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Taiba Vokan

Name Taiba Vokan [Izal]

Position Vokan Cafe Owner

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Farian
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'3"
Weight 124 lbs
Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Hazel

Personality & Traits

General Overview Taiba is a cunning young woman who has been on her own practically her entire life. She uses her appearance to her advantage often sealing big deals that benefit her and not the other party. Taiba is a brilliant business strategist who puts profit above everything else. And, she is constantly on the lookout for her next big score.

Personal History Taiba Vokan was born on Farius Prime in 2360. She began her young life watching as her father struggled to keep the family afloat. He would go from one bad deal to the next before finally joining the Syndicate when Taiba was only six years old. One year into his time with the organization he was killed when a trade deal went bad.

The Vokan family was then supported by the Syndicate for the rest of Taiba's time growing up. At the age of fifteen years old she ran away from home and never looked back. After managing to board a cargo ship as it departed from the planet she found herself on Fereginar in 2375 at the end of the Dominion War and just as the Ferengi were undergoing a drastic change.

Taiba completely fell out of contact with her sister and mother after leaving her homeworld. She managed to befriend a Ferengi named Paak who took her in under his wing. As an enterprising young woman she used her skills to steadily rise to the top of Paak's organization. When she had finally gained his trust she was made his second in the organization.

One particularly stormy night while Taiba was discussing a deal with Paak she hatched the ultimate plan. She managed to convince him to sign over most of the ownership into her name while poisoning his snail juice at the same time. Following his death she was made head of the organization and again Taiba never looked back. She later changed the name for the organization to Vokan Logistics and began purchasing shell companies.

Eventually, she did return to Farius Prime where she opened satellite corporations there in order to increase her profit margin. After fully seizing control of the company and getting it to be more than three times as profitable she began to look at ventures elsewhere. That meant meeting more people and talking them into going into business with her despite the rumors surrounding Paak's death.

Taiba ended up going to Xavier Fleet Yards and taking much of her freighter business with her to set up shop on the station. The trade routes were lucrative to her and so the young woman moved many of her assets there. However, when the Gorn attacked many of her ships were lost in the battle leaving her company in shambles.

She eventually decided to that it was time to move on and so requested to join the USS Onnar and her crew as the Lounge Manager aboard the starship. Working in Ten Forward wasn't exactly something she was excited about, but it was better than staying on the station where she was reminded of her losses.

Immediate Family

Extended Family

Father Thassius (Deceased)
Mother Bava
Siblings Maiba

Relationship Details

Duty Information