Season 1

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Included Missions

Episode 1 - Ivaldi

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In 2383 a new system was discovered and charted. Two years later Starfleet started construction on a new Fleet Yard and mining facilities. Completion of the new yards was in early 2389 and one week later the station was officially commissioned...

Episode 2 - Hologram Rising

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Life on the station and the planet have steadily begun to normalize as the influx of civilians and Starfleet personnel have started to level out. Friendships between the people who have decided to make a life in the Ivaldi system have started to form...

Episode 3 - Queen of Hearts

Post Count: 130

The science team discover an archive with a plethora of information on the Ivaldi people, however, much of it has been corrupted. What remains is some historical information and weapons research and development that the team bring back to the station to analyze. The science team also discover something else...

Episode 4 - A Fresh Start

Post Count: 108

One month has passed since the Onnar arrived suddenly in the Ivaldi System and the Heart Gem exploded. Commodore Neela Izal has taken command of the station in place of Commodore Wesley Holtz who was injured in the explosion and forced into medical retirement. Commander Chelsea McDanielson has been made the Commanding Officer of the Starfleet detachment on the surface with Lieutenant Commander Jordyn de Planca taking on Executive Officer. While, the engineering crews continue to work on the starships that are in their tender care the USS Becker is sent on her first mission away from the station. A freighter has begun emitting a distress signal and is in need of assistance. Another science team deploys this time to the moon in orbit of Ivaldi IV where they discover something that will shake the foundation and understanding of who the Ivaldians were...

Episode 5 - Past Consequence

Post Count: 156

Sixteen years after the Dominion wiped out most of the Maquis one of the former members is ready for revenge. Beginning with the kidnapping of Elizabeth de Planca, Teagan Hoseki, Kayla Holtz, and Jami Bostru...