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Lieutenant Commander Ellowyn Delaney

Name Ellowyn Mae Delaney M.D.

Position Deputy Medical Administrator

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 42

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 145 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Elly is tall and slender. Her brown hair is kept just above shoulder length, and usually pinned back while on duty. She has a scar on the back of her left upper arm, from shoulder to elbow, due to an accident as a teen. She also has a tribal style tattoo across her shoulders, both front and back, which she decided not to have removed, though she does generally keep it mostly covered, as it is part of her history. Elly has no other blemishes or distinguishing marks.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Elly is kind, gentle, and friendly, but quite sassy. Though she is all business, with a side of sass, while on duty, she loves to have a good time, dancing and sometimes being reckless while off duty.

Though her childhood and teen years were marked by strife, she has overcome her past to follow her dreams into the stars. She dislikes talking about her past, and because of the over-protectiveness of her adoptive parents, has become quite naive where romance is involved. She's had a string of bad relationships, but still finds herself falling in love with “dangerous" types on a routine basis.

Personal History Ellowyn "Elly" Mae Delaney is the youngest child of Commander Arthur Delaney, and second child of Delilah Blake. Her father was killed in action when Elly was only six months old, her brother Arthur Delaney, Jr, "AJ" was a year and eight months old. When she was two, her mother married Connor Blake. The family moved from colony to colony for a while until Connor met a man named Mark Devon, who invited them to live and work on his farm.

Slowly, over the next year, Mark indoctrinated Connor and Delilah to his 'tribe'. He renamed himself as Ipo Neely and named his followers the Sodalis. While they didn't follow any religion, or really a specific doctrine other than doing whatever Mark wanted them to do, they were seen as a cult.

Eventually, Ipo Neely managed to move his thirty-odd followers to a compound built on a platform in the middle of a large lake. There he encouraged couples to 'grow' their numbers. Connor and Delilah didn't see the harm in Neely's 'tribe' and followed him to the compound. There, they had five children; Bethany, Decard, Felicia, Gavin, and Huxley.

When Elly was 13, she was 'prepared' for marriage by having a tribal 'mark' designed and tattooed by her betrothed, a man twice her age, over her shoulders. Shortly before the marriage could be performed, the compound was raided by international police. Elly and her older brother, AJ, hid all of the children in the school room to protect them. In the end, Connor was arrested, Delilah was killed, and Neely managed to escape with a few others.

Elly and AJ were adopted a year later by William and Janice O'Connor. Authorities were going to split her half-siblings up, but the couple managed to convince them that they could handle seven children, especially since the teens were keen on helping to take care of the younger ones.

While the O'Connors were excellent parents, they were very over-protective of their new brood. AJ and Elly were sent to a public school at first, but their adoptive parents decided to home school them when the bullying got excessive. The last straw was an incident that resulted in Elly getting lost in the nearby woodlands. It was there that she got the scar on her arm, from shoulder to elbow, that she never talks about.

Elly had trouble developing healthy relationships and spent most of her late teens in counselling. Having been helped by so many kind medical professionals, Elly decided to dedicate her life to their honour and go to medical school.

AJ convinced her to join Starfleet Academy, where he was currently a second-year student. During her time there, Elly dated a man named Jake Graves, a fellow med student, off and on. Their relationship was tumultuous and scored by many fights. She finally broke contact in her final year after Jake was arrested for selling drugs. Elly was never involved in that side of his life and was cleared through investigation. She was quite happy when graduation came, and she could finally leave Earth to explore the galaxy, not really knowing how dangerous it would prove to be.

Elly's first assignment was aboard the USS Notley. The first two years of her time on the Notley she deemed as 'boring'. Nothing really happened, they didn't go to any new or interesting places. However, she learned the meaning of 'be careful what you wish for' during her third year aboard the Notley. After a quick refit, the Notley was sent on a three-year patrol mission. During their patrol, the Notley had several run ins with pirates and one close encounter with some angry Klingons. Just before the Notley was due to return for supplies, she had a skirmish with a pirate ship. While they were victorious, the Notley had to limp home. She was then decommissioned for refit.

After the Notley, Elly was assigned to the USS Hendrickson as a Medical Officer at the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. Learning her lesson from her first assignment, she kept her wishes simple. And for the most part, the Hendrickson’s mission was quite mundane. They were tasked with exploration. During that time, they found a few new nebulas and one new illness on an outlying colony. Only returning home five years later when the ship was due for a refit. The most exciting part of this assignment was her fling with the Hendrickson’s Commanding Officer, Captain Franklin Hatfield.

Since the refit would take a while, and the replacement ship given to Hatfield was much smaller, Elly ended up being reassigned to the USS Connelly, again as a Medical Officer, but this time as a full Lieutenant. Shortly after arriving on the Connelly, Elly discovered she was pregnant. When given the news, Captain Hatfield denied being the father, accusing Elly of sleeping around. Though paternity tests proved that Hatfield was the father, he gave up all rights to the child before Elly reached seven months of pregnancy. He also requested that his name not be given to the child.

It wasn’t long into her assignment here when she gave birth to a very healthy baby girl, whom she named Thea Mae Delaney. Thankfully, the Connelly’s mission was, once again, a patrol. However, they didn’t meet pirates. No, this time they ran across several Klingon ships where they shouldn’t be. While they were questionable, they weren’t aggressive, well more than their usual aggressiveness. However, the Connelly took damage in an asteroid belt and had to return to home port for repairs. This marked the first time Elly requested a transfer.

Elly's fourth assignment was as Assistant Chief Medical officer aboard the USS Firenze, also assigned to a patrol mission. It wasn't long before the Firenze, too, ended up limping home after an encounter with pirates. During the Firenze's repairs, Elly again requested a transfer, asking this time for a space station or planetary base in hopes that it would be safer.
Service Record 2368 - 2372: Starfleet Medical Academy
2372 - 2379: USS Notley
2379 - 2384: USS Hendrickson
2384 - 2387: USS Connelly
2387 - 2389: USS Firenze
2389 - Curr: Vidal Fleet Yards

Immediate Family

Children Thea Mae Delaney (6)
Other Family Connor Blake, step-father (estranged,)
Janice O'Connell, adoptive mother
William O'Connell, adoptive father

Extended Family

Father Commander Arthur Jackson Delaney, Sr (deceased)
Mother Delilah Maria Blake (deceased)
Siblings Brother(s):
Cmdr Arthur Jackson Delaney, Jr. (43)
Lt. Decard Blake (34)
Lt. JG Gavin Blake (31)
Lt. JG Huxley Blake (30)

Lt. Cmdr Bethany Blake (36)
Lt. Felicia Blake (32)

Relationship Details

Duty Information