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Lieutenant Commander Kelsi Dawson

Name Kelsi Mae Dawson

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5'3"
Weight 119 lbs
Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Hazel

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kelsi Dawson has suffered through a great deal of loss and with each time that she has been knocked down she has gotten back up. She has been through the fire and come out a little stronger with each instance. But, after the loss of most of her family, though she didn't remember it. And, the loss of her boyfriend made her have a shield around her heart and feelings. She has locked herself away from forming new relationships and now finds making friends difficult.

Personal History Kelsi Humphreys was born in January 2354 as the fourth child to Jenna and Karl Dawson. She had one older brother named Jonathon and two sisters named Tiara and Rachel. Her family lived on one of the colony worlds near the Cardassian border. During one of the border raids their family home was set on fire by the attacking troops. Jenna managed to get to Kelsi's nursery and carry her out of the house, but before she could go back for the others the building exploded. Kelsi and her mother Jenna were the only two survivors.

After the attack they moved to Earth and ten years later her mother told her the story about how the rest of the family had died. Kelsi had found a photograph of them that had survived the fire, though barely as it was burnt in places. It was then on that she wanted to protect others from the thing that destroyed her entire family. In 2372 her dream came true when she passed the Starfleet entry examination and she chose to be a Fabrications Engineer.

In 2376 she graduated and was assigned to the USS Rubio, one of the vessels assigned to help the Cardassian Union. She joined the vessel as the Fabrications Officer and was so for two years before being promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade and reassigned as the ship's Assistant Chief of Engineering. The decision came after the former Chief Engineering Officer was killed on an away mission.

After that she began dating the Chief Tactical and Security Officer until 2382 when he too was killed in a different away mission in which she was part of the team. She nearly resigned from Starfleet, however the Captain managed to talk her out of it. Eventually Kelsi was assigned as the ship’s Chief Engineering Officer and promoted to the rank of Lieutenant afterwards. She struggled for the next eight years on board the vessel to regain her stride.

In 2390 she was again promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander before being reassigned to Vidal Fleet Yards. Kelsi had been assigned to serve as the stations Chief Engineering Officer for the Fabrication department. Her primary duty station was aboard Cessna Station where most of her work and duties were to be located.
Service Record 2372 – 2376 : Starfleet Academy, Fabrications Engineer
2376 – 2378 : USS Rubio, Ensign, Fabrications Officer
2378 – 2382 : USS Rubio, Lieutenant JG, Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
2382 – 2390 : USS Rubio, Lieutenant, Chief Engineering Officer
2390 – Now : Vidal Fleet Yards, Lieutenant Commander, Chief Engineering Officer [Fabrications]

Immediate Family

Extended Family

Father Karl (Deceased)
Mother Jenna
Siblings Jonathon (Deceased), Tiara (Deceased), Rachel (Deceased)

Relationship Details

Duty Information