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Rose Cohen

Name Rose Cohen [Grayson]

Position Family Member

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 16

Physical Appearance

Height 4'11"
Weight 96 lbs
Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Hazel

Personality & Traits

General Overview When Rose was younger she was very similar to her mother as she was very shy and only slowly began to open up to others as she went into her teenage years. Her small circle of friends did grow steadily as she became more outgoing with others.

Rose Cohen is very passionate and has considered Starfleet as a career, but at the same time wants to go a different route. She looks up to her parents as both are big in her life and always have been. She loves her brother although, she is a bit competitive with him. In some aspects they have a similar relationship, according to her father, as James and Kelsey have.

Personal History Rose Cohen was born in 2375 following the Dominion War and is the oldest child of James and Mia Cohen. She was born on Starbase 10 where both of her parents were serving at the time one as an engineer the other as a scientist with Starfleet. When she was seven years old her parents made a decision to split the family up so that her mother could pursue a doctoral degree. It was difficult for her to leave her father even with her mother and little brother with her.

Rose eventually got used to life on Earth and living in New Haven, Connecticut. Regular subspace calls with her Dad slowly became the norm along with infrequent visits by him when he took leave from the starship that he was assigned to. She had a small group of friends at the school she was attending largely due to her shy and reserved nature.

She eventually became a little more outgoing and made some more friends by the time she had started going to Junior High School. However, just shy of the end to her last year in Junior High and before the beginning of her first year in High School her parents had decided to bring the family back together at one location.

Rose didn't much care for living on board the starbase at Xavier Fleet Yard. She was however, excited two years later when her parents informed her that they would be moving to a starship. Rose wanted to see the larger part of the galaxy and this gave her a chance to explore her potential as an engineer. If she were allowed to work in engineering that is.

After Rose's parents were assigned to the USS Onnar, Rose had made a group of friends that extended past just her friend Jami. She was involved in a fight following a mistake that she personally made which made it much worse. Eventually, the girls were able to reconcile their differences and became friends once more.

In 2389 she was among the girls who were kidnapped by a group of aliens and she personally was separated from everyone else. Unaware that it was all a simulation she submitted in the hopes of protecting her friends who were also undergoing the same type of experimentation by the aliens. She was later rescued after discovering that it was just a simulation.

Not long after that Rose and Elizabeth de Planca ended up dating each other and eventually she was among the people from Onnar that transferred to Vidal Fleet Yards. She was among the girls who would be kidnapped by a Vulcan scientist, but was released back to the planet. In 2390 Elizabeth admitted that she wanted the implant removed to Rose after they'd discussed it and she happily accepted this decision.

Immediate Family

Extended Family

Father James
Mother Mia
Siblings Tyler

Relationship Details

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