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Allyson Bancroft

Name Allyson Maria Bancroft [D. MacIntyre]

Position Bancroft Florists Owner

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 39

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 200 lbs
Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Hazel

Personality & Traits

General Overview Allyson is a quiet and reserved woman who wants nothing more than to see her children grow up and succeed. Despite the setbacks she has suffered, Allyson has always been quick to get back up onto her feet and try her best to recover. She loves her husband, her children, and her extended family. The biggest regret that Allyson has would be the decision to get married the first time to someone who was willing to destroy their marriage. She does not regret having children with that person nor the choice in names.

Personal History Allyson Wallace was born in the year 2351 as the only daughter that Daniel and Denise Wallace would have. She was their youngest child after Brent and Arnold Wallace were both born and grew up having a green thumb. By the time Allyson had reached the age of ten she had planted her own garden on Deneva where the family lived until she was twelve.

At the time she was twelve years old the family decided to move to Terra Nova where she would ultimately graduate high school before attending the university there for botany. During her sophomore year at university Allyson met the man she would ultimately fall in love with. They would end up being married by the time she was twenty-five and attending the university for her Master’s in botany.

At the age of twenty-five and twenty-seven Allyson found out that she was pregnant with Hunter’s children. Their son was named Todd and daughter named Bianca, both for family members of Hunter. When Todd turned three Allyson found out the terrible truth about her husband and what had been happening behind her back for the past three years of their relationship.

Hunter had been having multiple affairs behind her back and had finally confessed to what he’d been doing. He then proceeded to leave their home on Terra Nova following a huge argument, boarded a shuttle, and was never heard from alive again. After the divorce had finalized Hunter ended up being killed. The circumstances surrounding his death remained unknown to Allyson, who at that point had moved on with her life.

Now a single mother Allyson tried her best to make things work for her children. That went on for over a year and a half before she met Sam Bancroft. And, Sam tried his best to make things work for the young mother and two children. In 2383 they were married, and Sam had adopted both Bianca and Todd as his own children. And, by 2389 the family had moved from Terra Nova to Ivaldi III. Allyson opened a floral shop on the station while her husband continued to operate his freighter, the Arcadia, out of the station independently.

Immediate Family

Significant Other Sam Bancroft
Children Todd [M/14], Bianca [F/12]
Other Family Hunter Denning [Ex-Husband/Deceased]

Extended Family

Father Daniel
Mother Denise
Siblings Brent, Arnold

Relationship Details

Duty Information