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Lieutenant Commander Leyla Aiman-Tamar

Name Leyla Nomie Aiman-Tamar

Position Assistant Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 5'3"
Weight 122 lbs
Hair Color Dark brown/Black
Eye Color Gray

Personality & Traits

General Overview DATE OF BIRTH: 10/21/2355

PLACE OF BIRTH: Mesa, Arizona

LIKES: Books, art, ability to be calm.

DISLIKES: No imagination (in others), inability to relax (in others), pushy.

LIMITATIONS: Sensitive in certain situations.

STRENGTHS: Ability to think far outside the box.

QUIRKS: Gets lost in thoughts often.

HOBBIES/INTERESTS: Reading, writing, painting, karate.

AMBITIONS: Soar through the stars until she is no longer able, find someone who loves her.

MEDICAL PROFILE: Up until the incident on the USS Belmont, Leyla Aiman-Tamar was the picture of health. The kidnapping and subsequent killing of her captor put a mental scar on her. She was placed on medical leave for a year and a half to properly recover from the situation. During this time, she was under the close observation by counselors to assess her mental status. There has been a noticeable change in her self confidence and her strength, most likely due to what happened and how she was able to get past it. She has been cleared for all active duties unless another medical officer deems something different is to be done.

Personal History Leyla was born to an unmarried young couple, who were, at the time, still teenagers. The two of them never married, and the fact that they had a child was something that pushed them further apart rather than pull them together. Because of this, Leyla was bounced back and forth between both families each year, both parents having a full year of custody (which began at the start of the school year and ended just short of the start of the next so that she could have a short time to settle in before the school year started), and her last name is hyphenated with that of both her parents.

Due to the bouncing back and forth between both families, which was a long term decision between her parents that they thought would be beneficial (so that both extended families had time with her each year, especially during the holidays), neither of which lived near each other, she found herself feeling like a loner for the majority of her life. Whenever she went to make a friend, Leyla found that she would just have to go on again. She would attempt to find the same friends the next year that she was with that parent, but normally found that the interests she had no longer matched the interests of her former friends. Each school year was a different experience, as she went to more schools than she could keep track of. She found her calm in books.

As her books were the only thing she could take from place to place, she gathered quite a collection. From classics to ones from other worlds, she never did have a favorite. The characters in the books were her best friends, they understood her. She let her imagination run wild.

It wasn’t until there was a very bad argument between her parents dealing with what would happen once she turned eighteen and was not held to the custody agreement that had been set up that she decided to find her own way. At the time, she was nearly seventeen, and there was no point in dealing with the two of them any longer. As Leyla didn’t know any of her extended family well enough to go to any of them, she had no one to turn to. Instead, she found a school that would take her, without her parents okay, until she was able to join Starfleet.

At least with Starfleet, she thought, she would find somewhere to fit in.

That was her thinking, though nothing seemed to pan out the way that she assumed it would. Though she made it through Starfleet Academy with no real issues, and was assigned to a ship quickly, she again was left to herself. The few people she attempted to become friends with disliked that she let her imagination run away with her.

Leyla did keep to her studies, that was never a problem. She actually excelled at the classes, though for some reason the grades did not reflect it. She was given excellent reviews by all those who taught her, but said she had trouble paying attention. The reviews, once she read them, made her realize that perhaps her imagination was better left when she needed an escape. So instead, she went back to her studies even harder, leaving her collection of books to collect dust, except during the summers.

Once she paid closer attention to everything, Leyla’s reviews improved. This helped her finish near the top of her class and catch the eye of many ship captains. In the end, she was assigned to the USS Houston.

It took time, but she found that she felt more at home on a ship than she did anywhere else. Having never been on a ship prior to Starfleet, it was a new experience for her, but a welcome one. While on board the Houston, she found that some saw her as a flirt due to the build of her body and how her uniform sat on her. No boy had ever even looked twice at her, so this was new. It wasn’t until she made Junior Grade Lieutenant that she started to actually look at them as well.

She found herself starting to get more comfortable with her body and who she was physically. The ‘flirt’ status began to fit as any time she was off duty, Leyla began to wear even more revealing clothing. This caught the eye of many on board the Houston, including some eye rolls of many of the women. Having never felt anything like that before, she continued to enjoy every moment of it.

Leyla had gone through more than a few boyfriends over the years, but nothing really happened with them other than short term satisfaction. She was then transferred to the USS Belmont when a position opened up. The transfer was done quickly, and she soon had a whole new ship and crew to learn things about.

At this point, her books were still collecting dust, as her science department duties kept her from enjoying them. She buried herself in her work, bowing to the whim of her department head with what she’d heard about him, and how strict he could be. In the end, this turned out to be the worst decision of her life, as she should have done at least a few things her way and not decided to basically be a slave to whatever her department head said.

Though at the time it was unknown, Leyla's department chief had a hidden history that made him unfit for any position in Starfleet. Even the medical and command teams on board the Belmont had no idea that there were items hidden inside of his files. The majority of them having been faked, very well, and a lot of blackmailing had occurred to make it happen.

During what seemed like a normal meeting between the two of them, going over normal duty information and reports, something seemed to snap in him. Whether it was the way that she held her PADD, or just the way the room had been laid out, it was anyone’s guess. Leyla had no chance to react. He slammed his teacup down, causing it to crack and break. She jumped but figured it was just an accident and quickly looked back down at the PADD which had a report she was finalizing. She soon found herself at the wrong end of both the broken tea cup to her throat and a phaser to her back. She was taken hostage on her own ship by someone she had originally trusted with her life. Though negotiations were attempted by many on board, including the Captain, security chief, even the counselor, it took an act of courage and of a desperate Leyla to free herself.

It had been days, and no one had dared get too close to the situation for fear of Leyla's life. There was no way to free her without causing serious harm to her. Even the thought of using the transporters was brought up amongst the crew, but when it was attempted, there was a transport inhibitor set up around the room, likely having been setup prior to the breakdown.

Knowing that she likely would be stuck there forever unless she acted, she found a time when her captor had fallen asleep deeply enough that she could save her life, and perhaps many others. The remaining broken pieces of the tea cup had been left to sit, and taking the chance, she used one of these to take out the threat once and for all with a rather bloody slit to his throat.

The information was soon unburied from the man’s files once the record of him being dead was placed into it. He’d been placed on long term psychological leave by the best of Starfleet Medical with extreme anger issues and every counselor he’d visited while on Earth said that he could snap at even the tiniest thing. He was also known to hear voices. He was deemed unfit for any space travel, and was to remain on the surface unless escorted by a member of Starfleet Medical. Through many reports of blackmailing people to keep them silent, as well as many others to re-do his records, he’d been able to not only get past the planet lockdown, but onto a ship into a chief position. Leyla ended up on the receiving end of the worst breakdown he’d had in his life.

With the trauma that she had to deal with, Leyla was placed on an extended medical leave, ordered to take some time to herself. She was not charged with anything in the killing of her former department head, as they called it an act of self defense. But the time away, though filled with countless counselor visits, was also filled with her first love: her stories.

However, there was one thing that no one on her previous ship knew about, and she kept it quiet from nearly everyone else but the doctors who knew and her parents: there had been more to the attack than just someone snapping, she'd also been raped, which ended up in a pregnancy. In the end, she decided to keep the child, and during her medical leave, took care of the child on Earth while with her mother.

Her mother agreed she needed to head back out once she was given active duty back, and decided she would watch her son until it was safe for him to be with her.

On top of diving back into her books while she was relieved of duty, Leyla also found comfort in finding ways to defend herself. She took on multiple self defense classes including karate, phaser training, and the basics in security training. Her favorite ended up being the karate, where she excelled quickly and earned a black belt. Leyla found she gained much more self confidence in herself as well as how she approached others.

It took time, but finally she was cleared again for duty after mental and physical tests were done. She was allowed to keep her ranking of Lieutenant Junior Grade and was put back in the lines for assignment to a ship. She was later picked up by the USS America as one of their science officers.
Service Record 2373 - Entered Starfleet Academy
2377 - Graduated Starfleet Academy
2377 - Assigned to the USS Houston as night shift bridge science officer
2378 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
2380 - Assigned to the USS Belmont as assistant chief of science
2381 - Removed from active duty, reasoning in medical/personal history
2384 - Returned to active duty, remains on Earth unassigned to any ship
2385 - Assigned to USS America as science officer
2389 - Assigned to Faltan Station as Chief Science Officer
2389 - Assigned to Vidal Fleet Yards Planetary Detachment Assistant Chief of Science

Immediate Family

Children Ryan John Aiman - son (Birthdate 12/26/2381)

Extended Family

Father Eliot Tamar
Mother Nomie Aiman

Relationship Details

Duty Information