Episode 18 - Half A Life

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Two races, the Charzu and the Drezenians. While, the Charzu are visiting Vidal Fleet Yards and conducting second contact procedures with the crew of the station they maintain a secret. The Charzu want to join the Federation despite having only recently discovered warp travel capabilities. But their secret may be just enough to prevent them from being eligible to join and therefore their vessel is off limits to the crew. Meanwhile, the Drezenians are trying to learn more about the Federation by borrowing some of the people from the planet...

Part of Season 4

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Episode 1 - Ivaldi

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In 2383 a new system was discovered and charted. Two years later Starfleet started construction on a new Fleet Yard and mining facilities. Completion of the new yards was in early 2389 and one week later the station was officially commissioned...

Part of Season 1

Episode 2 - Hologram Rising

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Life on the station and the planet have steadily begun to normalize as the influx of civilians and Starfleet personnel have started to level out. Friendships between the people who have decided to make a life in the Ivaldi system have started to form...

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Episode 3 - Queen of Hearts

Post Count: 130

The science team discover an archive with a plethora of information on the Ivaldi people, however, much of it has been corrupted. What remains is some historical information and weapons research and development that the team bring back to the station to analyze. The science team also discover something else...

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Episode 4 - A Fresh Start

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One month has passed since the Onnar arrived suddenly in the Ivaldi System and the Heart Gem exploded. Commodore Neela Izal has taken command of the station in place of Commodore Wesley Holtz who was injured in the explosion and forced into medical retirement. Commander Chelsea McDanielson has been made the Commanding Officer of the Starfleet detachment on the surface with Lieutenant Commander Jordyn de Planca taking on Executive Officer. While, the engineering crews continue to work on the starships that are in their tender care the USS Becker is sent on her first mission away from the station. A freighter has begun emitting a distress signal and is in need of assistance. Another science team deploys this time to the moon in orbit of Ivaldi IV where they discover something that will shake the foundation and understanding of who the Ivaldians were...

Part of Season 1

Episode 5 - Past Consequence

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Sixteen years after the Dominion wiped out most of the Maquis one of the former members is ready for revenge. Beginning with the kidnapping of Elizabeth de Planca, Teagan Hoseki, Kayla Holtz, and Jami Bostru...

Part of Season 1

Episode 6 - Far From Home

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Two months after the kidnapping of Elizabeth de Planca, Jami Bostru, Kayla Holtz, and Teagan Hoseki life in the Ivaldi System seems to have returned to normal. Neela has given birth to Lauren Izal and as such most of her time is spent taking care of her infant daughter. The crew of Ivaldi have been reshuffled into new positions. Now as routine begins to settle in for Vidal Fleet Yards a visitor from another galaxy is getting ever closer to their location...

Part of Season 2

Episode 7 - When Worlds Collide

Post Count: 230

The USS Haeva is conducting tests on a newly designed sensor suite when the Terra Novans report that a science team researching a recently discovered artifact have gone missing. The personnel aboard the Haeva rush off to find out what happened to the missing research team in the Terra Nova system. It quickly becomes a double rescue mission when several officers from the ship end up trapped in the science lab. Meanwhile, back on Vidal Fleet Yards things get really weird when the holo-emitters and holosuite malfunctions resulting in dinosaurs roaming the station...

Part of Season 2

Episode 8 - Clash of Angels

Post Count: 204

Festivities in the Ivaldi System are in full swing as preparations for the long awaited wedding between the Captain and Director of Medicine is about to take place. Things become intense when Leah Reade becomes influenced by something far more powerful than her young self. And, only one person on the station could possibly have any hope of saving the seven-year-old... Elizabeth de Planca.

Part of Season 2

Episode 9 - Deception

Post Count: 268

It’s the beginning of summer vacation for many of the younger residents of Vidal Fleet Yards and Ivaldi III. That means beaches, tall glasses of lemonade, and spending time with friends and family members. It also means that the long awaited visit from United Federation of Planets President Qax Traht. An unknown alien vessel drops out of warp in the system carrying a single passenger in cryostasis. The child that is aboard the starship appears to be very much human. However, looks can be deceiving...

Part of Season 2

Episode 10 - Ashes to Ashes

Post Count: 206

In the year 2186 a Daedalus-class starship, the USS Avalon, vanished without a trace or reason as to why. All that was known was that this vessel was on a deep space exploration assignment and may have discovered something never seen before. Now centuries later the ship has reappeared in the Ivaldi System without a clue as to why. It could hold the key to understanding the Ortani and a threat that could be faced by the Federation and Starfleet. Meanwhile, what had been meant to be a peaceful event was anything but. Now, Starfleet Security has their hands full trying to investigate the death of the President of the United Federation of Planets while those responsible scramble to cover their tracks...

Part of Season 2

Episode 11 - Summer's End

Post Count: 168

Summer is fast approaching its end for the residents and Starfleet members of Vidal Fleet Yards. Academy cadets have arrived to do some field training and so far everything seems to be going great. But, where is Ensign Raphael Simon?...

Part of Season 2

Episode 12 - When The Bough Breaks

Post Count: 252

Bunec Gholra is a desperate former Cardassian Gul from an old military that was severely crippled by the end of the Dominion War. He became bitter and hopelessly alone after losing his family in the Dominion bombings on Cardassia Prime. It has made him a dangerous man, but not nearly as dangerous as Doctor Travis Cunningham. Cunningham will attempt to bring back the Ortani no matter the cost. Even if it means destroying entire lives, the planet, and even Starbase 812...

Part of Season 2

Episode 13 - Degrees of Separation

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Following the encounter with Doctor Travis Cunningham, the crew of Starbase 812 are aware of two new species. The Belphans, who were once considered a sub-race of the Ivaldians, and the Fin'ul. Both of these powerful beings formed two parts of the Council of Ivaldia. Now, following their decision to displace Ivaldia after the destruction of the Ivaldi System, the crew of Starbase 812 are thousands of light years away. Now, they must start over and learn how to survive in this new environment...

Part of Season 3

Episode 14 - Synthesis

Post Count: 166

The Drekkonians have lived in their city of New Drekor for a millenia undetected from the Belphans, from the Ivaldians, and from Starfleet and the Federation. An entire city turned into a small underwater civilization. Unaware that four years passed in the blink of an eye... That the entire planet that has become their makeshift homeworld has moved from the Alpha Quadrant to the Delta Quadrant. The Drekkonian culture has remained completely undetected... Until now.

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Episode 15 - A Time of Healing

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After weeks of fighting a planetwide crisis that nearly destroyed Ivaldi III and being misplaced in the Delta Quadrant, the crew of Vidal Fleet Yards have returned to the Alpha Quadrant. It's been days since the events of the brief war against the Ortani, but for the people living on the planet it's been a lot longer. Now, they will overcome their time in the Delta Quadrant and the losses suffered in the hands of Travis Cunningham and the Ortani. However, first... So many questions that must be answered.

Part of Season 3

Episode 16 - Genesis Uprising

Post Count: 188

The year 2391 is only a couple weeks old when the freighter Folkestone appears in the Ivaldi System badly in need of repair. The ship had started an extensive journey that started six months earlier in order to reach the Clarus System which included multiple stops. While returning the ship lost contact with Starfleet and following an extensive search could not be located... Until now.

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Episode 17 - Revelations

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Nearly two weeks has passed since the Borg nanite plague was removed from Vidal Fleet Yards. Now, the USS Becker is nearing the Theta Cygni Star System in order to potentially learn where the plague originated from. The culmination of multiple indirect events seems to be finally coming to a head. While, back on the station the crew must deal with a Ship in Distress situation when a Starfleet vessel and freighter collide. Evidence, however, seems to indicate the potential for foul play...

Part of Season 3