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Lieutenant Pobrin Izar

Name Pobrin Izar Ph.D.

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species El-Aurian
Age 94

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 185 lbs
Hair Color Graying
Eye Color Blue

Personality & Traits

General Overview Pobrin Izar is still relatively young compared to other El-Aurians and one of the few to be born on a planet away from their homeworld. He still wonders about what kind of place it was having never visited the planet for himself. Pobrin has a special connection to Betazoids due to the amount of time he has spent on their homeworld. Most of the people he helped following the war were victims of the Dominion occupation of Betazed. Pobrin also continues to work on research from his time as a archaeologist.

He is an excellent counselor listening to what his patients are saying while providing them a safe space to simply talk when they need to. Pobrin utilizes his life experiences to help and give the best advice he possibly can. As the eldest child in the family he is very protective of his younger brother and two younger sisters especially of Fillat who is the youngest. A big part of him is looking forward to getting away from Earth once more after having spent the past nine years there.

Personal History Pobrin Izar's parents Veilri and Modrin were refugees that were rescued in 2293 by the USS Enterprise-B and were among the survivors out of the original four hundred and fifteen refugees. They made a home for themselves on Earth and never spoke of the journey or their homeworld even after their children were born. Pobrin was born in 2295 two years later. His early life was relatively quiet though he wanted to know more about what had happened to his people.

In 2313 when Pobrin was eighteen years old he left the planet Earth to see what was out there and, after a year of traveling he ended up on Betazed. He spent two years there learning of the Betazoid culture simply by listening to the stories that they had to tell. In 2315 he departed from Betazed and continued on his journey eventually ending up on Vulcan. He attended the Vulcan Science Academy having decided on possibly pursuing archaeology.

In 2321 Pobrin had completed his post graduate in the field and, returned to Betazed where he began doing historical research on the Betazed culture since he had so much interest there. On the side Pobrin also studied his own people, but could only find limited information. After three more years he had all but given up hope on finding out more about his people.

Pobrin left Betazed in 2328 and headed out into the unknown areas of the Alpha Quadrant where after five years of traveling he came across a prewarp society known as the Ice Men because of the cold nature of their planet. As it turned out the Ice Men had increased the carbon dioxide levels of their world from years of industrial overuse and lack of regulations. Eventually the planet had frozen over and nearly all life on the planet had been wiped out.

Pobrin spent twenty two years on the planet studying the people and learning all that he could about them. He learned quickly that based on the rate of population decline that the civilization suffered from they would eventually all go extinct. When Pobrin returned to the planet five years later he found it uninhabited. In 2355 he returned to Earth after being gone for a number of years to spend time with his family.

His interest in archaeology had started to wane quite a bit in recent years as he started to once more take interest in listening to the stories of others. Pobrin even began handing out useful advice to those in need. It was in 2365 ten years after Pobrin had returned back to Earth and spent that time helping others that his parents managed to talk him into pursuing a new field of study. That same year he applied to Starfleet Academy's Psychology program and was accepted.

Following his eight years at the Academy Pobrin was granted the rank of Ensign and assigned as a ship's Assistant Counselor aboard the USS Taurus. He spent the two years of the Dominion War helping the ship's crew deal with the constant losses mounted. Pobrin Izar saw combat on four separate occasions and had even killed his share of Jem'Hadar soldiers.

Izar was transferred to Starfleet Medical on Earth after he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade and made one of the Chief Counselors there. His long list of experiences led to his duties as one of the senior counselors helping those affected by the Dominion War. Pobrin was again promoted to the rank of full Lieutenant in 2380. And, he would remain on Earth for another nine years asking that his transfer be postponed due to the failing health of his father. In 2389 after his father had passed away Pobrin Izar would transfer to the Vidal Fleet Yards as the Chief Counselor.
Service Record 2365-2373: Starfleet Academy, Psychology
2373-2375: Assistant Chief Counselor, USS Taurus, Ensign
2375-2380: Chief Counselor, Ward 15 of Starfleet Medical, Lieutenant JG
2380-2389: Chief Counselor, Vidal Fleet Yards, Lieutenant

Immediate Family

Extended Family

Father Modrin (Deceased)
Mother Veilri
Siblings Notsol, Rumna, Fillat

Relationship Details

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