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Owen Grayson

Name Owen Grayson [S'Toriin]

Position Family Member

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 8

Physical Appearance

Height 4'
Weight 59 lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green

Personality & Traits

General Overview Owen is definitely a little more passive than his sister and tends to try and avoid conflict whenever possible. But, he is also willing to argue with her when he is pushed to it by her fiery antics. He is very protective of her saying that he is the only one allowed to make fun of her. Owen follows his sister around everywhere under the guise of protecting her from others, but in truth he is just as curious as she is.

Personal History Owen Grayson was born in 2383 during the sophomore year of his parents while they were both at the Academy. While, he was less of a surprise to his parents, he was born shortly after his sister Olivia and is constantly reminded of that by her. For the first few years of his young life he lived on Starbase 419 or at least that's really all that he remembers so far.

Owen has gone exploring a number of times with his sister and even gotten lost with her on occasion when they went around the station. One of those adventures resulted in him breaking his arm when he slipped and fell in the engineering section. Now that he's on a starship Owen is looking forward to whatever may await them.

Immediate Family

Extended Family

Father Noah
Mother Mia
Siblings Olivia

Relationship Details

Duty Information