Lab 6, Starfleet Medical Center
Dangerous Negotiations
by Braxton Croyle [O'Malley] & Varrick [Gredrol] & Sam Bancroft [Izar] & Vance Bechtel [G. MacIntyre] & Prailir Kalma [Kerr]
Day 1 at 1405 Intuitive Technologies Offices, Javelin City
The "New" Normal
by Howard Morgan [Izar] & Parin [M. de Planca]
Day 1 at 1200 Parin's Bar, Javelin City
by Petty Officer 2nd Class Melody Sullivan [J. Bostru] & Captain Neela Izal
Day 1 at 0930 Captain's Office, Starfleet Medical Center
Lights, Camera, Sparks
by Lieutenant Commander S'Toriin & Lieutenant Commander Tolam Pizal & Lieutenant Commander Sinjohl Tagorn & Lieutenant R'Toren
Day 1 at 0836 Engineering Section, Alien Space Station
Over A Tea Leaf
by Chief Petty Officer Merissa Reade [Gelo] & Lieutenant Commander Jordyn de Planca & Allyson Bancroft [D. MacIntyre]
Day 1 at 0730 Vokan Café, Javelin City

Mission Summary

Starfleet personnel and civilians alike on Ivaldia have begun to finally settle in and accept their situation in the Delta Quadrant. It is now four years into the future and they have become very isolated indeed. In an attempt to learn why the planet has become so geologically unstable Captain Neela Izal and her crew took a big gamble that paid off. However, a deep chasm and ruin were found in the bid to place a sensor probe onto the planetary core.

The ruin is that of an alien starship that appears to have crashed a millenia ago, but there is no sign of the survivors in the initial exploration of the crash site. After a week of further study the crew now know of the existence of an underwater city, however, it is most likely abandoned by now. After modifying a runabout to operate underwater Starfleet is stunned to find a sprawling city on the planet.

The Drekkonians have lived on Ivaldia for over a millenia unaware that anyone but themselves lived there. They are more stunned to find that the planet is now in a completely different galactic quadrant than before. First Contact between Starfleet and the Drekkonian government goes well, but they have a problem. And, the two groups have to find some way to continue to co-exist on a planet that they both now share…