Season 3

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Included Missions

Episode 13 - Degrees of Separation

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Following the encounter with Doctor Travis Cunningham, the crew of Starbase 812 are aware of two new species. The Belphans, who were once considered a sub-race of the Ivaldians, and the Fin'ul. Both of these powerful beings formed two parts of the Council of Ivaldia. Now, following their decision to displace Ivaldia after the destruction of the Ivaldi System, the crew of Starbase 812 are thousands of light years away. Now, they must start over and learn how to survive in this new environment...

Episode 14 - Synthesis

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The Drekkonians have lived in their city of New Drekor for a millenia undetected from the Belphans, from the Ivaldians, and from Starfleet and the Federation. An entire city turned into a small underwater civilization. Unaware that four years passed in the blink of an eye... That the entire planet that has become their makeshift homeworld has moved from the Alpha Quadrant to the Delta Quadrant. The Drekkonian culture has remained completely undetected... Until now.